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Camera Scanner App & JPG To PDF Converter 1.1.3
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Scan everything with incredible speed via our photo to PDF scanner!Our picture scanner & PNG to PDF converter app can scaninvoices, contracts, documents, pictures or anything else easily.This is a completely FREE photo scanning software which is suitablefor everyone, such as students, businessmen, journalists, etc. ThisJPG to PDF converter offline application will help users storeimportant documents on your phone via photos scanner and edit andresize. Now, you won't wonder how to convert JPG to PDF. Your phonewill turn into a compact photo converter to PDF & mobilescanner app. You can follow the steps below to experience the JPGconverter app: 1. Take a photo of contracts, receipts, documents,... 2. Page edges are detected automagically 3. Photo scan andchoose favorite color filter 4. Convert photo to PDF or convert PNGto PDF with the JPG to PDF converter offline 5. Name the file andshare with friends Main features of the image scanner & JPG toPDF file converter app: ✔ Photo scanner to PDF This photo scannerin JPG will help scan documents into high-quality PDFs on tabletsand phones. You can create high-quality PDF documents with 200 dpi,set page sizes for PDF: A4, Letter, Legal or protect your documentswith a password. ✔ Scan in color, grayscale or black& white Youcan easily customize the brightness for the image with our mobilephoto and documents scanner. Or in the JPEG to PDF converter &doc scan app, you can choose multiple color filters: gray, black,white for the image scan. ✔ Share via email or upload to cloudservices In the photo and document scanner, you can name andorganize PDF files into folders, or share them with friends via: -Email, cloud services - Wifi connection with your PC We are alwaysinterested in your experiences with this Camera Scanner fordocuments & JPG converter to PDF. Especially, we are proud tobring you a camera hd scanner PDF and JPG. If you have anyinquiries to our scan documents to PDF app, please comment belowand we will respond as quickly as possible. Please rate 5 * if youlove this photo and file scanner to convert PDF.
PDF Reader, PDF Viewer with Bookmark & Cam Scanner 1.2.4
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PDF Reader - the app to open PDF files for your phone! Ourapplication is the ultimately designed for mobile view PDF reader.This app to read PDF files for mobile, draw on PDF documents forfree and open documents offline anywhere or anytime. Now, readingPDF documents is no longer an obstacle to your life and work. Theonly thing you need to do is download this PDF viewer withhighlighter; we will help you do all the rest. You only need onetouch to open PDF files on my cell phone, enjoy a cup of coffee andread and draw on PDF files. Due to the optimization of the userexperience, we develop the PDF opener app with some otheradvantages: ✅ PDF reader with highlighter and note ✅ PDF filereader with faster search option ✅ FREE PDF viewer & bookreader ✅ Mobile view PDF reader and PDF reader zoom Key features ofapp to open PDF files: Open PDF files on cell phone easily: The PDFbook reading app will quickly open the file for you. CameraScanner: Scan photo and document to PDF with high-quality. JPG toPDF file converter quickly Blue light filter: helps you protecteyes, prevent eye strain when reading PDF files for long time PDFbrightness adjustment: You can adjust the brightness of the screento read PDF books like the PDF reader with night mode. It helps toview PDF files even in lower light conditions. Automaticallydetermine the outline of files: Let’s figure out the main ideas ofyour files with the PDF list which giving you the most overview ofthe document. PDF reader with bookmark PDF: You can bookmark thepage to reopen it quickly when needed. Word search PDF: Search forimportant keywords in the documents with our fast PDF searchengine. Go to page quickly: Your document is too long, you justwant to read a few important pages? Simply enter the page you need,we will open it for you. PDF marking in PDF file in mobile: Weprovide PDF markup tools such as PDF underline, highlight text inPDF, copy PDF text, strike out,... so you can work best with yourPDF files. Also, you can draw on PDF and read PDF as book. Flexiblereading modes: You can choose to display the horizontal/verticaland rotate PDF for the most convenient reading experience. We arealways interested in your experience with our app to read PDF filesfor mobile, so please let us know your ideas by leaving a comment.We will dedicate to bring the best version of our PDF reader Do notforget to rate 5 * to support the developer!