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Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Planner
✔Award-winning Finance App ★ Best of 2017 App. ★ Google TopDeveloper. ★ Editors' Choice App Money Lover makes personalfinances management easy for everyone. It helps you simply manageeverything from cash, credit cards, bills, receipts, and moneysaving, etc in one secure place. Get Money Lover today to controlyour finances like a boss. KEY FEATURES ✔ Money Manager: Keep trackof daily expenses, incomes and put them in category. ✔ BudgetPlanner: Plan and budgets to never overspend and save more money byapplying envelope system. ✔ Reporting: Financial reports give youoverview of your spending, income by date or group. ✔ Security:Data encrypted by RSA-1024 bit. Support PIN code, Fingerprint tounlock. ✔ Credit Wallet: Designed for managing credit card andnotifying repayment. ✔ Linked Wallet: Automatic bank feed. Updatefrom banking accounts, e-wallet and crypto wallet. Note: We support17 countries. Please go to Connect to bank and check theavailability. OTHER FEATURES: 1. Debt & Loan Tracker 2. Homewidgets & Quick add button 3. Scan & Store paper receipt 4.Online backup & Sync 5. Currency Exchange 6. Tips &Interest Calculator 7. SMS detector 8. Recurring transactions 9.Multi-currency supported 10. Share Wallet 11. Sync between devices12. Saving wallet 13. Events & Travel mode 14. Bills reminder.15. More 130+ free icons 16. Transaction tags 17. Money SavingGoals Tracker (New) Upgrade to PREMIUM to support us and have morepower ✔ Unlimited number of budgets, savings, wallets, events. ✔Export to CSV, Excel ✔ Picture attachment ✔ Ad-free Follow us toget updates, useful tips or gifts. Facebook: Google+: Need support or share feedback?Feel free to email to [email protected] or chat via in-app Help& Support. Loved by the media: ✔ The Independent: Best PersonalFinance app ✔ Techuntold: Best budgeting app for Android ✔AppListo: Top 10 Apps for Expense Tracker ✔ Bluestacks: A must havebudgeting app. -- Clarification for Access Permissions: - NetworkCommunication (Internet Access) is for syncing data and gettingmoney exchange rate. - Social Information (Read Contact) is forsuggesting “With Who” to tag your people in your contact list. -Your Location is for identifying your location of the transaction.- Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is forcreating and storing backup data to the USB storage. - Access toSystem tools is for adding Home screen shortcuts and widget.
Money Lover Export Tool: CSV and Excel spreadsheet 1.4
Money Lover Export Tool is an extension of Money Lover app to helpexport Money Lover data to Excel .xls format file. To export,install Money Lover Export Tool, then open Money Lover, go to Toolsin the navigation menu and choose Export Excel.Note: Excel exportfunction is available for Premium version only. ** You can notimport Excel/ CSV to Money Lover. Go to Settings/ Backup to createbackup files (.mlx), which can use to import/ backup data.
SMS Banking Detector - Expense Tracker with SMS 2.0.16-google
This app automatically receives SMS messages from bankingtransactions sent to your device, and creates transactions in MoneyLover basing on those data.To use this app, you should have it andMoney Lover( on the same device.Currently, this app supports severalbanks below:In Vietnam:- ACB- Agribank- Citibank- MBBank- StandardChartered- Techcombank- TPBank- VIB- Vietcombank- ViettinBankInother countries:You could expand the supported list of banks bysending us your desired banks' SMS data via this app.Developed byFinsify, Google Top Developer with Best App of 2016: Money Lover -Money & Budget Manager - Blog Money Tips:
Loan Shark - Loan Calculator, Interest & Repayment 1.0
Loan Shark - Loan Calculator is simple application for you tocalculate your loan: principal & interest and repayment. How toanalyze your loan and plan for repayment? Let's Loan Shark helpyou. You only need to enter: 1. Loan Amount2. Annual Interest Rate3. Period For example: $25,000 / 1.5% and 1 year or 12 months. ThenLoan Shark will help you to analyze and give you information about:Total Payment, Total Interest, Monthly Payment. Moreover, you canview your monthly payment plan, month by month or visualized chartof repayments. For advanced users:- Select 03 types of loan:Annuity, Fixed payments or Decreasing payments- Select Effective orNominal Interest Rate and more options to determine each loanpayments.We hope this app is useful loan calculator for you tobetter plan your loan payments.--Loan Shark - Loan Calculator isdeveloped by Finsify, Google Top Developer and is member ofPersonal Finance Management app including:- Money Lover - ExpenseManager, Budget Planner: Editors' Choice, Best app of 2016-Shopping Lover - Grocery List & Shopping List - SMS BankingDetector - Track your expense from SMS
Shopping Lover - Shopping List & Grocery List Free shoppinglover-1.14
Shopping Lover is built for the shoppers and based on the habits ofshoppers. Shopping Lover will increase the efficiency and speed ofyour shopping experience, and also prevent any unnecessarymistakes.Features in the application- Multiple lists: milk can whenyou are out of milk, grocery lists for shopping at the market orcheck list for the ingredients needed for a recipe.- Items' status:check what has and/or has not been purchased.- Share your shoppinglist with others: in case you need some one to do the shopping foryou.- Procurement planning- Estimation of the amount needed tobuyDeveloped by Finsify, Google Top Developer with Best App of2016: Money Lover - Money & Budget Manager - Blog Money Tips:
Money Exchanger: Currency Converter, Exchange Rate 1.9
Exchanger is a simple way to convert currency and find exchangerates on your mobile. Exchanger supports and updates exchange rateof all world's currencies in real time. If you're traveling aboardor want to quickly update exchange rate, this app is for you.Product highlights: - Exchange rates are up-to-date when connectingthe Internet- Convert multi-currencies in one time- All world'scurrencies supported - Personalize currency list- Using whenoffline (do not need network connection)Any feedback, please emailto [email protected] Developed by Finsify, Google TopDeveloper with Editors' Choice app: Money Lover - Money Manager,Budget Planner