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Matches Puzzle Game
Bojan Klabjan
Matches Puzzle in a classic game with matches Solve puzzles bymoving, adding and removing matches until you find the rightsolution. You like matches puzzles games ? 1000+ Matches puzzles in10+ Episodes in different shapes, sizes, equations and designs.Some know this game as "Matchstick Puzzles". Translated to 43languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Korean, French,Polish, Indonesian, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Croatian, Slovenian,Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian,Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Thai, Hebrew,Georgian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Malay, Turkish,Tagalog, Hindi, Farsi. Language will be set automatically accordingto your phone language Features: - Beautiful graphics with 7 inchand 10 inch tablet support and high definition hd - Support forslower and low resolution phones - With Google Play Services ↗cloud save - to sync game progress across all your devices andfuture devices. ↗ leaderboards - to compare your result with others↗ achievements - for more fun - Sound, Vibration and Musicspecially created for the puzzles matches game Thanks for thetracks "Puzzle Game 3", "Outdoor Healing", "The Snow Globe" by EricMatyas If you have problems with level 12 SUPPORT:Facebook
Burn the Popcorn
Bojan Klabjan
In this game Popcorn Burn the Popcorn Tap on corn when is red andthen slide POPCORN down to feed the BIRD !!! But don't burn yourfingers :)* IDEAL FOR CHILDREN, TEENAGERS and GRANDMA and alsoothers* Internet Score if you enable it* For phones and TabletsTutorial Help:1 Tap on corn when is red2 slide down the popcorn tofeed the birdGame popcorn is for Every body which loves POPCORN :)*known bugs On some old DEVICES Stop at LOADING ...(Sorry can't finda solution for all)