Accurate Weather Forecast & Weather Radar Map ئاپەکان

Weather app 5.4
This weather app is one of best free weather apps with fullfeatures: Local weather, weather map (weather map service) andweather widgets. Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast anddaily forecast app Widgets for Android: The weather radar widgetfree and clock widget weather with beautiful style. Weather map,weather radar map: Local weather radar app free with a lot of radarscope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity,waves, … and storm radar. Its so easy to receive the weatherconditions in your current location. Weather forecast app providesdetailed local forecast & weather forecast world wide, the appprovides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunriseand sunset time according to city time zone. The weather app alsoprovides atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days in futureand hourly weather forecast. Realtime temperature, humidity,pressure and wind direction are all in the weather app based. Greatfeatures: - The weather channel: temperature, wind, air sunshine,humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, atmospherepressure, water, sunrise sunset, storm, stormshield, rain alert inone wetter app - Hourly or daily prediction: we offer 7 days info,the weather now, hourly weather free in each hour, today’s weather,tomorrow’s weather - Animated weather conditions with livebackground images - Hourly and weekly forecastle, especially hourlyweather item for next 7 days. - World weather report: we provideworldwide weather forecast - Weather alerts: provide local weatheralerts 3 times a day. - No GPS: not a problem, app can detectnetwork location, not so accurate but its ok for some cases - Stormwarning & notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornadowarning and rain alarm - rain radar - Reporting: the weather newscan show up everyday if you enable it. - Sunrise time, sunset time& water time - Temperature converter: Temperature freeswitching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect your countryshould use Celsius or Fahrenheit for default settings. - Wind speedand wind direction in different units - Wind guru tool: windforecast by wind speed meter, wind finder - 1 day, 7 days futureprediction with accurate el tiempo, plus tempo data for futurehourly weather - Weather widget (weather on homescreen) and ongoingnotification with forecast bar, multiple place on widgets. - Autoreload data for notification even app is in underground - Weathernotification bar: Keeps weather running underground for realtime,you can see the temperature on android system bar without openingapp - Lock screen with info: temps, rain, clouds & clock widgetweather - Track the whether in multiple locations - Chance of rain,moon phrase, moon cycle - Great wether radar with animated mapsDownload accurate weather app right now to plan your trips, work& your life!
Weather Radar Free 1.15
This is best weather radar app that helps you to know any weathercondition, rain, storm, hurricane tracker ... Features: - Real timeweather maps & weather radar animations with your personalblizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds, wind,temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current. - Weekly, daily,hourly forecast - Full report parameters: location time,temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction... - Units: Temperature (C/F), Timeformat (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed (km/h, mi/h,m/s, knot), pressure (inHg, hPa, mbar) - Detect location by GPS andnetwork - Search and manage multiple locations - Supportednotification - Real time update widget - View detail of dailyweather and hourly weather. - Chart to manage and view hourly anddaily weather - Long range forecast: Today, tomorrow, 3 days later,7 days later. - Transparent widgets with a lot of weather widgetstyles, all sizes supported Webview content: Some place in app, weuse webview to load content, all our implement fit the policy andwe are authorized to use this content in the app. If any problem,please contact us at, we have proofdocument. Thank you for downloading and using the app.
Weather forecast 1.13
This is great weather app for you with the main features areweather forecast (real-time, hourly, daily, 7 days), weather radar& weather widget. Features, description and how to use featuresin app: 1) The main & summary weather information - Simpleweather tab: Weather now, Hourly weather, Daily weather - Winddirection & wind speed - Date, time & clock along withweather info - Min temperature, max temperature for the day - Quickview of hourly weather, from current time to next 24h: Thisincludes time, temperature chart, chance of rain (or chance of snowdepend on the condition) - Quick view of daily weather: fromcurrent day to next 7 days: This includes day of week, an othertemperature chart, also chance of rain (or chance of snow) - Quickview of weather radar, click to open a full screen of radar map -Detail weather information: Humidity, rain probability (chance ofrain), precipitation, wind chill (real feel temperature), dewpoint, cloud cover, UV index (Ultraviolet index), pressure,sunrise, sunset, moon phases 2) Hourly weather forecast Appprovides 24h weather forecast, in each hourly section we have:Humidity, rain probability (chance of rain, rain risk),precipitation, wind chill (real feel temperature), dew point, cloudcover, UV index (Ultraviolet index), pressure, sunrise, sunset,moon phases, wind speed, ozone level, wind direction 3) Dailyweather forecast: Like hourly weather forecast, we have all ashourly weather information but forecast for next 7 days. 4) Weatherradar You can open weather radar by click to map on main screen, orgo to Settings, item Weather Radar In weather radar, we have: -Animated radar map, live radar map - Select to see radar oftemperature, wind, humidity, rain/snow, clouds & pressure -Rain radar or wind radar can be useful for storm warning - You canzoom in or zoom out the map of radar for better look. - Seelocation name clearly along with temperature - Reset to currentlocation by a click 5) Manage location - You can add how manylocation you want, unlimited, also able to delete it - Able toswitch ON of OFF for current location - Click “Add location” tosearch and add new location - Search location features: Type thetext you want to search, if no result found, you can click onsearch more from server. 6) Weather widgets: See weather forecaston the home screen, we have a lot of weather widget with differentwidget size, option so set background with solid color ortransparent, option to show/hide location name in widget, openalarm clock, calendar from the widget. 7) Unit settings: Appsupport various unit - Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature -Time format: 12h or 24h time format - Date format: Lot of dateformat (12 format for you to chose), default with system dateformat - Wind speed: kh/h, mph, m/s, knots, ft/s - Pressure: mbar,hPa, inHg, mmHg - Precipitation: mm, in 8) App settings: - Lockscreen: See weather information right in the lock screen of phone -Notification: Give 3 weather notification a day (morning, noon& evening) - Status bar: You can see weather temperature on thesystem bar without needing open app. - Daily weather news: Autoshow up the weather forecast information at every morning (after5pm) - Dark background: Keep your eye in rest if you want, whenthis enable, only one dark background showing for all weathercondition - Languages: Change to almost any languages while stillkeep your phone language no changed. - Report problem: if you findany problem with app, feel free to report to us, we will work hardto fix it for you. - Share the app to your friends to help anyoneenjoy the app. Thats all we have for you, thank you for reading,downloading and using the app. Enjoy!