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Android Screen Recorder Pro 1.0
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Android Screen Recorder Pro (RecBox) is one of the bestprofessional apps to make a video screen recordings of your mobiledevice's.Android Screen Recorder Pro (RecBox) is a freeapplication, handy and without any limitation, it will allow you torecord screen in HD or Full HD quality.For making tutorials,creating promotional videos or simply record clips to publish onsocial networks, Android Screen Recorder Pro (RecBox) is your bestasset.▪ Free android screen recorder pro▪ No recording time limit▪Audio recording• Record at full screen resolution• Set resolutionand orientation• Take a screenshots• Recordings on SD card
Bodybuilding Programs 2.3.1
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Bodybuilding Programs is an application specifically for people whoare willing to take control of their bodies, thanks to its personaltraining courses. If you want to become a true bodybuilder and gainmuscle mass, do not waste your time and follow the bestbodybuilding programs suggested by our best bodybuilding workouttrainer. Our app offers the best bodybuilding routines,powerlifting workouts, and gym exercises with a detaileddescription to help you achieve the best possible results in a veryshort time (get maximum muscular mass, achieve weight loss, andhave the famous Six Pack Abs). Bodybuilding Programs allows you tocustomize your daily workout plan using different exercisessuggested for each part of your body. Now getting a perfect body isno longer a dream, everything you need is the motivation andBodybuilding Programs App. -- MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF BodybuildingPrograms App -- - Personal training courses for every muscle(Shoulders & Traps, Chest, Back, Biceps & Forearms,Triceps, Abdominals "Abs", Legs...). - Special exercises for eachequipment (Barbell, EZ-Bar Curl, Dumbbell, Machine, Cable...). -Detailed exercise instructions. - Organize your workout series witha professional timer. - Customize your daily workout plan usingdifferent exercises proposed. Our personal training courses aresimply the best, it's time to start a new life. Let's go !
Forex Exchange Rate 1.0
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Forex Exchange Rate (Currency Box) is a free and indispensablecurrency converter for all forex traders, professionals, ortravelers… This app helps you track +160 currencies in just onetouch, and is one of the rare apps to include exchange rates forBitCoin.Use Forex Exchange Rate (Currency Box) and be up to datewith the latest live currency exchange rate for almost every worldcurrency in real time.Unlike other similar currency converters, theCurrency Box exchange rates are refreshed automatically at eachstartup of application.Features of Forex Exchange Rate (CurrencyBox) :- A simple and intuitive interface.- Currency exchange ratefor all world currencies.- Automatic update of exchange rates atstartup of application- Accurate Currency exchange rates in realtime.- Flag images and currency codes for all countries.- Countriesare sorted by alphabetical order.- Currency converter for + 160world currencies and precious metals, including gold and silver,and also BitCoin exchange rates.- Display currency amounts up to 4decimals.- Currency calculator to evaluate the exact amounts inrequisite currency.- Is free, and supports all models of Androidphones version 4.0 and above.Content of the Forex Exchange Rate(Currency Box) interface:1. Tab one - Market Exchange Rates whereyou can check live currency rates.2. Tab two - Currency Converterwhere you can convert any currency rate with one touch. If you arelooking to track Currency Exchange Rates from around the world, youhave come across the best currency converter app !* CurrencyExchange Rate does not change on weekends, as foreign exchangemarkets and forex are closed at that time.
Android System Cleaner 1.3
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Your phone has become too slow and lacksspace, it gets too hot when you hold it in your hand, you want tofree up space in order to store more photos or songs, If you arelooking to clean android phone, you have come across the bestandroid cleaner app, Android System Cleaner (Cleaner Box) !Android System Cleaner (Cleaner Box) is the best android cleanerapp lightweight and totally free, to clean android phone: manageyour applications, boost memory, eliminate junk files, stopstealthy running apps, optimize your Android system, and extendbattery's life.► Optimize your running games and applications, free up memory,boost your device, and clean android phone. Your phone will befaster, run smoothly and free of any unnecessary file. AndroidSystem Cleaner (Cleaner Box) will take care of everything► Cool your device down and stop wasting lots of power byfinding and stopping all applications running in background causingit to overheat.► Android System Cleaner has a simple and intuitive interfacewhich is very easy to manipulate► With Android System Cleaner take control of your androiddevice. See what takes up the most room to decide what you reallyneed► Is free, and supports all models of Android phones version 4.0and above☆ MAIN FEATURES OF Android System Cleaner (CLEANER BOX) ☆🚀 Speed BoosterCalculates what's the percentage processor used by applications onyour device. It prevents applications from wasting battery, slowingdown your device and overheating it.💾 Clean Android PhoneClean up your memory and optimize the speed of your phone byeliminating repetitive tasks with automatic launch. Stop theautomatic launch of applications to increase the speed of yourdevice and reduce memory demand. Press once to sort in your phone,directly from the Home screen.🗑 Junk Files CleanerFree up space and optimize performance by removing unnecessarycontent and junk files, such as caches, residual files includingtemp files, or by dumping the download folder...📱 Application ManagerUninstall unwanted applications or bloatware and backup the mostimportant ones. Move applications to the SD card, and uninstallpre-installed applications and applications from the system. Ourapplication selection allows you to find useful applications thatmatch your interests.Scan and clean APK files.🔎 Background CleanerProhibit some software to run automatically in the background canimprove the speed.Use Android System Cleaner and clean your background memory. Stopthe automatic launch of applications to increase the speed of yourdevice.All this with the best android cleaner app, Android System Cleaner(Cleaner Box) !Use Android System Cleaner (Cleaner Box) and give your phone ortablet a new life! One click on best android cleaner app, and youwill become the Master of your Android device.
Android Call Recorder 1.2
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If you are looking for how to record phone calls, you have comeacross the best call recorder app !Android Call Recorder (CallRecorder Box) is a free application for recording a phone call inreal time and keeping only the recorded calls you want.Unlike othersimilar applications, your private recording phone calls are storedonly on your phone.Features of Android Call Recorder (Call RecorderBox):- Store your conversations automatically during the call(Incoming / Outgoing).- Organize your recorded calls. You can sortyour calls by hour, by name or by date. And add your importantcalls to favorite.- Save your conversations in multiple formats toyour SD card.- Play back, or Share your phone recordings viae-mail, any cloud storage, messengers, bluetooth, etc…- Receive anotification to your device when starting a call recording.- Isfree, and supports all models of Android phones version 3.0 andabove.How to use Android Call Recorder(Call Recorder Box):1. OpenAndroid Call Recorder, recording a phone call works in thebackground for smooth use of the app.2. Turn on call recording by asimple click on the button ON / OFF on the top right.
3. Make orreceive a call and it will begin recording your phone call.
4. OpenAndroid Call Recorder app to access the list of previously recordedcalls and listen or edit them.5. If the last recording call doesnot appear, restart the application to refresh the list ofrecording calls.Some Android Call Recorder (Call Recorder Box)functionality:
- Enable / Disable recording a phone call by oneclick.- Easily change app settings.- Enable / Disable callnotifications.- Easily edit your phone call recordings.
- Play /Stop recorded calls by one touch.
- Easily delete recordedcalls.Use Android Call Recorder (Call Recorder Box) when you cannot remember what was said during a call; When you want to knowexactly what has been said; Or when you want to hear the voice of aloved one.* Try different formats of recording (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav)to find the one supported by your phone.* If the last recordingcall does not appear, restart the app to refresh the list ofrecording calls.* Leave call recorder app running in the backgroundto increase productivity and get better results.
Lux Eye Protector Filters 1.2
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Your eyes are tired when you read at night on your phone?Or wake upto use your phone at night, and get blinded by your mobilescreen?Do you have trouble sleeping after a long time watching yourphone?Ever notice this dangerous blue light when you are texting atnight?Don't worry anymore, Lux Eye Protector Filters is the perfectsolution for all of this with its blue light filter.Studies showthat blue light emitted by your phone (around 440 nm) producesmolecular changes in the retina, the lens and the cornea. Ittransforms certain molecules into free radicals, creating prematureaging of the structures of the eye, while other molecules becomephototoxic and create potential damage to the tissues.Prolongedexposure to blue light without blue light filter may precipitateand aggravate age-related macular degeneration and cause prematurecataracts.Lux Eye Protector Filters can reduce blue light intensityby naturally adjusting the color of your screen accordingly to thetime of day, warm at night (night mode) and like sunlight duringthe day.Moving your screen into night mode and using the blue lightfilter can ease your tired eyes, and they will feel comfortableduring night reading.It's even possible that you're staying up toolate because of your mobile while using night mode. Lux EyeProtector Filters will protect your eyes and help you sleepeasily.Lux Eye Protector Filters make your mobile look better. ☆MAIN FEATURES OF Lux Eye Protector Filters ☆► Reduce blue lightintensity by naturally adjusting the color of your screenaccordingly to the time of the day.► Lux Eye Protector Filters doesnot consume much memory and it can conserve your battery byadjusting the intensity of the brightness of your device.► Easilyrun and apply the filter you want to use with just one touch.►Adjust filter power by changing the opacity of the filter color.►Adjust the color of the blue light filter to your taste, among our5 natural colors suggested.► Receive a notification on the statusbar when Lux Eye Protector Filters is run for easy blue lightfilter Activation/Deactivation.► Is free, without any limitation,and supports all models of Android device version 4.0.3 andabove.Your eyes are one of your most important organs. So it isessential to protect them by using Lux Eye Protector Filters topreserve and improve your vision.Download free app now!
One Touch Call Recorder 1.2
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Are you tired of asking yourself how to record phone calls, youcan’t remember what was said during your calls, You are looking foran effective and hidden call recorder to recording a phone call,You are looking for a call recording applicatiin with clearvoice…Stop tired, you have come across to the best call recorderapp, One Touch Call Recorder !One Touch Call Recorder is the bestautomatic call recorder application totally free for automaticrecording a phone call in real time with just one touch, andkeeping only the recorded calls you want.Unlike another callrecorder and similar applications, with One Touch Call Recorderyour private recording phone calls are totally secured.☆ Featuresof One Touch Call Recorder ☎️► Auto recording during your phonecall (Incoming / Outgoing).► Save your call recording in multipleformats to your SD card.► Receive a notification to your devicewhen starting a automatic call recording.► Play back, or Share yourcall recording via e-mail, any cloud storage, messengers,bluetooth, etc…► Organize your recordings call. You can sort themby hour, by name or by date. And add the important ones tofavorite.► Easily delete call records you no longer need with justone touch► It’s free, and supports all models of Android phonesversion 2.0 and above.☆ How to use One Touch Call Recorder ☎️1.Open One Touch Call Recorder, recording a phone call works in thebackground for smooth use of the app.2. Turn on call recording withjust one touch on the top right.3. Make or receive a call and itwill begin automatically recording your phone call.4. Open OneTouch Call Recorder app to access the list of previously recordedcalls for listen or edit them.5. If you liked One Touch CallRecorder app let us a five star* Leave call One Touch Call Recorderrunning in the background to increase productivity and get betterresults.
7 Minutes Workout Program 1.3.1
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7 Minutes Workout Programs is another application that is part ofour daily fitness exercises applications, specifically for peoplewho are willing to take control of their bodies, thanks to itsfitness personal training courses. The 7 Minutes Workout Programsapplication is based on the HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training),the most safe and effective way to improve your body andcardiovascular fitness. It takes only 7 minutes, with 15 exercisesof 30 seconds and breaks of 10 seconds between each. You do notneed any equipment, do the circuit 2-3 times according to the timeyou have. The 7 Minutes Workout Programs exercises are quick andeffective suitable for men and women at any time. Designed byprofessional fitness coaches. The simple interface of training isaccompanied by a professional timer, animated photos and videos toallow you to easily follow and understand each exercise. 7 MinutesWorkout Programs App is the most effective fitness personaltrainer, tailored to your schedule, your fitness level and yourgoals, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscular weight, boostyour cardiovascular, or just be in better shape. Now getting aperfect body is no longer a dream, everything you need is themotivation and 7 Minutes Workout Programs App. -- MAINCHARACTERISTICS OF 7 Minutes Workout Programs App -- ► A simple andintuitive interface; ► Detailed exercise instructions; ►Appropriate training sessions for beginners and athlete; ► Organizeyour workout series with a professional timer; ► Ability to take abreak, move to the next or previous exercise; ► Alert for dailytraining; -- List of 7 Minutes Workout Programs App exercises -- -Jumping Jack (Calves, Abductors, Shoulders...) - High Knees(Quadriceps, Calves, Glutes...) - Mountain Climbers (Abs,Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes...) - Squat (Quadriceps, Hamstrings,Abductors, Glutes) - Lunges (Quadriceps, Abductors, Glutes) -Elevated Bird Dog (Glutes, Shoulders, Abs...) - Push Up (Pectorals,Triceps, Abs...) - Push Ups and Rotations (Pectorals, Triceps, Abs,Shoulders...) - Crunch (Abs, Abductors...) - Plank (Abs,Triceps...) - ... Our personal training courses are simply thebest, you will be amazed at the results. It's time to start a newlife, Let's go !
App Lock Protector 2.0.2
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You want to protect your apps and privacydata,you want to lock your galleries and applications, Messenger,Calls,Contacts, Settings... You think your life's privacy isvulnerableand you want to lock WhatsApp and Facebook too.If you look for a solution to protect your privacy, you havecomeacross the best mobile apps locker, use App Lock Protector(LockerBox) and no one will disturb your privacy !App Lock Protector (Locker Box) is a totally free applockerwithpassword and lightweight pattern, specially developed toprotectyour privacy and the security of your android device.► Use App Lock Protector (Locker Box) and block someapplicationsfrom access to your private data► Use App Lock Protector (Locker Box) and do not let peoplearoundyou access to your private phone► Use App Lock Protector (Locker Box) to protect your privacyanddon't worry for your mobile security when your friends borrowyourphone to play games again► Use App Lock Protector (Locker Box) and let your phone reachyourchildren without being worried that they may changeitssettings☆ MAIN FEATURES OF App Lock Protector (LOCKER BOX) ☆🔐 Screen OffThe App Lock Protector (Locker Box) Lock screen protects yourphoneagainst intruders with a PIN code and a lockout scheme.🔐 Protect AppsSecure your Android device and protect your privacy withtheapplication lock feature. You can secretly hide your apps fromthisfeature such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, as well asmostapplications... Customize locking screen with severalchoices(applocker with password or pattern)🔐 Photo & Video Safe VaultUse App Lock Protector and hide your photos and videos, and keepthesubkeys behind your pattern or password lock🔐 Applocker with Password or PatternChoose your own way of locking applications by choosing thelockingscreen with a Pattern or a Password🔐 Hide AppLocker iconHide App Lock Protector icon and protect your android devicefromunlocking scavengers, go into invisible mode🔐 Easily lock / unlock isConvenient and awesome. Activate or deactivate the AppLockProtector with ease all in one tap.🔐 Is free, and supports most models of Android Devices.With App Lock Protector (Locker Box), take control of yourandroiddevice and no longer worry that your personal informationisrevealed from outsiders or that your settings are altered. AppLockProtector (Locker Box) is the best guardian of your privacy donothesitate to use it!*However, this application may have some compatibility issueswithsome versions of Android.
Bodybuilding Diet Plan
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Bodybuilding Diet Plan is a FREE diet app which helps you to createa daily custom diet meal plans based on your needs using differenthealthy foods proposed by our professional nutritionists andfitness coaches. If you're planning on doing bodybuilding exercisesor start the gym, then you need to embrace diet plans as well.Bodybuilding Diet Programs helps you build a healthy diet meal planin seconds to complement your workout! Bodybuilding can only beperfect if you opt for a healthy diet program suited for yourneeds. The hardest part of bodybuilding is not the gym exercisesbut it is following a good diet plan. Bodybuilding workout routinesand bodybuilding diet program recipes complement each other.Whatever your objective is, lose weight, gain muscle mass or justkeep in shape, you will need a diet meal plans to get your desiredresults. Bodybuilding Diet Programs is your most effective asset.Our FREE Bodybuilding Diet Programs App gives you a completeprogram of meals to eat on all 7 days of week for Breakfast,Mid-Morning, Lunch, Midday, Dinner and Late-Night Snack. ☆ MAINCHARACTERISTICS OF Bodybuilding Diet Plan App ☆ ► A simple andintuitive interface; ► Detailed information for more than 100foods; ► Detailed nutritional value for each food. ► Appropriatediets for beginners and athletes; ► Customize your daily diet planusing different healthy food proposed. -- Types of diet proposed byBodybuilding Diet Programs App -- • Weight gain diet: High calorie/ high protein diet, High carb / high protein diet • Muscle gaindiet: High carb / high protein diet, Low calorie / high proteindiet • Dry diet: Low carb diet, Low calorie / high protein diet •Weight loss: Fasting diet, micronutrients diet, chrononutritiondiet, dissociated diet, high protein diet. • Objectified diet: Anticellulite diet, belly fat diet, flat stomach diet, weight loss forbuttocks or hips, special obesity or pregnancy diet. • Themed Diet:Vegan diet, Atkins diet, zone diet, grapefruit diet, vinegar diet,mediterranean diet • Therapeutic regimen: Diabetic diet,cholesterol diet, allergy or hypertension diet. Now getting aperfect body is no longer a dream, Bodybuilding Diet Plan is anapplication specifically for people who are willing to take controlof their bodies. Download it for FREE , start eating right andseeing results. It's time to start a new life, Let's go !
Healthy Weight, BMI Calculator 1.0.2
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Looking for how to lose weight fast? If you are obsessedaboutgetting the ideal weight, then I congratulate you, you havefoundthe best way to control your body fat percentage. HealthyWeight,BMI Calculator is a free application that allows you tocalculateyour body mass index BMI and monitor your body fatpercentage,based on your body weight, height, age and sex usingMiller'sformula. Now you can calculate your body mass index to findyourideal weight. To track your daily weight loss, you can usetheintegrated weight loss tracker and analyze your progress usingyourBMI charts and statistics. Log your results and evaluate yourdietand workout success. This BMI calculator supports imperialandmetric units. You can alternate between kg or lbs, feet inchesormeters in just one click. - Overview of Healthy Weight,BMICalculator App - • A simple and intuitive interface. •BMIcalculation in just one click. • An easy way to input yoursex,age, size and weight values. • Ideal weight estimation,classifiedby sex and different age ranges. • Local storage to trackyourdaily weight loss, analyze your BMI history to betterunderstandyour body mass evolution. The obesity and overweight aretheprincipal risk factors for diseases such as hypertension,heartdisease and diabetes. Track your body fat with BMI Calculator,findyour ideal weight and stay healthy.