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CopMax - Mission to save girls 2.0.0
DSM Worldian
In Venus planet, many girls are kidnapped by terrorists. The Rescueoperation is assigned to our hero CopMax. Each girl is locked up indifferent places. The terrorist has created many obstacles andchallenges to CopMax. Face the Challenges and Rescue the Girls.
Theri - Hero Mass 2.0.0
DSM Worldian
A Hero who going to kill the enemy monsters with his weapon withouthitting them and should reach a high score to won the game.
VR Mountain 360 1.0
DSM Worldian
Many People interested to see the beauty of nature at the heightandedge of the Mountain. Here is the app will make it possible foryoufrom your place itself. Use Cardboard or VR Box We havemultiple 360views of Sand Mountain Snow Mountain Forest Realisticview with moreExcitement. Enjoy the beauty of nature from yourplace.
Furniture AR 2 1.0
DSM Worldian
Don't go to the furniture shop. From your home itself selectyourfavorite furniture's and make your living place morebeautifulusing Augmented Reality technology. A list of yourfavoritefurniture's with color palette is there. Select yourfurniture andgo for custom color transition which you like the mostand click onthe camera button to take a screenshot and share it toyourfriends. Take printout of the image which is in given linkbelowhttps://plus.google.com/photos/photo/105887899851724753909/6418396591338552018?icm=false&authkey=CIbZud2XkeqZ4gE&sqid=116453540969581192738&ssid=efb91599-65c8-4878-a2e7-ea7fa3580b81Installand run the app. Place the Image printed paper to seethefurniture's and rotate it in the 360 degree view with yourfavoritecolor. Become an Interior designer for your sweet livingplace.