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How do you prevent your beauty, wellness or aesthetics businessfromgetting lost in a sea of thousands of competing businesses?Intoday’s world, it is important to be present in front ofyourclients’ eyes, 24/7, to make sure they choose you overthecompetition, every time. But marketing takes a lot of time,effortand money. So where do you focus – on providing the bestservicesto your clients or marketing them? At Beutics, weunderstand yourdilemma. That’s why we created a new platform thatlets you focuson your work while the Beutics app keeps yourbusiness at theforefront for your clients! Beutics Seller app is aneffortlessplatform for gaining new customers and growing yourbusiness,faster than ever before. Besides acting as a marketingtool, itenables customers to book appointments with you in a clickwhileproviding you an easy tool to review appointments, managestaff,provide offers, answer queries in a forum and even chatwithcustomers. Are you an individual without any physical stores?Noworries Beutics provides you the option to register asanindividual freelancer. Beutics helps you showcase to the worldyourcreativity. With Beutics, all that becomes visible to theworld!Isn't this the best value proposition? Isn't this the bestreturnfor your commitment to the business. Here’s what you can dowithBeutics app: Easy Booking System The Beutics seller app letsyoubring your business online with a dedicated page that Beuticsuserscan visit to learn more about your business, ask queries andmakeappointments in real-time. No more overbooking ormissedappointments Automatic scheduling in real-time Clients canviewyour calendar and make instant bookings Effortless MarketingSet upyour online store on Beutics and eliminate marketingexpenses.Beutics attracts consumers who seek and have relevantinterests tolook Good and Stay Fit. Needless to say, the best placeto benoticed is the Beutics marketplace! Get a digital storefrontNoneed for a business app Connect with users directly 24/7onlinebookings Create and Send Offers As a seller on the Beuticsapp, younot only get a dedicated online presence but also an easymarketingtool to create discounts and offers that are directlyshared withBeutics users for more business. Create discounts andoffers Sharewith customers directly Enjoy wide publicity BusinessManagementTool The Beutics app doubles up as a business managementtool forour partners who can use it as a digital platform formanagingtheir bookings, sharing offers, interacting with clientsonconsumer forums and also offer chat support. Onlinebusinessmanagement Manage bookings and appointments in real-timeAnswerconsumer queries in forums Provide chat support JoinBeuticsEcosystem There’s growth in numbers. That’s why we havecreated anecosystem of 100+ businesses that can learn from eachother andgrow together on Beutics. A growing community of 500+businessesShare know-how and tips Collaborate and grow together Toknow more,visit our website You can also write tous
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Looking to find the “right” salon, spa, fitness studio oraestheticclinic? Beutics is a mobile app that lets you book a localspa,salon, fitness or cosmetic dermatology in just a tap. Thehighlyadvanced app also enables you to visit each store virtuallywithoutactually stepping into it physically, so that you knowwhatexperience awaits you. How booking works: 1) Select yourpreferredservice from the wide range of beauty & wellnessservices. 2)Find a salon, spa, gym, or other service center thatsuits yourneeds the best. Discover the new nearby salons thatoffers 3)Select more services if needed. Check for store reviews,cashbackfor each service and view the store ambience and productstheyoffer. 4) Customize your appointment booking by selectingyourpreferred stylist, date and time. Also, apply your promocodes.5)Complete your appointment with online payment. We currentlylivein: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Emirate of Sharjah. The complete listofservices you can find on the App: Salon: Hair services,threading,waxing & bleaching, facial treatment, body treatment,makeup,henna, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow & eyelash, threadingandmore. Spa: Destress massage therapy - Swedish, Bali, IndianandThai; Ayurvedic treatment; Hammam and Moroccan Bath Fitness:Gymtrainer; Yoga session; aerobics; EMS; Pilates training;Kickboxing; Dance - Bollywood, Classical, Hip Hop, Ballet,AfroBeat,Salsa; Zumba session; Karate class; Aqua; Gymnastics; BodyPump andmore Clinical aesthetic: Dental; Laser; CosmeticDermatology;Slimming and Plastic surgery. Beauty and Wellness atHome: Getpampered at your place with our home services. Choose froma widerange of services such as Hair cut & styles; HairTreatments;Mani - Pedi; Facial; Threading; Destress massagetherapy; Yoga;Dance; Zumba; Karate; Functional training; KickBoxing and more.Download Beutics app. Choose from over 70+ servicesand bookServices on the App. Beutics booking App that providesuserfriendly features to enhance your online booking experiencesuchas: - Filter your options based on ratings, proximity andpricerange. - Share your feedback after your booking is complete.-Payment can be made online using Visa, American ExpressorMasterCard. - Get directions to your selected store. Here’smorewhat you can do with the Beutics app: Deals &SpectacularOffers – You will find offers like never before! Furtheron,Beutics App curates offers that are truly spectacular andbargains.Simply giving reasons to spoil you. Share and Earn – Needmorereasons? Beutics rewards your efforts with appreciationthroughmore cashback. Gifting Gets Easy – Beutics makes it easy toGiftyour near and dear ones by gifting a service or gift cards totopup your friends’ wallets, which they can use to get theirpreferredservice, therapy, or massage at a salon. Expert Forum –Got anybeauty & fitness doubts? We sure you do! Let the expertsansweryour queries to ensure you get the right resolution. Simplypostyour genuine concerns or queries online and get the answersyouseek in a jiffy. We help our users to find the mostreliableservice around queries such as: Salon Near Me,Spa NearMe,MassageNear Me,Make-up Near Me,Gym Near me,Dance Near Me,YogaNearMe,Dental Near Me Here are some of the most popular services:Salonin Dubai,Spa in Dubai,Massage in Dubai,Make-up in Dubai, SaloninAbu Dhabi,Spa in Abu Dhabi,Massage in Abu Dhabi,Make-up inAbuDhabi,Salon in Sharjah,Make-up in Sharjah Get a Beutics appnow!For any queries, use the "Beutics Chat" section in the app.