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CalliPlus Chinese Calligraphy 4.5.3
Daniel Kao
Mobile Chinese calligraphy dictionary. With internet, you can lookup calligraphy written by famous calligraphers in the history. Dueto Firewall Blocking, this app can't be used in China. Look up 1.Look up single character:list how the Chinese character is writtenin different styles by different masters. 2. Look up multiplecharacters:you can swipe left/right to see different characterlists. 3. Show information about the calligrapher and it's writtenin which masterpiece. 4. Adjust how many columns are shown in thesame screen. Writing Practice 1. Click on characters to see largeone. 2. Grid lines can be displayed in background. 3. Characterscan be shown in contour. 4. Use your finger to write on the screen5. Share calligraphy characters, or your own handwritings. 6. Saveindividual calligraphy or handwritings to external storage (underfolder CalliPlus) 7. Select the characters you like, and save themas a collection Wither version higher than Android 4.4, Calliplusalso supports printing calligraphy into pdf file Please buy paidversion if you like it. With paid version, there's no ads anymore.These data are from 行政院國家發展委員會,CNS11643中文標準交換碼全字庫網站
Auto Screen On Off(Smart Cover 2.9.1
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Sometimes the power button is hard to press, or you want to saveprotect the hardware power button for longer use. This app andprovided notification/widget can save you from accessing the powerbutton all the time.Feature:1. By detecting p-sensor, automaticallyturn on/off the screen for you.2. Allows you to only enable thefunction during charging.3. Allows you to disable the feature whenthe screen is rotated.4. You can set separate timeout values forscreen on/off delay to prevent from accidentally triggering thefeature.5. A widget is supported to quickly toggle the function.6.Notification is supported to quickly toggle function, or directlyturn screen off.7. Power Save Mode: works on some devices. Try ifit works for YOU!8. Play sound or vibrate while close.9. Excludeapps you don't want automatically screen off feature10. A widget toturn off screen! great power saver yet usefulUsage:0. ModifySettings in "Auto Screen Settings" app and enable the functionor 1.Add widget "AutoScreenOnOff" to your home screen2. Press once onthe icon to trigger Device Management Confirmation Dialog.3. Agreeto activate device management. (This is required to turn off thescreen)4. Now everything should work now. Try cover your hand overthe top area of the screen (where the proximity sensor might belocated) to see if it works.Attention:- Since it uses proximitysensor to detect whether the screen should be on or off, this mayuse some power consumption. So, if you are not using your devicefor a long time, suggest you turning off the function.- If youwants to uninstall the app, please do it from top of the app.Translation Helps from:Hai Long Hoang: VietnameseWebFrogeye :FrenchJán Kučera: SlovakRenek: CzechXander Stone: DutchAndrew:Russian, UkranianPaul L. Scholz: Germanps. If you have anysuggestions, questions, bug reports, or you are willing to helptranslate strings, please send me email. leinadkao@gmail.com
書法加 (CalliPlus) 書法字典 4.5.3
Daniel Kao
個人隨身書法字帖,只要有網路,隨時可以查詢想要練習的字。 由於網路遭屏蔽,中國地區無法使用,請勿下載! 查詢字帖 1.查詢單字:列出單字在各書法家在各字帖中的寫法。 2. 查詢多個字:透過左右滑動,切換不同單字的列表。 3.因應畫面大小,可在設定中,指定畫面一次顯示幾列字。 4. 顯示作者及字帖來源。 看大字,練習寫字 1. 點擊小字可以看大圖 2.可設定字帖後面是否加上九宮格,更加容易掌握字體結構。 3. 可設定字帖是否顯示紅色中空字帖,跟真的書法練習本相同。 4.可以直接在大字上,用手練習硬筆字。 5. 可以分享字帖,或是分享自己的硬筆字 6. 可以儲存字帖和自己的硬筆字 (儲存於SD卡上的CalliPlus 目錄) 7. 儲存字帖集! 三希堂中的字帖列表已整理的有:王羲之的快雪時晴帖、王珣的伯遠帖、歐陽詢的卜商帖、顏真卿的自書告身帖、蔡襄的進詩帖、蘇軾的赤壁賦、歐陽詢的張翰帖、和還在進行中的心經楷書整理。Android 4.4 以上的版本,支援列印字帖功能。可在開啟字帖後,按右上方的列印想要練習毛筆字,或是過年要寫春聯卻不知道要怎麼下筆的人;甚至是想寫硬筆字,都可以找到適合自己的字帖。平常可以當成書法字帖字典來使用。可以在手機上不斷地練習寫同一個字。付費版不含廣告,而且未來會推出更多的功能。 字型來源出處為行政院國家發展委員會,CNS11643中文標準交換碼全字庫網站
教育廣播電台語言教學節目(非官方) 1.8.3
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想要一個簡單而又快速的方式,隨時收聽自己有興趣的語言教學節目嗎?下載這個 app就對了!新功能:支援在每篇語言教學檔上,增加筆記目前教育廣播電台上,提供有下列的語言教學節目: A西班牙語 B雙語新聞 C英語 D法語E國文 F俄語 G台語 H阿拉伯語 I基測百分百 J99年大學之道 K義大利文 L日語 M越南語 N印尼語 O德文 P泰國語 Q韓語-- - -- - - - 本 app 內列表文字、圖像以及聲音檔等資料(涵蓋但不侷限),為國立教育廣播電臺及各版面著作人智慧財產權所有