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Grand Ten Auto New City
KEK Games
Welcome to the New City - American town,riddled with corruption and crime. Your story in this city startingwith a major bank robbery, who'll be next? You decide!During the game you have to pass a difficult path, on which therewill be a variety of tests, including hijackings are steepwheelbarrows, rare motorcycles, fights in the ghetto, skirmisheswith enemy gangs and robberies of jewelry stores, banks and evensimple restaurants.Features:- Exciting unique story- View from 3 persons- More than 10 types of weapons- More than 20 types of transport- Detailed and open world- Realistic physics- High level of graphics similar to the San Andreas- The ability to start a business- City in the style of Vice CityDownload Grand Ten Auto New City for free, become the most powerfulgangster in New York City.