Grand Cru ئاپەکان

Battlejack 0.0.11
Grand Cru
- SIMPLE AND ENGAGING ACTIONTake cards and try to score total sum of 21! Use your skills anddefeat foes with multiple of 21's, snag the dungeon’s loot,RPG-style - you may even find a LEGENDARY hero! Onward to battle!- COLLECT HEROES!With hundreds of heroes to collect, there’s virtually no limitto the number of different team combinations you can try andmatch.- LEVEL UP AND EVOLVEFuse your heroes to make them even stronger. With the rightingredients, your starting heroes can become mighty gods ofbattle.- BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG FOR RPG ACTION AND ADVENTUREMake friends in-game. You’ll never have to crawl a deadlydungeon alone with the available social features!
Hero Hack 0.3.2
Grand Cru
Descend into the dodgiest of dungeons and seethings that can not withstand the light of day - like goblinunderpants!Harvest the souls of dubious monsters to pay the Souleater andfree captured heroes - like the beastly Manimal!Explore magically* shapeshifting dungeons in a pixeltastic 8-bitworld just like you never used to!* not real magicFEATURES- Always a new randomly generated dungeon when you play!- Super easy thumb-friendly controls!- Relaxed gameplay - no time pressure!- Gratuitous pixelated violence!- Highly inaccurate medieval weapons!- Exclamation marks for no reason!
Star Thunder 0.2.28
Grand Cru
Star Thunder, a newly-created universe fullofwonders and danger is waiting for brave voyagers.Explore the unknown galaxy. Build and defend yourmothership.Meet the bullet hell with your fighters in this actionpacked spaceopera. Star Thunder is your chance to live the dream ina retrofuture.Enlist TODAY!Key Features:- Never before seen action packed space shooterbattlemechanic- Control your attack fleet in real time!- Build your own mothership- Customize and expand your attack fleet- Battle real players- Explore and rule the galaxy!
Battlejack: Blackjack RPG 2.6.2
Grand Cru
Collect hundreds of legendary heroes and engage in high risk, highreward card battle games in Battlejack, the only fantasy RPG gamewith a unique blackjack-inspired card battle system! Help theheroes free the mythical tree Yggdrasil and restore the elementalbalance to Midgard. Join a guild and battle Titans in epic RPG cardgames. As you battle Titans, deal battle cards that equal exactly21 to deal the most damage, just like in blackjack! Start yourfantastical journey today in Battlejack, the only RPG game thatuses a blackjack card battle system! Battlejack Features: EXPLOREFANTASTICAL WORLDS • Enjoy a fantasy story that leads you on anepic journey! • The fantasy world of Midgard is full of adventures!• Enjoy the all new Dark Maze, where you will encounter powerfulenemies and face challenges like never before. • Play this card RPGwhile killing time waiting for your bus or sitting on the toilet.Ain’t modern gaming awesome? CARD BATTLES – VICTORY OR NOTHING •RPG fun full of exploring, collecting and customizing with ablackjack twist! • In a card battle, score 21 to unlock a massiveboost to all heroes. • Like a real Blackjack game, you will faceconsequences if you’re too greedy. Play it safe and don’t getpunished or try to defy the odds and risk it all. COLLECT LEGENDARYHEROES • Card collecting games – Collect trading cards for hundredsof unique heroes from the enemies you slay! • Legendary heroes canbe mixed and matched to create the perfect team from antroll-YAAAARRR!-pirate alliance to a cute unicorn- kitten squad:the possibilities are endless! EVOLVE & EQUIP HUNDREDS OFHEROES • Want heroes stronger than a fire mecha? What about amega-powerful-lava-spitting-shredder-of-doom-and-death?! •Legendary heroes can be fused, upgraded and customized to make themeven stronger and cooler! • Battle using the right partycombinations to make your newbish weaklings become mighty gods inevery card battle! SLAY EPIC TITANS IN A GUILD • Battle Titans withyour guildmates, and help each other climb to the top of theleaderboard! • As the goblin proverb says: If you want to wipefast, fight alone; if you want to wipe far, fight together. Orsomething like that. Enjoy an epic, fantasy story full of heroes,Titans and challenge yourself in turn based games inspired byblackjack! Download today to play turn-based card games and battlealongside the heroes of Midgard! Like us on Facebook at to get the latestBattlejack news! This app allows you to purchase virtual items.Privacy policy: