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Military Commando Shooter 3D 2.5.8
Apex Game Studio
Welcome to the latest Military Commando Shooter 3D Game 2018. Actas a secret army agent military commando in this thrilling actiongame. We have made this advance military shooting game to enhanceyour military commando shooting skills. Eliminate the enemies inthe city as a front-line sniper and save the nation from theenemies. Be a real commando, and show your sniper shooting skillsagainst your enemies. Experience this modern military operation inthis First Person Shooting action game. Military Commando Shooter3D is a complete war game which is full of different real armymilitary missions that you never experienced in all military games.There are multiple levels in this game which are definitely full ofexcitement. The graphics are very much smooth and the game will notlag certainly. Play like a secret army agent and sniper shooting,you will forget all other secret mission games. You are frontlinesoldier in this real commando adventure game. Your mission is toeliminate your enemies from your territory and clear the army base.Hold your sniper gun as a real commando and eliminate all the enemysoldiers before they hit and finish you. This action thrillingshooting game is best in all army commando adventure games. Therewill be different territories in which you will sneak through tocomplete your military commando action mission in each stage.Features of Military Commando Shooter 3D Game: - First PersonShooting (FPS). - Different type of sniper guns - Real armybattlefield environment. - Easy and user-friendly Interface. -Extra Rewards on completing mission in time. You will be providedwith a briefing about your real commando adventure action missionfirst. There will be advanced weapons for each mission. Get readyfor secret mission and show your sniper shooting skills in this FPSgame. Download Military Commando Shooter 3D game to experience waragainst terror. Do not forget to rate and review.
Modern Alien Shooter 3D 1.0.1
Apex Game Studio
Thinking out of the world about aliencreaturesis always fascinating. People have created multipleassumptionsabout other planet life. To make shooting interestingand morefascinating Apex game studio has launched an excitingshooting gamewith the name Modern Alien Shooter 3D.Modern Alien shooter 3D is a shooting game that hascompletelychanged the idea of common shooting game. Imagine yourplanet cameunder attack of alien force and you are the only worrierleft toprotect your planet. This is exciting am sure, if you arefond ofshooting games and looking for something totally differentin termsof shooting monsters and aliens that download Modern AlienShooter3D on your android phone now and become active gunner andalienshooter.Modern Alien shooter 3D provides you battle situation where youcanattack on alien force; shoot them with your given ammunition.3Dgraphics of this game makes you feel real alien war situationandcombating sounds makes every level more exciting andplayful.With limitless play mode and unlimited ammunition you cankillmillions of alien and their insects with your gamingcapabilitiesand ruling power. Kill all aliens now and become greatshooter ofshooting games world. This challenging game can bring outextremeshooter from you. Try your action and combat skills now.Givealiens a tough time by killing each of them and win thisalienwar.Shooting aliens is not a big thing now, you can see them feelthemand shoot them with your bare hands by installing ModernAlienShooter 3D on your smartphone. Once you get direct with aliensinalien war your will never get back to old common shooting gamesandthis can only be presented to you by introducing new alienshootinggame.Features of Modern Alien Shooter 3D:Alien shooting is very exciting when it come with 3D graphicsasdone in Modern Alien Shooter 3DWith high quality sounds you can actually get real shooting feelinthis gameModern Alien Shooter 3D introduced with highly user friendly GUIandeasy controlsFirst person shooterAmazing space theme that truly take you out of this worldHigh quality and destructive ammunition supply that bringsoutshooting desireHighly playable and engaging shooting gameDestructive alien forceDifferent camera angles for maximum fun massive shootingHow to play:Download and install Modern Alien Shooter 3D onyoursmartphoneRotate your smartphone horizontallyWait for aliens, they will appear in emergenceShoot each and every alien and try to stop them coming inyourcourtUnlimited supply of ammunition will keep you shooting aliensWin alien shooting battle by killing all aliens
Commando Shooting Adventure 2.0.4
Apex Game Studio
Commando Shooting Adventure is one of the best third person armyshooter game. It requires best expertise from you to completethrilling missions. Engaging you at battle-field with differentscenarios in a realistic 3d game play is our objective. ENVIRONMENTThere are three different game zones / environment in the game. Soenjoy eliminating your enemies and eliminate all threats as soon aspossible with the best ammunition provided in the game. Maps areprovided in the game with navigation of all instructions andobjective to complete and which you have completed recently.MISSIONS & LEVEL There are 10 levels in the game for you tocomplete after which you will be a lone wolf commando. Each levelhas a different mission than the last one with the increase introuble for you to show your best expertise to overcome that. Somemissions include:  Hostage Rescue  Leader Assassination  Destroyenemy Tanks by RPG’s  Destroy Anti aircraft guns  Clear basewithout triggering alarm  Save your base from attacking enemiesand much more. AMMUNITION You are provided with awesome newtechnological ammo and rifles in this game which includes thefollowing: • Sniper • RPG • M16 • MP5 • MG42 • AK47 • Grenade •Knife • Wire FEATURES  Variety of guns to enjoy shooting Action-oriented TPS shooting game  Best army game zone graphics
IGI: Military Commando Shooter 2.3.6
Apex Game Studio
Do you want to be an army death invader for your enemy wave? Thanyour wait is over! IGI: Military Commando Shooter is the bestaction game to experience and complete secret mission. You are alone wolf in this 3d commando mission’s game to wipe out enemy wavewith the brave heart and fire master skills. In IGI: MilitaryCommando Shooter game you are in a war zone to give your bestcommando silent attacker action. In the result of that you willwipe out each and every threat to your country by acting as a frontline shooter with that brave heart. Ready your assault sniper lonewolf and wipe out your entire enemy in this war zone with thosefire master skills you got. BATTLE FIELDS: There are 10 levels inthis by far best IGI: Military Commando Shooter game in which youare fully loaded with deadly weapons, so death invader get yourselfprepare for some commando action in warzone. Some fields are asfollows:  Destroy enemy ammo: with that fire master + army shooterskill using the best advance weapons to enjoy 3d commando action. Stop enemies to get in your country: So it means you as a lone wolfhave to use that assault sniper skills to eliminate you entireenemy wave.  Capture their base: which requires your commandosilent invader 3d action with that dead weapon.  Hostage Rescue:you need to act as a good soldier with the brave heart to play thisrouge game commando missions.  Save your base: from barracks youneed to wipe out that enemy wave because of their mutiny act andbest weapon for this is machine gun (FN M249E2 SAW). GAME FEATURES: Variety of weapons to enjoy shooting  3d Action-oriented Thirdperson Shooting (TPS) controls  Best warzone graphics  Accomplishcommando mission to become best assassin ENVIRONMENT : You areprovided with three different environments to show your actionskills. Environments include village in mountain area in which youcan be attacked from uphill, dessert and military base. WEAPONS: 1.Glock 19 (pistol) 2. G3 3. Dragunov (Machine Gun) 4. FN M249E2 SAW5. MP5_SD 6. RPG Download IGI: Military Commando Shooter game inyour mobile devices and experience modern warfare with bestshooting controls. Do rate it and review for further updates.
Water Surfer Bike Racer Stunts Simulator 2.4
Apex Game Studio
Get ready for new water surfer bike race in the sea water.Ridingbike on the beach is fun but what about surfing on the waterwithyour favorite sports bike. This Water Surfer Bike RacerStuntsSimulator is an ultimate riding & bike surfing gamewithnumbers of motorbikes which are best for stunts on the water.Inthis beach stunt racing game, you will get a chance to ridewatersurfer floating bike and perform stunts or start drag race onwaterboat in fast transformed surfing dirt bikes. Surfing DirtBikegives you the thrilling experience of real surf rider insteadofstandup Jet Ski racing power boat. In Water surfer bike game,raceyour water boat against the beach rivals in the heart poundingfastpaced water motorbike. Ride fast like an extreme motorbikeriderwith water surfer racing. Experience the realistic drive ofthefast Motor bikes and enjoy the high-speed surfing on thewater.Bike surfing is easy to learn but very challenging to master.Itwill keep you in the game for hours. Speed and fast drivewillincrease your bike riding and motor surfer expertise. Learn howtosurf fast on the water and take your skills to theprofessionallevel. Face the challenge and become the top bikerider. Become thelegend of the bike surfing. Enjoy the best gameplay with highgraphics, HD animations, interesting and challengingmissions,realistic sounds and smooth controls. Features of WaterSurferSports Bike Racer Stunts Simulator: • Realistic floating&surfing super sports bikes • Realistic Environment of theOcean andunderwater sea. • Easy and smooth controls • Realisticsounds ofsports bike driving. • New physics of floating bike in theseaTransform your bike into water vehicle and drive your watersurferfloating bike and try the taste of water surfer bike. Inthismodern era, everybody wants to have a bike which couldswimunderwater like a submarine. This sea bike floating game givesyouan opportunity to ride your underwater or floating speed bikeandperform ultimate water stunts. This water sports bikesurfingfloating simulator combines with water racing is one of thebeststunning water riding games. Try this Water Surfer Simulatorandbecome a water bike champ. You had played other water ridinggamesbut this new superbike water surfer is completely differentwiththe new touch of game play.
Real Whale Shark Sniper Gun Hunter Simulator 19 1.0.5
Apex Game Studio
Welcome to professional Real Hungry White Shark Hunting game 2019.It is a simple, challenging and very interesting game. In thisgame. Let’s play as an army sniper hunter in angry shark huntergames. You have to hunt all hungry & angry shark fish and savecitizens lives in massive sea environment with free shark huntinggames. Become an ultimate shark hunter and hunt dangerous sharkfish & save humans and Jet Ski riders with this angry sharkgames with the super-hot blend of shark hunter games. In thisultimate survival, mission shoots the shark Whale and otherdangerous sharks, clear the sea for people whose are frightened.With animal hunting games you will feel realistic sea adventurewith epic battle shark hunting with modern short guns. Are youready to become a daring shark hunter with thrill missions to saveinnocent people attacked by angry sharks in amazing 3d seaenvironment? So get ready for this ultimate adventure of newestanimal hunting games 2019. Real Whale Shark Sniper Gun HunterSimulator 19 raft game puts you in an ultimate underwater whaleshark hunting environment, where bravery and underwater spearfishing awareness will be tested step by step in the way of sharkhunting. You can be a real shark hunter by aiming your hunter gearfrom the shark raft survival mission or go for an underwater hunterexperience as a scuba boat driver. Defend yourself and huntunderwater shark with a range of high-powered shark hunting andfish hunter gear, from the spear, fishing hook, pistols tounderwater assault rifles and machine guns. Features of Real AngryWhale Shark Sniper Gun Hunter Simulator 19: • Realistic animationsof the Sharks. • Latest gun for the hunting of the shark. •Underwater Shark Hunting & Shark Raft Hunting Challenges. •Realistic sounds of the water. • Easy and smooth control of thegame. • Smooth Game Play without any lag.