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Citrio Browser 1.3.4
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Main features: - Easy internet surfing - Powerful tab manager -Ability to download any file and fully control the download process- Ability to download torrent files
B1 Archiver zip rar unzip 1.0.0132
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B1 is an all-in-one archiver application. B1 Archiver can: *Decompress ZIP, RAR, B1, as well as 34 other formats. * Createpassword-protected ZIP and B1 archives. * Extract multi-part RARand B1 archives. * Browse archive files without extraction. *Partial extraction - extract only selected files withoutdecompressing the whole archive. * Open password-protected B1, ZIP,RAR, and 7z archives. * Pro Version removes all ads. B1 archiver islocalized in more than 30 languages. We very much appreciate yoursupport and welcome everyone to contribute to translations at Key features: *Decompress ZIP, RAR, 7z, APK, A, AR, ARJ, BZ2, BZIP2, CAB, DEB, GZ,GZIP, JAR, ISO, LHA, LZH, LZMA, MTZ, RPM, TAR, TAR.BZ2, TBZ, TBZ2,TAR.GZ, TGZ, TPZ, TAZ, TAR.LZMA, TAR.XZ, TAR.Z, XAP, XAR, XZ, Z,ZIPX * Extract multi-part (splitted) RAR and B1 archives (part0001,z01, 001, part01 extensions supported). * Extractpassword-protected B1, ZIP, RAR and 7z archives. * Partialextraction - extract only selected file(s) without decompressingthe whole archive. * Support for ZIP archive names with non-Latinsymbols. * Compress files to ZIP archives. * Compress files to B1archives with smart compression. * Create password-protected ZIPand B1 archives. * Progress in notification area and working inbackground mode. * File management: navigation, copy, paste,delete, rename, file properties. * Browse archive files withoutextraction. * Multi-selection of files and folders. * Favoritefolders. * Hiding files from media scan. and much more... Weappreciate your feedback! If you'd like to suggest new features orimprovements please do not hesitate to contact us at support@b1.orgRequired permissions: Read&Write: external storage - to createarchives and copy files to external storages. Access network stateand Internet - for Google Analytics module which is used to collectaggregate data on general usage frequency and marketing efficiency.Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where can I get the password? A: B1Archiver does NOT require any passwords. If you were asked to enterone, it means that your archive is password-protected. Please checkthis article for most common ways to find the password: you 100% sure that your archive is not protected with apassword, but you are still prompted to submit it - please send itto for investigation. First released back in 2011,B1 Archiver continues to gain popularity among the users all overthe word due to its high functionality and friendly user interface.We are making B1 so amazingly simple that every task can be done ina few taps. Our users enjoy working with our software. Would youlike to join them?
B1 File Manager and Archiver 1.0.088
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B1 File Manager is a file explorer which allows to: - unzip over 38archive formats (multi-volume and password-protected); - compressfiles into zip and b1 archives; - manage the files in internalstorage, external SD card and USB-drives; - manage Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box and 4shared cloud storages; - stream mediafiles from the cloud storages and via SMB with no need to actuallydownload files (NOTE: streaming speed highly depends on yourInternet connection speed). Dear friends, a lot of hard work andefforts went into the development of B1 File Manager and the B1team needs your support. You might have noticed that B1 FileManager now displays sponsored offers. This is what allows us todistribute B1 File Manger for free. However, we've listened to yourfeedback and we've introduced an option to disable ads for a smallpayment. The option is available from the menu in the action bar.Whatever you choose, it will help us in further development of B1File Manager. Thank you! - Regards, Adam Buyer NOTE: Due to changesin Google’s policy, B1 File Manager and B1 Free Archiver have nopermission to write to an external SD card. A workaround can befound here: creators of B1 Free Archiver bring to you the ultimate tool forhandling files on your device - B1 File Manager. B1 File Manager isa full-featured and free file explorer with support for mostpopular cloud storage, networks and archives. Main features: * Fileexplorer - Browse the content of the internal storage, external SDcard, USB drives, cloud storages and networks - Move, delete, copy,paste, rename and view details for files and folders -Multi-selection of files and folders - Easy-to-use and intuitive UI- Fast file Search - Immediate Media Library synchronization keepsyour music player and picture viewer content updated - CreateBookmarks for easy access to your favorite and most frequentlyvisited folders; - Filter options allow to display files with acertain extension * Cloud storage manager - Dropbox support -Google Drive support - Microsoft OneDrive (former SkyDrive) support- support - 4shrared support - Video, music and other filesstreaming - Support for unlimited storage accounts - Create newaccounts without leaving the app - Accounts are saved automaticallywith no need to re-login * Networks manager - Built in FTP client -Built in SFTP client - SMB support * Archive manager - Decompresszip files (unzip), decompress rar files (unrar) - Create b1 and ziparchives - Open 7z, apk, a, ar, arj, bz2, bzip2, cab, deb, gz,gzip, jar, iso, lha, lzh, lzma, mtz, rpm, tar, tar.bz2, tbz, tbz2,tar.gz, tgz, tpz, taz, tar.lzma, tar.xz, tar.Z, xap, xar, xz, Z,zipx - Browse files inside archives without actual extraction -Open password-protected zip, rar and 7z - Partial extract - extractonly selected files, not the whole archive - Support for zip withnon-Latin symbols - Open multi-part (split) rar and b1 archives(part0001, z01, 001, part01) - Use preset multi-volume archivesizes for easy share via email, CD/DVD burn or set any custom size- Compress files into zip or b1 archives - Createpassword-protected zip and b1 archives - Progress in notificationarea and work in background mode B1 Free Archiver is available forAndroid, Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Visit our official site foradditional information: If you have any featurerequest, please, submit it to B1 File Manager doesnot collect, sell, rent, or share any personally identifiableinformation about the user to the third-parties. System permissionsrequired solely for the purpose of correct functionality of itscurrent and upcoming features.
Cube Call Recorder ACR 2.3.163
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WARNING: - Premium subscription grants access to extra featuresonly. It won’t improve your call recording experience. Please checkhow the basic version works before purchasing the subscription. -Google has blocked the ability to record phone calls in Android 10.Phone call recording will, most likely, NOT work on your deviceafter the upgrade. VoIP call recording will work as before or evenbetter. - Not all devices support VoIP calls recording. Below youcan find the list of tested devices where VoIP call recording issupported. But we recommend running your own test on the exactdevice you have. Cube Call Recorder lets youeasily record your incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIPconversations. The best part? It's FREE! ►Cube Call Recordersupports: - Phone calls - Skype 7, Skype Lite - Viber - WhatsApp -Hangouts - Facebook - IMO - WeChat - KAKAO - LINE - Slack -Telegram - more coming soon! ※NOTE This app uses Accessibilityservices. ►Crystal Clear Sound Quality! Record your calls andconversations in the best possible quality. ►Easy to Use! -Automatically record every call. Record each conversation themoment it starts; - Automatically record selected contacts. Createa list of people you want to always record; - Exclusion list.Create a list of contact who won't be recorded automatically; -Manual recording. Tap the record button mid-call to record only theselected conversations or parts of them; - In-App playback. CubeACR has a built-in file explorer for managing your recordings,playing them, deleting on the fly or exporting to other services ordevices; - Smart speaker switching. Bring the phone to your ear onplayback to switch from loudspeaker to earspeaker to privatelylisten to your recordings. - Starred recordings. Mark importantcalls and filter them for quick access; - Call back and opencontacts right from the app. Premium features: ★ Cloud backup. Saveyour call recording to Google Drive and restore them if somethinggoes wrong. ★ Pin lock. Protect your recording from prying eyes andears. ★ More audio formats. Record calls in MP4 format and changetheir quality. ★ Save to SD card. Move your recordings to an SDcard and use it a default save location. ★ Shake-to-mark. Shakeyour phone while recording your calls to mark the important partsof a conversation. ★ Smart storage management. Automatically deleteovertime old unimportant (non-starred) calls and ignore recordingshort calls. ★ Post-call actions. Immediately play, share or deletea recording once you stop a conversation. ►Works on tablets Even ifyour device doesn't support cellular calls, you can use Cube CallRecorder to record Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other VoIPconversations. ※NOTE If it doesn't work on your device or you hearonly yourself on playback, try changing the recording source in theSettings, or use auto-on speaker mode. ※Legal notice Thelegislation regarding phone call recording varies in differentcountries and states. Please, make sure that you're not breakingthe legislation of your or your callee/caller country. Alwaysnotify the callee/caller that your conversation will be recordedand ask for their permission. ※Contact us If you have any questionsor issues, please, send us a message at