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LK - Ableton & Midi Control 1.9.6
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LK is a sophisticated remote controllerapplication for music software and hardware, featuring a tightintegration with Ableton Live. Easy customization with 4independent modules, intuitive use, creative tools and ways tocontrol or compose makes LK a powerful companion for any electronicmusician.See what’s inside:- Control almost every aspect on Ableton Live, from composition toautomation, clips, tracks, devices and much more with MATRIX.- Get the MPC feel on your touchscreen with MIDI PADS, featuring anarpeggiator and chorder. This module works in two modes: AbletonLive and MIDI mode. When working in Ableton Live mode itautomatically maps drum rack pads names to each pad on the app. Youwill never miss a pad again.- Extensive control through 128 parameters with MIDI Controller.Just like MIDI PADS, this module works in either MIDI or AbletonLive mode. Forget the old school MIDI mapping. In Ableton Livemode, with the learn function you just need to choose assign andchange the parameter… ready to rock!- Three dimensional parameter tweaking with X/Y PAD. Just like MIDIPADS and MIDI CONTROLLER this module also works in either MIDI orAbleton Live mode making it to assign parameters on the fly withthe learn function.- Play chords like you have nevel played before with the CHORDERmodule. Just like the other modules, it works in Live or MIDI mode.Use the chorder generator to build your chords and lay them outaccording to your needs.- Keyboard module serves as a Live or MIDI enhanced keyboardcontroller with 3-axis expression capabilities. It is fullycustomisable to scale and keyboard range. It also allows thepossibility of mapping any Live or MIDI CC parameters to becontrolled by the position you play in each of the keys of thekeyboard thus providing additional expression to the performance ofeach note.The ability to connect USB MIDI interfaces allows you to interactwith external gear at the same time you control Ableton Live sinceyou can switch modes on the fly at any time.To connect LK to your host computer you will need to download andinstall a software utility called UBRIDGE on your computer. It isavailable for Windows and OSX.For detailed operation information and requirements please
TKFX - Traktor Dj Controller
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TKFX is a full-fledged Traktor Dj Controllerfor mobile devices. Besides full decks, looper and mixer controlwith a jog dial included, it allows you to control Traktor effectsin a powerful and intuitive way using a X/Y pad for each effectunit. Select the effect you want to use, assign effect parametersto X/Y pad axis, enable the effect in the wished deck and touch thepad. The effect is automatically applied.TKFX is completely plug and play which means that you don’t need towaste countless hours in MIDI mapping. TKFX knows all aboutTraktor’s decks and effects, just select the deck or effect youwant and all it’s parameters and functions will be automaticallyavailable on the respective buttons. TKFX supports effects unitoperation in single or group mode.Key features:- 2 or 4 deck units mode- Full decks and looper control- Cue-points control- Jog dial for each deck (CD or Vinyl mode)- Full mixer control and crossfader- Browse & load tracks- X/Y pad- Plug & Play- Link function- Hold function- BPM sync- 1 or 4 effect units mode- 4 memory banks- Single or group mode- Wireless or USB wired connectionFor detailed documentation please REVIEWS"TKFX is excellent fun to use and DJ effects respond especiallywell to this kind of real-time effect control." - Hollin Jones -AskAudio Magazine"But wouldn’t it be nice to use a tablet for X/Y control ofeffects? TKFX does that, and nothing else – but it does it damnedwell." - Peter Kirn - Create Digital Music"I recommend this app for anyone who likes to use the effectsinside of Traktor, as it offers you an instant way to add andmanipulate effects with ease" Alan Churchill - Traktor Tips"In conjunction with a dedicated hardware controller, TKFX is asimple but effective solution for extended Traktor FX control." -Declan McGlynn - Resident Advisor
DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer 2.7.0
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DRC is powerful virtual analog polyphonicsynthesizer that recreates the characteristic sound of an analogsynthesizer.Designed for portability, its sound engine is shared across allplatforms sounding exactly the same whether you use it on VST, iOSor Android.DRC enables you to sync patches among devices with the cloud presetsync technology. This powerful features allows you to start thecreative process on one device and continue on another,seamlessly.Features:- Up to 8 voices- Two main oscillators, one sub-oscillator and one noisesource- Detune, sync and ring modulation- 4 pole self resonant low pass Ladder Filter- 2 pole multi mode filter (LP, HP, BD, NOTCH)- 2 LFO's and 2 analog modeled envelope generators- Stereo Tape Delay with time modulation- Lush Stereo Reverb with modulation and self growing decay- True stereo, analog modeled multi mode chorus- Arpeggiator with 4 modes, tempo sync and hold functionFor detailed operation information and requirements please
FRMS - Granular Synthesizer 1.3.0
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FRMS is a versatile hybrid synthesizer with a flexible layeringsystem that combines granular and FM synthesis. From heavily denseambient drones to glitchy mechanical beings, use any combination ofFRMS’ 4 layers to build complex sounds from a wide range of sonicstarting points.