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Booster & Phone cleaner - Boost mobile, clean ram 10.0
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Your software need help❓ Do you need to fix phone, repair androidsystem or boost mobile? 🚀 Are you constantly running out of memoryand need to delete files from time to time? The gadgets constantlygive a "system error" and new bugs appear? Are you already annoyedby all these lags? Try our wireless tools and utilities!📱 If youwant to repair system android, boost mobile and get some moresystem info so pay attention on the utilities for android phone inour new gadget guardian! Android booster has a lot of differentutilities for android phone that will clean junk, boost mobile appsand will do lag fix. You can install a lag remover for free and ,you will be satisfied with your renew gadget! We can offer you adevice manager to get more info about phone. Gadget guardianoptimizer & ram cleaner is suitable for use by any user! Do notworry if you have not used any external programs to speed up thesoftware before, everything is clear in the booster from the firstlogin. All tools can be used very easily. 📌Phone Junk Cleaner Whenyou clean your phone you don't completely delete all cache andresidual files. This can be done by a professional program. Use theRam Cleaner - this option will help you to do lag fix 🔋 Batterycooler Does the battery often get too hot? Maybe this happens whenyou need to repair android system. Try the battery cooler featureto optimize battery performance. These tools for android are fixingthe device fast 🚀 RAM booster - Lag remover When your device isoverloaded you can use all tools to get rid of lags and bugs. Tryto optimize your phone, delete cache, chill your battery, andreboot your device for the best effect. 👉You can completely controlwhich files the booster can clean, to which applications it hasaccess to. All these tools for android are fixing the most commonand annoying bags in most device systems. We are constantly workingto optimize our cleaning processes and get the process of repairsystem android better so stay connected and stay tuned for newoptions and utilities. And the device manager will optimize yourstorage! 🔥 All tools and utilities are available for free. Installand boost mobile apps!🤩
Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker 2.6
Apps Developer Studio
Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker is a completelynewapplication, which serves to protect your battery fromoverheating,due to charging too long. Using the application you cancontrol thelevel of charge of your battery and thus maintain itsperformance.Thanks to what your phone will last a long time andwill work likenew🦾 Below is a list of the main functions of the newapplicationand after it, we will briefly talk about each of them.Mainfunctions of Battery Full Notification - Battery Tracker: ✅Warningnotification when the battery is full ✅ The ability to turnon /off the battery notification  ✅The ability to choosedifferentwarning options about a full battery charge: - to setvibration -to set the alarm - to play music - flashing flash ✅ The verysimple and intuitive application interface ✅ Freedownload and useof the Battery Full Alarm Now we will briefly gothrough all of theabove functionality of mobile charger: 📌Allowsyou to displaynotifications when the battery is full on the statusbar & toturn on / off the battery notification  Thebatterynotification will definitely tell you when the battery isfullycharged and the gadget can be removed from the mobile charger,thiswill help to avoid overheating of the phone Battery. If youdon’tlike this function, you can easily turn it off by pressingthebutton: do not disturb🔇 📌Allow setting vibration/alarm/toplaymusic/flashing flash when the battery charger is full. If youdonot want to miss the moment when your phone Battery isfinallycharging, as you are in a hurry, you can choose any kind ofbatterynotification about the full battery in the app. It can be alightmessage - a flashlight flashing. There are also noise signals-this is vibration and music. What you choose from thebatterytracker depends only on your personal preferences and thesituationin general. We immediately warn you, the battery trackeris quiteloud and can replace the alarm🤪 📌Friendly and easy to useappinterface. We did our best for people of any age group to usethisapplication, so we tried to make the application as easy to useaspossible. And we think we did it very well🤖 📌Free download anduseAnd the most important. Above we talked about the price. Sowe have great news for you - this battery alarm app isavailablefor everyone to download for free!🥰🙀 If you want toprotect yourphone from premature breakdowns, the battery fromoverheating, andquick burnout, and if you want to extend the lifeand performanceof your android battery, then you need to care aboutit. 👉🏻 Clickon the download button ⬇️ of the new Battery Full Alarmapplicationand it will provide you with a long battery life of yourgadget atno extra cost. So ⬇️download the application⬇️ and see foryourselfits effectiveness🔥💥
Game Booster - Booster For Android 2.9
Apps Developer Studio
⬇️Game Booster was created to help you play games quickly,withouterrors in the launch and in the games themselves and muchmore.⬆️👌Using the Game Booster, you can troubleshoot some problemsin thephone. Speeding up applications and games, you will bringyourselfa greater gaming experience and level up your skills 😇 Yourgamesand apps will become fastеr, smart without lags, and errors.Аndnow list you about the juiciest and important functions ofthemobile app: 💥 The Game booster app offers you 3 differentgamemodes that apply to any of your games. Each of the 3 modes youcancustomize for yourself: 🎈Power Play 🎈Long game 🎈Offline gamemode 💥Accelerator to speed up your phone 💥 Convenient andintuitiveinterface for users of all ages Meet the new app for yourprogramsand games. You don’t really need to wait a long time untilthe gameis loaded, until it opens and until you can go there.🥱 Themaindistinguishing feature of this booster app is that it worksnotonly with games but also with applications. If you will boost,youprovide good functionality of your smartphone. Your own modeYoucan create and use your own mode that you want) If you get tiredofthe processing speed of your favorite games andapplications,😩download and use our android game booster mobile appand createyour own game booster experience🕹📲. So, don’t wait anylonger,⬇️download the Game Booster app ⬇️and see for yourself howusefulthe regular accelerator and phone booster can be for thegoodfunctionality of your favorite games🔥