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aiMei - Personality Tests & Mood Tracking 2.6
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Improve your emotional intelligence with aiMei! EmotionalIntelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize and understandpeople’s emotions, and to use emotional information to guidethinking and behavior. aiMei helps you with the four components ofEI: self awareness, social awareness, self management, andrelationship management. * Use the mood tracker to report how youfeel during the day and understand your mood trends. * Answer fourpersonality tests (Big Five and other thematic questionnaires) toknow yourself better. * Connect with you friends to discover whatthey think about you and how well you know each other. * Set upgoals to become a better person. aiMei helps you by highlightingyour areas of improvement and keeping track of your progress. *Improve your relationships by helping your friends reach their owngoals. aiMei can be used for fun between friends and lovers, or forwork between coworkers for 360-degree assessments. We care aboutprivacy: only you can see your personality results, and feedbackfrom friends is anonymous. aiMei is free, with no ad, so give it atry and discover yourself!
Neil - Personal Curator AI 2.10
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Meet Neil, a new kind of newsreader. We call it your personalcurator AI. Neil is a chatbot, a virtual assistant whose only goalis to find interesting stories for you to read. How does it work?Tell Neil about your interests No need to browse through hundredsof categories, just use your own words to tell Neil what you like.Neil will try to understand and will ask you for details when he isnot sure. Neil finds quality content for you Neil scans thousandsof sources that have been manually curated in order to find contentmatching your interests. Neil focuses on quality, avoiding fakenews and clickbait articles to bring you news worth reading. Neillearns and gets better with time Like or dislike articles to teachNeil about your preferences. Neil will keep learning to find whatyou really care about. When Neil can’t find any article about agiven topic, he will keep looking and let you know later when hefinds one! Other features • Bookmark articles you love to easilyfind them or to read them later. • Turn on the Reader Mode to readarticles without ads, navigation and other distractions. • Importyour interests from Facebook or Twitter to help Neil learn faster.• Share your favorite articles with your friends. • Receive a dailynotification with a cool article from Neil. • More to come! Neil iscurrently available in English, French and Korean. Neil is free,with no ad, so give it a try and find news worth reading!
뽑자Go, 뽑자고, 19대 대선, 대통령선거 2.1.1
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대선후보들을 바라보는 SNS상 속마음은 ?우리들의 감성을 이야기하는 소통하는 SNS 안에서의 사람사는 이야기이번대선만큼은 사람의 감성을 이야기 하는 SNS에서의 이야기에 귀를 귀울여 주세요.“뽑자GO”는 SNS 포스팅들의 감성을분석하여 진짜 민심을 보여줍니다.1. 후보자들의 SNS 호감도를 확인해보세요!SNS포스팅들의 긍/부정정도를 분석하여감성지수 평균 결과치를 보여줍니다.SNS 상에서 국민들이 어떤 후보자에게 더 긍정적인지 지금 파악해보세요!2. 실시간으로변화하는 후보자들에 대한 SNS 호감도!매일 늘어나는 SNS 포스팅들, 변화하는 국민들의 마음!SNS 상에서 후보자들에대한 민심이 어떻게 변화하고 있는지 감성지수 변동추이를 실시간으로 보여드려요!3. SNS를 분석하여 각후보자의 지역별 감성지수를 보여드려요! SNS포스팅의 위치정보를 실시간으로 분석하여 보여드리는 지역별감성지수에요.원하는 후보자를 클릭하여 한번에 지역별 호감도 파악을,특정 지역을 클릭하여 정확한 지수를 볼 수 있어요!4.쏟아지는 가십뉴스! 믿으십니까?후보자들에 대한 갖가지 가십이 쏟아져나오는 지금!가십뉴스에 대한 여러분의 마음을표현해주세요!참여자분들의 결과치와 SNS 감성분석엔진 ZimGo의 감성지수 결과치를 함께 제공하여여러분들이 진실에 가까이다가갈 수 있도록 도와드립니다.감성지능 검색엔진 에서 ‘뽑자Go!’서비스를 제공합니다.‘뽑자Go!’는 국내 유일의 감성분석 기반의 인공지능 엔진을 활용하여SNS 상에서 대선 후보자들에 대한 불특정 다수의 감성 결과치를빅데이터로 분석하여실시간으로 보여주는 어플리케이션입니다.
ZimGo 1.0.9
BPU Holdings
The smartest way to see all the information of social networksaround the world at a glance. Zimgo is an AEI(Artificial EmotionalIntelligence) search engine that applies ZimOS, a proprietaryoperating system of BPU Holdings, and AEI based on natural languageprocessing technology. Analyze the emotional meaning of SNScontents and show the optimized results based on machine learningof empirical data and reflect characteristics such as personalityand taste of users. Personalized search services are availablethrough simple sign-in, and the accuracy of results is increasing,depending on the experience. You can search for various charactersand emoticons in English and Korean. Also texts and video resultsthat match contextual meaning based on various SNS such as Twitter,YouTube, Google +, Flickr and Naver blog. In addition, 'emotionalanalysis' and 'associative search term' functions are provided forthe keyword. The sentiment result shows the positive, neutral andnegative feelings of the SNS context for the keyword as apercentage, and the related search term quantifies the keywordsused with the keyword. ZimGo also offers 'Latest News' and 'SocialRanking' services provides online hot issues by category. You cansee various trends through the Hot Issue Ranking service, which isespecially useful for users who need to keep up with the latestnews and trends quickly!