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Spore - Claw Swarm Creatures Evolution 1.16
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- Collect food and snacks - Run from mighty monstersandtechnological species - Purchase new evolutionary forms andevolve- Take part in mass battles and destroy weak enemies -Dominate theterritory Spore is a perfect spore - io -clicker mixwhere you evolve and upgrade your monster, where youbattle withyour organic and metal-plated crab dinos in apost-apocalypticworld! Upgrade your monster into full metalcreature beast! 5x5 PvPaction clicker with! Control beasts on landor sand, fullymechanized, augmented or all-natural: the choice isyours! Tame andcommand blood-thirsty organic or metal hunters readyto destroyanything in their paths to win! Life is evolving in round2 uponthe ruins of the destroyed old world. Now monsters fromtheJurassic Era are out to kill, not to live. Unique setting! Aharshnew world where only the strongest survive! Game mechanicsgaloreChew through enemies in melee attacks, sabotage on the sly orhurlheadlong into battle! Tons of different creaturesMetal,all-natural or augmented: take your pick! Skills, skills, andmoreskills Every crab dino is unique. Pick your battleground! Awealthof weapons Equip your dino crabs with any weapon you want towin inwar, from traditional claws to next-gen metal drills! Chooseyourevolution and upgrade your monster in the way you like it. Pickoneout of three 3 main crab types, and upgrade it from allnaturalorganic crab into mechanised monster king. Start as a weekamebacrab in the swarm spire and Llft your ancient crab at the topofthe metal jungle food chain. Deadly in melee battles. Onefalsemove and the enemy is toast. AI machines devoid of anybiologicaltissue and mercy. Specially equipped with a metal armouragainstweapons from the old world. Become an insatiable hunterkiller.Dino crabs butchers preying on lesser animals can hold theirown inmelee battle and against enemies with superior strength.Speed upyou spore monster and get the unmatched mobility, listen tomightyroar can stun a whole group of enemies, leaving them open todeadlyattacks. 
On the border of human and machine, spore monstersarethe best of both worlds. Human intellect mixed with advancedtechform a deadly combination. They are always on the hunt fortheirnext victim. Their razor sharp horns are tough to dodge inmeleebattle, and these beasts can even restore their own health iftheyneed to. Spore is free to download and play, butsomein-game elements are available for purchase.
Cat Language Translator Simulator - Talk to Pet 1.3
Captain Coon
Have you ever wanted to talk to your cat? Say something importantorjust give it a command. This app might help with it. Chooseamongthe most common phrases on can language or translate yourvoicespeech into cat language and show it to your cat. Attention!Catlanguage Translator Simulator - Talk to Pet joke is just aprankapp! This free app will not help to translate your speech tocatlanguage. This app was created for fun and joy only. But girlsandboys like to enjoy it anyway. Sometimes, cats do really reacton thesounds from the app. However, this application is madeforentertainment only and it can not translate real phrases tocat'slanguage.
Spore 3D Wasteland Nomads Crab Turmoil 1.6
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Spore 3D is a great arcade of survival with thenowclassic game mechanics. Players in the skin of monsters willeatthe weaker individuals and move quickly in space in theoppositedirection from the larger ones. The resulting DNA mustbeimmediately allocated for the development and growth of theavatarin order to show all its power with new powers and abilitiestothose who used to be a real threat to further existence. Underthescorching sun a new civilization found its origin. SporeMonsterssurvived on this deadly empty ground and evolved. Organicsis tooweak for this sizzling and exterminating area. The solutionwasfound in symbiosis with the technologies of extincthumanity.Technological transformation of monsters’ claws, limbs andbodieshappened. These transformations of monster species allowed toadaptto the unfriendly environment. But this rapid evolutionbadlyaffected the minds of creatures, causing rampage, madness andrage.Now these creatures are even more insatiable, fierce andhungry.Found in the deep ocean abysses, spore monsters weregeneticallymodified by scientists in cell labs and now theysurvived theircreators. They are much stronger, angrier and moreflexiblemonsters then there were. But they continue evolvingturning intohigh tech monsters.
 Take part in a fierce clash forthe territory,becoming one of the terrible monsters. Destroy yourenemies, absorbtheir genetic code (DNA) and evolve in order todominate monsterswho dare to challenge you. Become a monstercrafterand decide byyourself how your new monster will look like. Feed andgrow yourown fighting monster. Don’t make monsters starve! Enjoyunlimitedevolution and transformation but take care! Many morefuriouscreatures set their heart on this territory. Giant sandworms whoare ready to absorb and devour anyone who dare to comeclose enoughto its abyssal jaw. Gigantic crab who does not takepart in thiswar, but who constantly observe the fight of itssmallergenetically similar species. Start as a tiny nasty woodlouselooking creature that can hardly survive several seconds inthisunsafe environment. Run away if you see another moving objectslikemonsters, deadly spiky balls, worm holes, devour DNA of otherwildmonsters and just collect DNA scattered over the territory.Theonly way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquirenewskins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly changethetactic against other insatiable monsters. Depending onthemonster’s evolution stage it can become a tiny weak but veryfastmonster or, in contrast become a furious, mighty anddangerousmonster easily devouring other inhabitants of this tinyuniverse,showing its power in clashes. It is completely yourdecision onwhich skins and parameters to spend the DNA collected inthebattles and which evolution path to choose. Follow us onfacebook: Tiny world of bugs, ants and bees 1.02
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Insects declared a war! 
 Dive into the fierce battle ofinsects.Bugs, ants, wasps, cockroaches, mantises and spiderscollided infurious smash for food and territory. Did you ever wantto becomeone of them and live a life of a tiny beetle? Insect.iogives you achance to do it! 

This Insects are really everywhere.Theyevolved, they got angrier and more hungry, and they are readytokill and eat each other to survive. Now, they can transformandevolve not only organically, but technologically as well. Didyouever see ants with high-tech armor or cockroaches with razorsandsaws instead of their limbs and claws? This time you can growupyour own fighting cockroach that will exterminate otherbugs.
Someday wonderful world that was hiding invisible from oureyesnow showed its true nature! It does not hide any more!Mightymonsters and fierce creatures constantly lead a permanentclash ofmonsters and insect smasher against each other for theterritory,food and survival. But now they expanded theirbattlefield on yourkitchen and beach. Now these creatures are evenmore insatiable,fierce and hungry. You have a unique opportunity toexperience alife of insects in their natural habitat in tinyuniverse on theother side of magnifying glass with other diminutivesettlers ascaterpillars, wasps and bees, hornets, ant, bugs,cockroaches,worms, slugs and other extraordinary tiny creatures. Godeeper intoit and learn more! Conduct a micro trip in this amazingworld ofbeetles. Become a monster crafter and decide by yourselfhow yournew insect will look like. Feed and grow your own fightinginsect.Don’t make creatures starve! Use genetic code collected inclashesof tiny monsters and create a new organism. But remember, inthisdangerous universe of little creatures there is no spaceforherbivore species of insects. Only carnivorous predatorscansurvive and evolve. This place is for meat eaters only. Start asatiny nasty cockroach that can hardly survive several secondsinthis unsafe environment. Run away if you see anothermovingobjects, devour DNA of other monsters and just collectDNAscattered over the territory. Try to find your ark of survival.Theonly way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquirenewskins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly changethetactic against other insatiable monsters. More differentspeciesand evolutionary forms. Try the role of scientists in celllabs whogenetically modify monsters, substitute their body partswithadvanced prosthesis and improves their ability to survive.Thereare three main evolution stages available but each of themhashundreds of configuration allowing to make your mantis, antorcockroach truly unique! Just eat DNA and evolve! Thetacticsavailable for players vary tremendously! Depending on themonster’sevolution stage it can become a tiny wick but very fastbug or, incontrast become a furious, mighty and dangerous monstereasilydevouring other inhabitants of this tiny universe, showingitspower in clashes. It is completely your decision on which skinsandparameters to spend the DNA collected in the battles andwhichevolution path to choose. Choose and evolve wisely! *Thestrategyis simple:* - Attack the weak and flee from the more mightyandangry monsters or hide somewhere and stay invisible until theypassor get distracted by another victim. - Improve your armor,clawsand thorns to survive in this dangerous and evil world - Helpyourhorrifying spikes grow into powerful technological prosthesesanddemonstrate your strength in the group battles - Enjoy the viewofthe remains of your enemies and atmospheric game music*Features:*- 3 new unique evolutions of mighty monsters. - 2differentlocations - kitchen and sand beach - Plenty of objects onthe map -Special quest Choose and evolve wisely!
Dog Language Translator Simulator - Talk to Pet 1.2
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Have you ever wanted to talk to your dog? Say something importantorjust give it a command. This app might help with it. Chooseamongthe most common phrases on canine language or translate yourvoicespeech into doggy language and show it to your hound.Attention! Doglanguage Translator Simulator - Talk to Pet joke isjust a prankapp! This free app will not help to translate yourspeech to doglanguage. This app was created for fun and joy only.But girls andboys like to enjoy it. Sometimes, dogs do reallyreact on the soundsfrom the app. However, this application is madefor entertainmentonly and it can not translate real phrases todog's language.
Kaiju Shooter - Full Metal Cthulhu with Giant Gun 1.02
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Feel the fury of ancient titans and gods. become one of thegiantmonsters and choose the deadly weapon and fight agains thehumanityand other monsters. - Collect food and crystals - Run frommightymonsters and technological species - Upgrade your huge cannononyou back - Purchase new evolutionary forms and evolve - Takepartin mass battles and destroy weak enemies from the range -Dominatethe territory Kaiju Shooter is a perfect spore - io -shooter mixwhere you evolve and upgrade your monster, where youbattle withyour organic and metal-plated Chtulhu looking monstersin apost-apocalyptic world! Upgrade your monster into fullmetalcreature beast! 5x5 PvP action shooter with! Control beasts onlandor sand, fully mechanized, augmented or all-natural: the choiceisyours! Tame and command blood-thirsty organic or metalhuntersready to destroy anything in their paths to win! Gang - Flat Human Beasts Wrestle 1.4
Captain Coon
These little men are crazy gangsters! - Take boxing gloves oranytoy weapon. - Try a new hat and shirt - Come to the carnivaltoshow those plasticine angry dwarves how to wrestle! P.S. Bewareoffireworks!
Snow Swarm 1.02
Captain Coon
Take control of a very Hungry Crab Monster and go on a franticIcerampage! Survive as long as possible by eating everythingandeveryone in your way! Explore the ice world filled withdeliciousand exotic creatures! Collect and evolve you monster andsurvive inthe meeting with iconic monsters like the Giant Crab andGiantWorm! In this action-packed arctic adventure: • Unlock morethan adozen unique snow crab monsters and other fantastic creatures•Explore free-roaming world • Enjoy awesome 3D graphics andsoundeffects • Discover and devour mysterious creatures of the iceworld• Recruit Baby Crab to boost your predatory powers • Equipawesomeaccessories like Drills, Still Armor and Claws! • Find andcollectfrozen Bonus Objects • Sink your claws into loads ofchallengingmodes • Activate Special Abilities to survive longer andscorehigher and kill more efficiently • Play offline wherever youare –no Wi-Fi needed! Control a Monster Crab in a feeding frenzyand eatyour way through many snow feasting on everything frombite-sizeshrimps and eggs to tasty Crabs! CHOOSE AMONG 18 CRABSPECIES Orcraft your own monster. FEAST FOR YOUR EYES Experiencethe feedingfrenzy in stunning console quality 3D graphics that willbloweverything else out of the snow! SURVIVAL OF THE HUNGRIEST It’seator be eaten in snow packed with dozens of delicious anddangerouscreatures… BEWARE! SMASHING CRAB Level up your crab andequipgadgets to bite harder, run faster and grow even hungrier!