Apprope ئاپەکان

WordBubbles 1.6.6
Dive into a sea of WordBubbles! 
Letter bubbles keep popping up!Can you connect the bubbles and find the words we’re looking for?You’ll begin level 1 as simple Algae…but there’s much to accomplishin this ocean of words! Solve tricky levels and “sea” if you havewhat it takes to advance to an Admiral!
Wordcross 1.0.5
*** Solve a new kind of crossword puzzle on your phone or tabletwith this challenging word game! ***In WORDCROSS, you’ll boost yourbrain to a whole new level of intelligence! With each level, you’regiven a grid of scrambled letters. Your task is to build thoseletters into a themed crossword. Simply click and drag each letterpiece to form the correct words, and then arrange them into acrossword puzzle!Features:- Free and easy to use!- Offers tons oflevels, from easy to difficult!- Build crosswords to build yourbrain capacity!- Play daily challenges and earn free bonus hints!-Creative themes keep it fun and fresh!- Compete with your friendsand share your high scores!- Great challenges to keep your mindsharp!Will you get “puzzled” by WORDCROSS? Try it now for free!
Zoom Quiz 1.1.1
*** Do you have an eye for details? ***--- A new picture quiz game! ---In Zoom Quiz you will see an object really close up. Your taskis to find out exactly what object you are facing with as few“zooms” as possible! Zoom Quiz is the next big challenge for allpicture quiz fans out there!FREEZoom Quiz is completely free to try! Just tap the download buttonand start playing!SIMPLE AND STYLISHPlaying is super simple! Have a look at the photo then spell youranswer by clicking on the letters you want to use.GET HINTSGetting a little blurry-eyed? Don’t give up! You have several hinttools at your disposal. Is the picture too close? Zoom out and seeif you can solve it now. You can also remove and reveal letters,and you can even use the key icon to skip a tricky question!When you complete enough levels you’re awarded free hints, whichyou can use later on. You can also purchase hints in the game.HUNDREDS OF QUESTIONSZoom Quiz contains hundreds of different picture challenges! Howmany can you solve?Can your mind and eyes work together to take on the Zoom Quizchallenge? Tap the download button and find out NOW!
Photo Quiz 2 1.0.1
--- 4 images - one word. Can you guess what itis?---*** A sequel to the #1 app! ***Finally Photo Quiz 2 is here! Prepare for better challenges andnew questions! How does it work? You will see four differentimages. Your task is to find out what those four images have incommon. In other words - four clues but only one right answer!If you liked Photo Quiz you will love this new version!FREEPhoto Quiz 2 is completely free to try! Just tap the downloadbutton and start playing!NEW QUESTIONSPhoto Quiz 2 contains hundreds of new and challenging questions!Play for hours!SIMPLE AND STYLISHPlaying is super simple! Have a look at the photos then take aguess! Spelling your answer is as easy as clicking on the lettersyou want to use.GET HINTSAre you stuck? No worries! You have several hint tools at yourdisposal. You can remove and reveal letters, or you can use the keyto skip any question that’s too tricky! When you complete levels,you are awarded free hints that you can use later on in the game.If you need more hints, you can purchase them through the app.How many questions can you solve? Find out now by downloadingPhoto Quiz 2 for FREE!
Guess that Picture 1.0.2
★★★ Hundreds of hidden pics - can you guesswhat they are? ★★★A new mind-bending pic based quiz game!In GUESS THAT PIC you will face an almost entirely coveredphoto. Your task is to find out exactly what is hiding by revealingas little as possible of the image! Here is a challenging quiz gamefor your eyes as well as your brain!IT’S FREE!Guess That Pic is 100% free to try! If you liked “Photo Quiz,”you’ll love this app!SIMPLE AND STYLISHPlaying is super simple! Have a look at the covered photo and spellyour answer merely by clicking on the letters you want to use.GET HINTS!Are you stuck? No worries! When you answer a question correctly,you’re awarded “hint coins.” With these points, you can buy hintsthat reveal more of the photo or a letter of the answer! If youwant more hint coins, you can buy them in the store.MANY CATEGORIES!Guess That Pic contains several different fun and challengingcategories: easy (kids), normal, hard, animals, and fashion. Wantto challenge your brain? Then try the hard category! Do you loveanimals? Go on safari and guess what animals are hiding!Want a closer “look” at Guess That Pic? Take the challenge nowfor free!
CHARADES - a party game! 1.0
--- The stage awaits! And the laughter! ---*** Available in English, French, Spanish, German,Portuguese,Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian! Uniqueand localizedcharades for every language! ***Gather a bunch of your friends and let the wild and crazyactingbegin! Without saying a word, with the help of your body andyouracting talent, your task will be to describe anextremelyunexpected situation… 
Who will perform the craziest? 
Whocanhandle the impossible tasks?
 And who dares to get REALLYvulgarwhen required…?It’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be embarrassing–but, above all, it’s going to be fantastically fun!MORE THAN 250 CHARADE TASKS!CHARADES contains more than 250 charade tasks. Thedifferentchallenges demand different performances. How would youperform“Mel Gibson crucifies hamsters”? Or a daring challengelike”Santa’s elves at the North Pole have group sex to keepwarm”?Remember – no way is the wrong way as long as someoneguessescorrectly!TWO LEVELS!Are you prudish and want to start off easy? Or go for thedifficultversion with the fun and really daring tasks? CHARADESincludes twodifferent levels of tasks. Choose the one that fitsbest!STYLISH AND EASY!You and your acting skills are front and center! So thatnothinginterferes, CHARADES is super easy to use. Choose whichscene (easyor difficult) and pull back the curtain to see yourchallenge. Thenit’s all up to you…4 QUICK REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD CHARADES! NOW:
- A crazy, fun and social party game!!!!- More than 250 different tasks!- Easy to use! And stylish!- Choose between two different levelsNOTE! The game charades may be a game for children, but theappCHARADES is an adult game, preferably to be played onoccasionswith drinking. DO NOT USE CHARADES at children’s partiesunless youwant a call from the authorities…Available in English, French, Spanish, German,Portuguese,Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian! Uniqueand localizedcharades for every language!
WordWhizzle Search 1.4.8
*** WordWhizzle Seach is the new hit game from the makers of thepopular word games WordBubbles & WordWhizzle! *** Help theWordWhizzle Professor and become the top word search expert byfinding hidden words in a grid of letters... Swipe letters up,down, diagonally, and across to build words as you and theProfessor tackle the ultimate vocabulary challenge!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Seven reasons why you should try WordWhizzle Search: • Free! Itcosts nothing to play! • 2700+ fun and challenging levels! • As youplay, the difficulty level increases along with your skills! •WordWhizzle sharpens your vocabulary and tests your puzzle prowess!• Solving WordWhizzle Daily Puzzles gives you free hints! • Showoff your skills and play WordWhizzle with friends on Facebook! •Easy to play, but hard to beat!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have what it takes to help the Professor conquer WordWhizzleSearch? Play for free right now!
WordWhizzle Themes 1.3.4
--- One theme... find the related hidden words! --- *** Try the newfree word game from the makers of WordBubbles! *** If you’relooking for the next evolution in word games, WordWhizzle is thegame for you! How does it work? We give you a topic, and your taskis to find the hidden words associated with that theme! With abrand new topic for each level, you’ll enjoy a fun challenge as youidentify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, diagonally, andacross to build them. Are you part of the select group of word gameand puzzle lovers capable of solving all levels? Play WordWhizzlenow and put your skills to the test!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Seven reasons why you should try WordWhizzle: • You can play forfree! • It features over 700 themed levels! • Levels range fromeasy to hard, but you’ll enjoy all of them! • A fun way to honeyour vocabulary, spelling, and puzzle skills! • Use hints if youget stuck! • Connect to Facebook and play WordWhizzle with friends!• Simple to play, not so easy to beat!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WordWhizzle is a fun and addictive word game that both casualplayers and serious word nerds will love! Try it now for free!
KINGS ( Ring of Fire) 1.0
--- The fast, easy and fun game that gets theparty going! ------ Stop talking and start drinking! ---Stiff atmosphere? Boring company? Or is the drinking just goingtoo slow? Download KINGS right now!CLASSIC, SIMPLE, FUN!Fill the glasses, sit down in a ring and let someone draw the firstcard… Every card has a special challenge… What’s your verdict? Wereyou forced to knock back your glass? Or do all the guys have totake a gulp? No matter what, no glass will be left untouched by thetime the game is over!STYLISH and SMOOTH!It’s time to get with the times. Lose grandpa’s deck of cards fromthe camper. The KINGS app is smooth, just click and drag. So easythat you’ll even be able to use the app after playing a wholeevening...LOTS OF VARIATIONS!The app includes six different extra versions! What about:- DIRTY: the sensual and daring version…- WASTED: if you really want to speed up the party…- EVIL: for those who want to mess with your friends…- THE SOCIAL GAME: a game that invites EVERYONE! (Not for theshy!)- TRIVIA: the quiz version for all the know-it-alls!… and there is even a pleasant and alcohol-free MORMON version!Okeeleedokeelee!PS. KINGS is also known as "Ring of Fire", "King's Cup" or"Circle of Death". Different names, same sh*t!
2012 QUIZ 1.0
--- WHO KNOWS THE MOST ABOUT 2012? ---*** THE PERFECT GAME FOR THE NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! ***We survived! The world didn’t come to an end during 2012, butalot of other stuff happened. How much do you remember aboutAdele’sGrammy Awards, the London Olympics and the hurricaneSandy?Challenge yourself and your friends in a fun, fast andprestigiousquiz. A social game that is guaranteed to bring you lotsofdiscussions and memories!MORE THAN 200 QUESTIONS FROM 5 DIFFERENT CATEGORIESThis app contains more than 200 questions divided intofivedifferent categories: film/TV, music, news, sport and trivia.Thequestions swing high and low, from the U.S. Elections to thelatestBond movie. But it’s all about 2012!CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF THE WAY TO PLAYYou can either play a formal game and count points with thehandyscore sheet. Or you can just read the questions freely. Thechoiceis yours! No one will stand over you forcing you to play acertainway!3 QUICK REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD 2012 QUIZ NOW:- A social and fun trivia game – perfect for the party!- Simple and stylish design – get started right away!- LOTS of questions!
WordBlobs 1.2.2
WordBlobs is the new FUN and FREE word game you must try! We giveyou the letters... Your task? Find some specific words by usingthose letters! WordBlobs is FREE to play and will do magic withyour vocabulary! Swipe letters, train your BRAIN and improve yourword skills! Are you ready to be spellbinded by WordBlobs? Downloadit NOW for FREE! List of Features: Free to download and play: -1200-plus spellbinding levels - Use hints when you get stuck - Eachlevel represents a different potion for you to solve - Complete thedaily puzzle to acquire hints for FREE - Improves your vocabularyWhat are you waiting for - start playing NOW!
WordWhizzle Mix 1.1.0
In WordWhizzle Mix, you face a game board featuring a theme andseveral connecting words that are hidden from view. Your job is toreveal the “hidden” words using clues and the level’s theme as yourguide. Are you up for the challenge? Play WordWhizzle Mix and letthe puzzle solving begin!Reasons you just gotta try WordWhizzleMix: - Absolutely FREE to play! - 300+ levels to challenge yourbrain! - Increase your skills as the levels get harder! - A fun wayto build vocabulary! - Available hints help you advance! - Puzzlethemes cover a range of topics! - Easy to play but hard to putdown!
Berryland Blast 1.0.8
--- Tap to match and blast berries! ---Help the forest’s bravest berry save his berry specialfriends!Tap and match berries to clear rows and columns on your questthrough each level! When the going gets tough, use powerfulboosters and your puzzle-solving talent to tackle each challenge!Only the best players will have what it takes to conquer alllevels... Are you ready to test your skills?Features-- 240 levels with exciting puzzles!-- Powerful boosters such as bombs, rockets, and hammers!-- Play against your friends!-- Solving daily puzzles gives you spectacular gifts!-- Challenging puzzle to improve your brainpower!-- Easy to play but hard to put down!Play Berryland Blast for FREE now to blast and match your way tobecome a puzzle-solving hero!
WordWhizzle Connect 1.2.2
FUN, CHALLENGING and ADDICTIVE - WordWhizzle Connect is a brand newand entirely FREE word game! Swipe the screen to CONNECT lettersand spell hidden words… Solve all levels to become the ULTIMATEword game MASTER and EXERCISE your BRAIN! Do you have what ittakes? Download WordWhizzle Connect for FREE today and startswiping and spelling your way through hundreds of exciting levels!Why you should start playing NOW: • Completely free to download andplay • 1,200+ levels are waiting to be solved • Improve your skillsas the challenge increases • A fun way to build vocabulary • Usehints to keep advancing • Special Daily Puzzles offer FREE rewards• Sharp graphics and simple game mechanics If you enjoy word gamesyou will LOVE WordWhizzle Connect!
WordWhizzle Twist 1.0.2
*** The NEW and FREE word game from the creators of WordBubbles andWordWhizzle Search! ***Ready for a new twist on the FUN of classicword search games?!Say hello to WordWhizzle Twist!In WordWhizzleTwist, your goal is simple:Can you find all the hidden words in thecolorful board of mixed up letters?When you swipe your finger tobuild the hidden words the used letters disappear from the board….and make it easier for you to find the next one!With every boardcleared, you advance to new word-building challenges...And don’tworry, hints and bonus offers are available to help you on yourpath to victory! How many words can you find? How many boards canyou clear?Don’t wait any longer! Play WordWhizzle Twist NOW and letthe fun challenges begin! What makes WordWhizzle Twist so special?-It’s FREE- Enjoy 1200+ levels, from easy to difficult- No timelimits- Earn coins in the game- Get new daily challenges- Sharpenyour vocabulary and spelling- Easy to use, a challenge to beat-Perfect blend of brainteaser, word game, and puzzle!Ready for thechallenge? Play WordWhizzle Twist for FREE right now!
WordWhizzle Pop 1.2.3
*** A word search that really POPS! *** Welcome the hot new wordsearch game you can’t put down! Easy levels give way to difficultchallenges that few can beat…Are you part of the less than 1% whocan conquer the entire game? A new kind of word puzzles awaits withWordWhizzle Pop! Have a blast and build your vocabulary at the sametime! - Easy gameplay, challenging puzzles - 2000+ FUN andADDICTING levels - Daily bonus opportunities Now’s the time to playWordWhizzle Pop, the latest creation from the makers of WordBubblesand the top-rated WordWhizzle series of games!--------------------------------------------------------------------WORDWHIZZLE POP V.I.P. SUBSCRIPTION: - Subscribe to our paid V.I.P.service to access premium V.I.P. content and unique V.I.P.features. - Trials will be 3 days, after which your paidsubscription will auto-renew. - For the duration of yoursubscription you’ll get five daily free hints**, remove all thirdparty ads***, and get access to the daily V.I.P. challenges withspecial V.I.P. prizes. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes orGoogle Play Account at confirmation of purchase - All subscriptionsautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off for at least24-hours before the end of the current period - Your account willbe charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrent period at the cost of the chosen package. - No cancellationof the current subscription is allowed during active subscriptionperiod - Any unused portion of your free trial period, if offered,will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. - Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing to the user's Account Settings after purchase By usingWordWhizzle Pop, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: *All prices are equal to the valuethat Apple's App Store Matrix determines is the equivalentsubscription price in $USD, or Google Play’s exchange rate.**Unused free hints cannot be saved to the next day. ***You willstill receive information about other WordWhizzle and Apprope apps.
Bubble Breeze Pop 2.0.3
*** Aim...shoot...POP! ***-- Get ready for Bubble Breeze Pop, themost exciting bubble-blasting adventure! --Help the brave andclever sky-cat Sunny in her quest to save her colibri friends fromthe clutches of the evil magpie... Aim, shoot, and blast your wayto victory as you clear new levels with bubble-blasting chainreactions!Are you ready for a classic bubble shooter that will takeyour skills to new heights? Play Bubble Breeze Pop for FREE rightnow and let the bubble-popping fun begin!- Enjoy 100+ fun andchallenging levels- Encounter one-of-a-kind creatures- Collectmagical power ups - Explore Sunny’s vivid fantasy world- Solvedaily puzzles for daily rewardsSunny and the Colibris are countingon you! Start the adventure now!
WordWhizzle Pics 1.0.3
*** Do you have an eye for words? ***Use your love of words and eyefor detail to solve the photo puzzles in WordWhizzle Pics!With eachlevel, your task is to find the words associated with a specificpic. Some answers are easy while others require you to think beyondthe obvious! Are you one of the few who can solve all levels? -1,100+ levels ranging from easy to difficult- Build your wordskills and attention to detail - Great photos to keep youengagedNow’s the time to play WordWhizzle Pics, the latest creationfrom the makers of WordBubbles and the top-rated WordWhizzle seriesof games!
WordWhizzle Tap 1.0.1
--- Get ready for quick clicking and exciting word-finding funwithWordWhizzle Tap! ---Letters, words, and endless hoursofentertainment await you! Tap and clear letter tiles to earnbrainpower! See a word on the game board? Swipe the letters toclear theword and boost your brain power even more! Graduate tobiggerboards with help from a team of friendly word finders who canbeupgraded along the way!With WordWhizzle Tap, you're free tosimplytap letters and find words but don't forget to invest yourbrainpower in greater earning potential! What are you waiting for?PlayWordWhizzle Tap for free right now! • Absolutely free toplay!•Fast-paced and entertaining gameplay!• Get help from a teamof wordfinders!• Investment opportunities increase yourearningpotential!• Claim exciting in-game prizes!• No levels. Justrelaxand find words!
Daily Crossword Challenge 1.0.6
*** A Daily Crossword game for both puzzle-heads and casualsolvers! *** Now you can enjoy top-quality crosswords anytime andanywhere on your phone or tablet! Get solving with themed puzzlesthat challenge the mind but not your patience. Whether you're apuzzle expert or crossword newbie, this game will have you comingback for more again and again! DAILY CROSSWORDS Welcome the new daywith a new crossword! The daily puzzles feature a variety of themesranging from Hollywood Names and Summer Olympics to The Night Sky,Presidents and Family Vacation. DAILY SNACKS In the mood for asimpler, more fast-paced puzzle? Take on the Daily Snack – asmaller themed crossword perfect for solving on the go! THEMEDPACKS With crossword packs, you can challenge your brain whileexploring your interests in collections of similarly themedpuzzles! WEEKLY PACKS Need something more than one new crossword aday? No worries…every week we release a pack with new crosswords!ARCHIVE Did you miss yesterday's crossword? Just check out thearchive to find it and other past puzzles waiting to be solved!NEED A LITTLE HELP Challenges are fun, but crosswords don't have tobe a chore! If you need some help, access the toolbox of hints toreveal a single letter or even an entire word! Get ready to put thefun back in crosswords one puzzle at a time! ----------- DailyCrossword Challenge offers a premium subscription: - Subscribe toour paid Premium service to access premium content and uniquepremium features. - Trials will be 3 days, after which your paidsubscription will auto-renew. - Subscriptions are from: $9.99 USDweekly, $25.99 USD monthly and $99.99 USD annually.* - For theduration of your subscription you’ll get access to all crosswords,remove all third party ads*, and get access to all hints and statsfunctions. - Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account atconfirmation of purchase - All subscriptions automatically renewsfor the same price and duration period as the original ("oneweek"/"one month"/"one year") package unless auto-renew is turnedoff at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Youraccount will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to theend of the current period at the cost of the chosen package. - Youmay turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your GooglePlay Account Settings. However, no cancellation of the currentsubscription is allowed during active subscription period - Anyunused portion of your free trial period, if offered, will beforfeited when you purchase a subscription. - You may cancel asubscription during its free trial period via the subscriptionsetting through your Google Play account. This must be done 24hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid beingcharged. For more info - please visit Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may beturned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase -All prices are subject to change without notification. We mayoccasionally run promotion prices during a limited time. Sincethese are time sensitive and promotional events, we are unable tooffer price protection or retroactive discounts/refunds forprevious purchases in the event of a promotional offering. By usingDaily Crossword Challenge, you agree to our Terms of Use andPrivacy Policy: *All prices areequal to the value that Google Play determines is the equivalentsubscription price in $USD. **You may still receive informationabout other Apprope apps.