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Authentic Vision - CheckIfReal 5.13.2
AuthenticVision GmbH
CheckIfReal enables consumers to authenticate products tagged withthe Authentic Vision Unique Label to determine its realness. Checkif real stands for secure, simple and smart automatic productauthentication without any special knowledge by just using asmartphone. Checkifreal smoothly guides the user through the simpleauthentication process. Authentication has never been as easy aswith CheckIfReal and Authentic Vision. How to use: To scan a codesimply open the app and frame the code into the brackets. Afterthat, move the phone while keeping the tag in focus, so that we cancapture the hologram from different angles. Checkifreal willautomatically recognise the authenticity, and confirm if you have areal or a fake product. Please use the in-app tutorial foradditional instructions. Why use Checkifreal: • You can make surethe product you want to buy or will be using is authentic and thussafe to use • Help us fight counterfeiting • It’s free, there areno costs at all for you (with the acceptance of data usage)Requirements: In order to use Checkifreal, your phone will need acamera with autofocus and a working internet connection. Contact usfor help: Our goal is to make authentication of products easy andaccessible for all consumers. By enabling consumers to authenticateproducts themselves, we want to fight counterfeiting and in thatway contribute to a world with better, safer products. We arededicated to your satisfaction and welcome any feedback from you.If you have questions about the app, or maybe you have an issuewith Checkifreal, please do not write a review of the app saying"it didn't work.". Instead, please join us in our mission againstcounterfeiting and send us your remarks and we'll do our best to help.