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Takashi Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last Samurai 2.4.8
Horizon Games Inc.
Takashi is a revolutionary ninja adventure that blendsgorgeousgraphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles,all withinthe palm of your hands. A heroic ninja warrior adventureset inmedieval age with hack n slash and rpg elements. An actionRPGfighting game where you can be brave warrior assassin. Takashi,oneof the best 3D ninja games where you experience a swordfighterJapanese ninja arashi assassin with visually stunninggraphics.Takashi Ninja Warrior, a ninja fighting game where legendof bladesrises in medieval Japan. A samurai ninja assassin warriorfightswith corrupted forces to save his people. He prepares himselfforsword fight battles, engages in quests, and survive boss battlesinfighting arena, and ultimately becomes a legendary ninjasamuraiwarrior. Story This story belongs to Tochi, a land ofsecrets.Takashi is the son of Arashi, a Japanese ninja fighter withalethal sword who gains ultimate glory by defeating thecorruptionof Tochi. Ultimate Ninja Assassin Adventure Game Use thedivineresistance coming from Arashi family. Takashi performsbattlesusing swords, axes, hammers, and shurikens. The shadowninjasamurai assassin fights to destroy darkness andcontinuouslyimproves monster hunter skills. Upgrade character,unlock weapons,strengthen armor, and fight in battleground ofJapanese lands.World Exploration Takashi ninja warrior features aninterconnectedmap system. The player can access far locations byusing secretpaths. If player explore the entire map, they can findsecret roomswith secret treasures which may contain different typeof reward.Inventory System Takashi is unique ninja game. Playerneeds tofocus on multiple perspectives at a time. Player can viewhis loot,progress, or upgrade skills in the inventory section. NonRedundantBosses and Enemies Use your sword fighting game style todefeatenemies. There are beasts, witches, ninjas. All the enemieshavedifferent behavior, according to which player will have tochoosesuitable fighting style. Unique Weapons Takashi will beprovidedwith many types of weapons to experience real word fights.Eachweapon has its own attributes and a story. The game cannotbecompleted with only one type of weapon. Lord Shido Savesyourcheckpoint and restores your health. Placed at variouslocations.Store Players can buy potions, costumes, and other itemsfromin-game store. Are you ready to explore amazing quests inmodern 3Dgraphics and realistic physics in shadow ninja arashifightingadventure? It is time to collect weapons and experienceusing themwith your monster hunter abilities in Japanesebattleground bossfights. With many wonderful levels this strategygame lets youbecome a legendary ninja samurai assassin warrior.Only Soul Gameon Mobile Will you be the champion shadow legend totake revenge onevil lands? Ending this chaos is in the hands ofblade warrior.This is not any epic dark fantasy rpg dragonconquest, this is areal fight of a Japanese guardian hero to purifythe evil lands inking Yoko's chaos. This real ninja warrior game isone of the bestmonster hunter action rpg adventure games. Preparefor the battlesin the corrupted world. Try this experience on yourmobile. For thefans of ultimate ninja fight, samurai warrior,medieval legends,and ninja games, this is an extraordinary actionfilled adventure.Give us your feedback Your feedback is highlyappreciated.
City Airport Construction- Building Simulator Game 1.1
Horizon Games Inc.
Are you a fan of top construction simulator games? If you are,wehave created a new and realistic 3D experience of cityairportconstruction for you. This city constuction game providesseveralbest features and lets you construct a fully operationalairportfor airplane flying around the city. With the help of yourcityconstruction crew, you will have to pass many levels withacontinuously increasing rate of difficulty. You will be requiredtotransport vehicles with many types of equipment and immenseheavymachinery to the construction site. You will also be requiredtooperate construction vehicles and performs several actions atcityairport construction site. This city construction gameincludesseveral levels providing several hours of occupied andinterestinggameplay. Use forklifts or drive truck to theconstruction site.Operate road builders or work with heavyexcavators. This airportconstruction game also presents you withthe feature to name theairport you constructed. You can likewisename this airport afterthe person most precious to you. Take theopportunity to createsomething special. -Have a broad and grandjourney to buildsomething extraordinary The unique andcomprehensive experience ofan airport construction simulatorpresents you with a realisticexposure to the field of constructionat city airport sites. We arehere to present you with the grandexposure of lifelikeconstruction simulator 3d with smooth andelegant gameplay. Getbehind the wheels of a variety of constructionvehicles. -Playeverywhere The free Airport construction simulatorgame is entirelyoffline. This feature permits this game to beplayed everywhere atany time. Enjoy your time with the occasionalexposure to aconstruction site. Spend your time moreconstructively. Develop andorganize a fully operational airportyourself. This will includethe use of construction machines likeheavy excavator, roadconstruction builders, forklifts loaders,bulldozer, cranes, andother construction machinery. -Realisticgraphics We want to giveyou the feeling you deserve providing youwith satisfying graphics.A realistic environment to enhance thegameplay. Drive the vehiclesaround the city. Build your airportwith the required and givenequipment. You can also beget thefeature of having differentcamera options provide better gameplayof immense constructingvehicles. - Levels and vehicles The airportconstruction simulatoraccommodates four modes containing twelvelevels each. Every levelkeeps you engaged and provides a differenttask. The airportstimulator accommodates you with several kinds ofvehicles havingdifferent characteristics. Have the genuine pleasureto drivetrucks, bulldozers, cranes, and much more immense vehicles.-Difficulty levels The airport construction simulator keepsyouengaged with the increasing difficulty providing athrillingenvironment and better gameplay.
Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter
Horizon Games Inc.
Carve shadow fighter's path to vengeance in an unmatchedadventureto end injustice. The darkness of Kurome destroyed whatyour clantried to protect at the cost of their lives. Only onestrongestshadow legend, Ryuko, has survived. A very bleak, twisted,focusedand most importantly, challenging experience. Explore thejourneyof brave shadow hunter who returned after 20 years of exile,in oneof the best third person action RPG Japanese role playinggame.Region of Black Eyes In early times there was an unchartedregionknown as Kurome. This land was home to shadow ninja warriorclans.It contained very beautiful landscapes having billowingfields andtranquil shrines to ancient forests, villages andstarkmountainscapes. But one day the people of Kurome were cursedby amaleficent spell. Their eyes became Black. They turned intodemons.Those, who had eye contact with them also turned intoberserkenemies of humans. A shadow fighter who was noble once, nowtriedto hunt other humans. These demon fighters calledthemselveshunter’s creed. As they belonged to the cast of shadowninjawarriors it was almost impossible to defeat them. The darknessofthese shadow fighter was spreading to more regions with timeendinginnocent lives. Ryuko - A Shadow Hunter A valiant warriorrescuedfrom the brink of death, bound to protect the lands oftremendousbreadth and beauty which belongs to her ancientbloodline. Thisshadow hunter travels the evil lands of Kurome torescue hergrandfather and end the curse. Trained in the ways ofshadowhunter, this legend shadow warrior must find a way todefeatenemies on the evil lands. As Ryuko’s story unfolds,versatilityand creativity becomes your greatest weapons. GameplayAn intensegame set in Medieval Japan among a hunter’s creed. Abrutal periodof constant life and death conflict where you faceenemies in darkand twisted world. Your eventual aim is to rescueyour grandfather,end magic curse, and purify the evil lands. Youwill be able tounleash a weapons and master ninja hunter abilities.You canperform stealth kill and head to head battle. You can bepoisoned,beaten, stabbed, and assassinated. An open world actionadventuregame where you will encounter detailed shadow ninjafightingcharacters, discover ancient Japanese landmarks, and alsouncoverthe hidden beauty of Kurome. You will perform inventorymanagementand have dialogues with npc characters. You will mastershadowlegend tactics to eliminate threats. Develop stealth killanddeception tactics to battle, disorient and ambush enemies.Survivalis a tremendous accomplishment here. Features - Japaneseroleplaying adventure - Three types of katana – Katana, DualKatana,Great Katana - Stealth kill - Head to head battle - Infightweaponswitch - Strategic defense - Critical attack - Fast travel-Finisher moves - Skill level up Sword Fighting Game OfflineThisshadow legend game is one of the best sword fighting offlinegameswith unpredictable enemies. Only the strongest survives inthehunter’s creed. Get a unique immersive samurai shadowfighterexperience. An organic approach to combat makes Ryuko theperfectbattleground for mixing and matching ninja assassin hunterskillsand tactics to find the perfect blend for your play style.Join ourDiscord Server for Bug reports and Discussions or follow usonFacebook for Announcements. Min Requirements Foroptimalperformance, the following hardware requirements arerecommended.CPU: 2.0GHz, GPU: 1024MB, Ram: 3GB Feedback Yourfeedback will behighly appreciated!