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Easy Assembly 3.0.2
Julius Blum GmbH
Need digital support day-to-day in your work as acarpenter/installer? EASY ASSEMBLY is a helpful tool in all mattersrelating to the assembly of Blum hardware, ensuring you have allthe latest relevant assembly information at your fingertipswhenever you need it. It saves time and ensures that our furnitureis assembled to the highest standard. EASY ASSEMBLY has beendesigned to be intuitive, making it easy to use. Using real andvirtual images, the interactive application shows you in very clearterms how to precisely adjust your Blum fittings. Handy assemblyvideos demonstrate each individual work step and clearly show theadjustment options in detail. The assembly app also includes anoverview of all installation instructions, organised according toBlum product group.
Julius Blum GmbH
The LIVE SUPPORT app from Blum is designed to help make your lifeas easy as possible. With the options of text, image and videomessages you are exchanging information directly with our experts.You can also insert comments and annotations on to your pictures,and for more complex questions our specialists can carry out callsand video transmissions, via the integrated Voice over IP (VOIP)function. LIVE SUPPORT means the answers to all queries about Blumproducts and processing. Our service team supports you duringregular business hours. But you can send us your request at anytime. Together with the EASY ASSEMBLY app, the LIVE SUPPORT app isa valuable companion to your daily work. The most importantfunctions at a glance: • Chat functionality • VOIP telephony •Video telephony • Sharing pictures • Marking pictures • Sharingvideos