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Desert Hunter - Crazy safari 1.8.0
Jelly Fish
Desert Hunter is a fun slingshot shooting simulator, where yourmain task is hunting for ostriches. The variety of enemies andweapons will not let you get bored, and some moments will give areason to laugh loudly and joyfully. In addition, various taskswill make you think, developing tactics to achieve victory. If youare a hunter then this game will have you like! - funny slingshot -7 kinds of original opponents - 8 kinds of frightening, epic andterrible weapons like slow down, dust storm and meteor rain - 18different levels - funny surprises All this is waiting for you! ;-)Having troubles on some level? Visit our YouTube channel for help
Slingshot range: Golden target 1.1.0
Jelly Fish
Slingshot range: Golden target is a great opportunity to rememberyour childhood, pick up a slingshot and start destroying hundredsof bottles, cans, clay pots, moving targets and more a huge set ofeverything that may come to mind. Moreover, you can even make areal fireworks and undermine something with it! And if you were aperfect kid, then it's time for you to relax and give free rein toyour desire to destroy anything! All of us want this sometimes, isnot it? Different kind of slingshots and a lot of ammunition willhelp you in destroying all of targets in the game and specialbonuses will give you the opportunity to achieve goals faster andeasier. In addition, it is unclear how some hand appears sometimesto make attempt to spoil your life. But there is a board on it,because you can shoot the cactus! And what hand would want to dealwith the cactus? Five sets of levels with very different targetsand the principle of their destruction will not let you get bored,and special achievements in each of them will attract the attentionof even the most well-aimed and demanding shooters. And now alittle advice for the passage of each set of levels: Cans battle: -You can choose convenient for you control in settings. - Considerthe wind and its strength when shooting. - Try to shoot faster andaccurately. It gives bonus. - Upgrade your slingshot. It allows youto shoot more accurately. - Buy weapons in the store. They allowyou to pass the level faster. Beat the crocks: - The targets couldbe anywhere: on trees, fences, gates... - Wheels, cans and ads onfences are targets too. - Try to destroy the bonus targets as soonas they appear. - Try to have time to destroy exploding targets. -Use petards and stones to destroy targets more quickly. Firework: -Shoot at the centre of turntable, to launch a rocket to the barrel.- Hit to the barrel from a slingshot don't cause damage to it. -Green rockets cause weak damage, yellow - medium and red - high. -In addition to capture the targets hand can beat your ammo. -Exploding barrels start to burn if an explosion occurs near them. -Hand never tries to fight off the flying cactus. Alcohol is evil: -Buy special attacks. They will help you to destroy the movingtargets. - Achievements in each set of levels will give you extracoins. - Hand stops hanging new bottles when there is no place. -If you don't have enough coins, you can get them in the store.Training camp: - Indicators on the shelves are ticking till addingnew target. - There are 3 bonus special attacks hidden at levels ofthe game. - Magnet facilitates aiming at metal targets.
com.apprisingsoftware.takeacake 1.7.0
Jelly Fish
This game is for those who like to dive into the world of puzzles!Collect pairs - get a sweet bonus! Bright graphics and lively musiccreate a pleasant gaming experience. If you have a sweet tooth andworried about your figure - this game is for you! ;-) RULES: Cleanthe game area of cells, selecting pairs of identical pictures,which can be joined by line contained no more, than two bendings.These lines can’t intersect with any cells. - If you can’t find anypair, you can use hint. But be careful: it cost some scores and youhave limited amount of hints. - To get more scores try to removepairs quicker. - Sometimes there are no available pairs. In thiscase game field will be automatically mixed.
Pepper Spray Simulator 1.4.0
Jelly Fish
Feel like a cop! Turn your smartphone into a real (well, almost)pepper spray! Catch and kill any criminal with the help of him! Themain rule is: DO NOT DIRECT HIMSELF IN THE FACE!!! NOTE: Thepicture is taken when you release the balloon when photo mode isenabled! Pepper Spray [Photo Frame] is the best comic simulator ofpepper spray in the world. In his arsenal there are different kindsof cans with a completely unique corrosive gases, each of which hasits own effect on the victim. Catching the right moment and theoffender, you can seal all this police tape or stickers with a setof frames available in the application. And finally, you can shareany image with your friends on social networks or save it to yourphoto gallery. Application features: - different kinds of peppercans - various face distortions (if supported by your device) -different photo frames - support the front and rear camera - theability to turn on / off the shooting mode - saving the last 5photos - send images to social networks (Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Vkontakte) - saving images in the gallery device WARNING:The deformation is applied to photos only if your device supportthis function.
Food Defenсe - Beetle Smasher 3.2.0
Jelly Fish
The world's best simulator of killing of nasty cockroaches! Onemidnight you get awake and, finding by touch your way to thekitchen, you switch on the light and… Nap is away! Frightful scenestands before your eyes: hords of bugs are eating up everythingsmelling and tasting better than the stone. Without wasting asecond you grab the hammer ready to hand and take the fightbravely! … ‘Cause you realize clearly: no bug must survive, there’s no place for them in here! Be quick and smart! The only way youcan save what is so dear to you! Be quick and agile! The only wayyou will be able to keep what is so expensive for you! Food Defense- Beetle Smasher - it is a crazy arcade game, providing you with ahammer to destroy hordes of insects (beetles, ants, cockroaches,flies, stag beetles, centipedes, bugs, etc.), which are so eager totake over your food. Diversity of previously unknown insects willmake you wonder, but features of some kinds will make you thinkseriously. In addition you will be able to use lots of bonuses thatwill help in the difficult struggle with annoying horde. Tasks ofthe game: - Do not let the bugs carry away the food from the tableas long as possible - Kill as many bugs as you can - just kill themall! - Compete with other players and your friends - Collectcrystals: you can purchase various bonuses in the game shop forthem.