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WPS Mail 5.1.1
From the developers of WPS Office, the #1 Office Suite, WPS Mail isthe newest app to handle All of Your Email Communication Needs. NOAds or In App Purchases. SYNC ALL OF YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNTS FROM ONEAPPFULL DROPBOX INGEGRATION AND FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMCONVERSATIONMODE TURNS YOUR EMAILS INTO A SEAMLESS MESSANGER EXPERIENCEEASILYSEND FILES UP TO 15MB WITHOUT CLOUD STORAGE LINKSWPS Mail syncs allof your email accounts into one app. Much more than your averageemail app, it is a new powerful communications tool that combinesEmail, Messaging, File Management and Contact Management into onelightweight app – allowing you to manage all of your emailcommunication needs in one app.SUPPORTS: GMAIL, YAHOO MAIL,OUTLOOK, AOL, ICLOUD AND MORE! ►WPS MAIL HIGHLIGTS: • Easy Set Up:- WPS Mail automatically selects the right protocols for youraccounts. • Email Services Supported: - Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook,AOL, iCloud, and more!- IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft Exchage®• EnhancedSearch: - Search mail with multiple filters including sender,receiver and subject. - Plus Gmail online search. • ConversationMode: - Similar messages are automatically bundled together basedon the subject. • OAuth: - Login to your Gmail account via OAuthsimple login. • File Management: - Manage your files in one place-Customize the folder where downloaded attachments are stored in-Dropbox Integration. ►ENHANCED FEATURES: • Smart notification: -Set WPS Mail to “Do Not Disturb” for quiet times - Customizenotification sound and vibration alerts. • Rich text editing: -Configure text styles, record audio and take pictures to attachdirectly to your email. • Smart Attachment Forwarding: - WPS Mailwill ask you to add attachments when you add a new contact in anemail thread. • Gesture Support: - Swipe to delete and flag mail. -Gesture password for faster access to mail client. • ContactManagement: - Support for customization of your contact groups. •Personalized Email Categories: - Customize your spam mail folder. -Set VIP contacts and place unread VIP mail at the top of the inbox.- Move mail to other folders. • Send Large Attachments: - Sendattachments up to 15MB without relying on cloud storage links. •Additional Features - Adjust email preview size. - Set attachmentsto download automatically while using WIFI. WPS Mail supportsAndroid 4.1 and above==================================================LIKE us on FOLLOWus on VISIT us at Get SUPPORT CONTACT us
金山背单词 1.1.1
金山背单词 ---躺着走着背单词还在抱着厚厚的红宝书背单词吗?你OUT啦!还赖在床上纠结要不要起来背单词?你又OUT啦!!还在盘算着每天应该花多少小时背才能赶在考试前学完?为什么OUT的总是你!!!  你想要的是躺在床上背单词、走在路上背单词、守在车站背单词……你需要的是按照记忆曲线用最少时间记住单词、在最不自觉的时候提醒你背单词、用最不起眼的零碎时间完成计划……1.1^30= 17 0.9^30 =0.04,但是,亲~你得坚持啊!!  金山背单词,全面融合艾宾浩斯记忆曲线强化记忆,只利用零碎时间完成学习计划,是您最贴心的单词小助手!Jinshanwalked back word --- lying backword      Little Red Book is stillholding back the word thick you? You OUT it! Still in bed tangledup words back or not? You're OUT it! ! Still wondering how manyhours a day should be spent in order to rush back before thecompletion of the exam? Why do you always OUT! ! !What you want isthe word back in bed, walking on the road back the word, keep thewords back at the station ...... you need is in accordance with thememory curve with the least time to remember the words, at leastconsciously remind you when the word back, with the The most humbleof fragmented time to complete the project ...... 1.1 ^ 0.9 ^ 30 =17 30 = 0.04, however, you have to adhere to the pro ~ ah! !Jinshanword back, full integration Ebbinghaus curve strengthen memory,using only fragmentary time to complete learning program, is yourmost intimate words little helper!
WPS Office (BETA) 12.1.3
In order to provide better products and services, we changed thename of "Kingsoft Office" application to "WPS Office (BETA) ". 【WPSOffice (BETA)】 Unlike the official version of WPS Office, the BETAversion means: Preview the latest features: Try out the newestfeatures. Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and helpWPS Office better 【Important】 If you need more stability, moresupport for multiple languages, and more support for tablets,please install the final version WPS Office , you can download ithere:
WPS Office Extra Goodies 1.0
This app plugin is used for providing thesaurus service for SpellChecker feature in WPS Office. With it, the accuracy of spellchecking could be improved.Now it provides four thesaurus: English,Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.Note: Before you install it andwant to have a try, please install WPS Office first ( Downloadlink: ).It needs to provide service with WPS Office installed in yourdevices.How to Use: After you install this plugin, there will notbe an icon added to your devices desk, meaning it has no "face".Just when you use the Spell Checker feature in WPS Office, thisthesaurus service will be called according your languages.
金山词霸 9.1.1
- 学英语,就用金山词霸APP!一说英语就尴尬?一见到歪果仁就冷场? 一听到人家说Can U speak English就摇头?金山词霸 V8.5系列,重磅推出【情景对话】、【每日口语】功能,跟词霸一起开口说英语!多样话题,真实情景,告别Chinglish,地道口语表达;只要勇于开口,你就是英语达人,和老外飙英语你也可以!-金山词霸是亿万用户的共同选择,是一款经典、权威、免费的词典软件。-金山词霸是同类应用中受欢迎的词典翻译型学习工具之一。☺哪些人在用金山词霸☺•学生党:学英语必备神器--牛津词典;考试、四六级和考研真题解析;丰富的使用场景、例句为使用者提供严谨的用词参考;互动好玩的社区学习平台,随时可以show出的英语口语;•上班族:行业词典释义;丰富的英语内容资讯,在阅读的过程中捕获当下热点新闻;•老师e族:教学中有力辅助工具,词典内容及时更新及时教;•••••••☺为什么要选择金山词霸☺【专注】12M安装包,0.5秒极速启动。砍掉过分负担,专注用户体验。【权威】完整收录《柯林斯COBUILD高阶英汉双解学习词典》和《牛津词典》;包含500多万双语及权威例句与141本专业词典,小体量大容量。【地道】与CRI合力打造32万纯正真人语音,支持离线语音和每日一句社区大咖语音动态。VOA专业听力、四六级考研真题听力,考试想不过都难!【全面】每日更新悦读资讯,了解“歪果仁”新闻时事。提供原版英文小说和音频,边读边看边学。每日一句日间夜间,好文美图。大侠,今天你约么?【实用】支持多种离线词典和发音,有网没网照样查。软件内点按任意单词即可显示翻译,同时可将单词加入生词本,没有查字典的繁琐。生词本多终端云同步,利用艾宾浩斯记忆曲线全方位掌握生词。【便捷】多种输入方式,“拍照取词”更能解放双手随时随地想查就拍!app内问题反馈、提建议、报bug,客服小妹随时调戏别客气。☺联系我们☺官方网站:官网微博:@金山词霸微信公众号:金山词霸客服联系:010-62927777转6340- to learn English, touse Kingsoft APP!English would say embarrassing? The sight of crooked nuts on theice? Heard people say Can U speak English on his head?Kingsoft V8.5 series, heavy launch dialogue scenes [], [] dailyoral function, together with the opening powerword speakEnglish!Diverse topics, real-life situations, farewell Chinglish, authenticoral expression;As long as the courage to open your English is up to people, andforeigners soared English you can!- Kingsoft is the common choice of hundreds of millions of users,is a classic, authoritative, free dictionary software.- Kingsoft is one of similar applications in popular dictionarytranslation learning tool.☺ ☺ Who in Kingsoft• Students Party: learn English essential artifact - OxfordDictionary; exam, 46 and PubMed Zhenti resolved; rich usagescenarios, sentence provides the user with precise wording ofreference; fun interactive community learning platform, ready toshow English spoken out;• Workers: dictionary definition industry; rich information contentin English, to capture the moment hot news in the process ofreading;• teacher e family: a powerful teaching aids, the dictionarycontent up to date and timely education;•••••••Why choose Kingsoft ☺ ☺[] Focus installation package 12M, 0.5 seconds speed start. Cutexcessive burden, focus on user experience.[Authorities] complete collection of "COBUILD Collins AdvancedLearner Learner's Dictionary" and "Oxford Dictionary"; includesmore than 500 million bilingual and authority sentence and 141specialized dictionaries, bodies large capacity.[Authentic] and CRI together to build 320,000 pure human voice,support offline speech and voice coffee daily a large dynamiccommunity. VOA Listening, 46 PubMed Zhenti hearing, but want totest is immune![Comprehensive] information is updated daily pleasure reading tounderstand the "crooked nuts" news and current affairs. Provideoriginal English novels and audio, while being read to learn tosee. Daily one day night, good text Mito. Heroes, today you aboutit?[Practical] supports a variety of offline dictionary andpronunciation, network still did not have a net check. Tap on anyword to display the translation in the software, and can be addedto words of this word, the dictionary is not cumbersome. Words ofthe multi-terminal cloud synchronization, using the full range ofEbbinghaus memory curve to master new words.[Convenient] a variety of input methods, "take pictures to take theword" want more hands free to shoot from anywhere on the check!Problems within the app feedback, suggestions, report bug, feelfree to call the young girl molested're welcome.Contact us ☺ ☺Official Website: http: // website microblogging: @ KingsoftMicro-channel public number: KingsoftCustomer Contact: 010-62927777 transfer 6340
WPS Office - Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet 12.1.3
Over 1.3 Billion Downloads Google Play Best of 2015 All templatescan be downloaded for free in the latest version! WPS Office is thesmallest size (less than 37MB) and all-in-one complete free officesuite on Android mobile and tablets, integrates all office wordprocessor functions: Word, PDF, Presentation, Spreadsheet , Memoand Docs Scanner in one application, and fully compatible withMicrosoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Doc and Adobe PDF format.The aim of WPS Office is to provide you one-stop working solutionsince 1989. Various of office tools and unique andintuitive UI design ensures you enjoy the best mobile officeexperience. You could easy to do all office word processingon-the-go on phone, tablet and other portable devices. WPS Officeallows you can create, view, edit and share office word documentsand homework as handy as you need while out of office, inclass,traveling, before bedtime or whenever and wherever you want.Now available on PC for free, follow the link:【WPS Office Highlights Features】 All-in-one Complete Free OfficeSuite App • Integrate with Memo, Document, Spreadsheet,Presentation and PDF • High compatibility with Microsoft Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel ), Google Docs, Google Sheets, GoogleSlides, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice. Free PDF Converter, PDF Readerand PDF Editor • Convert all office docs ( word, text, excel,PowerPoint,doc ) to PDFs • Scan paper docs to PDFs/images usingmobile camera • Support PDFs viewing, Add bookmarks and AnnotationsViewing • Support PDF Signature,PDF Extract/Split, PDF Merge, PDFto Word Make Presentations on-the-go • Dozens of new Presentationlayouts, animation and transition effects • Make presentationsusing WIFI, NFC, DLNA and Miracast • Touch controlled laserpointer, Ink feature lets you draw on slides while in presentationmode Easy to Use and Powerful Spreadsheets • Complete predefinedformulas makes you do basic data and digital operation moreconveniently Connect to Cloud Drive • Automatically save officedocuments to the clouds: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote andOneDrive. Keep your all documents always up-to-date via cloudservice. • Easily access and edit office documents directly fromany devices Easy to Share/Transfer Documents • Easy to share officedocuments via WIFI, NFC, DLNA, Email, Instant Messaging, Whatsapp,Telegram, Facebook and Twitter Fully supports Multi-window mode •Allows you easy to deal with different tasks at the same timeUnique and Intuitive Mobile Office Experience • Special NightMode and Mobile View mode for Documents viewing andPDFs reading Supports 51 languages and All Office File Formats• File Formats: doc, docx, wpt,dotm,docm, dot, dotx / xls, xlsx,xlt, xltx, csv, xml , et, ett / PDF / ppt, pot, dps, dpt, pptx,potx, ppsx / txt / log, lrc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat,bas, prg, cmd, Zip Various of Value-added in-app Products •Exclusive authorized Fonts Package and Presentation Templates; •Convert texts to fine images;  and more services for WPSOffice members is coming soon. Join us now! 【Editors’ Reviews】CNET: ”An all-in-one office app with speedy performance” “oneof the best mobile office suites” USA Today: “Best Apps for MobilePhones and Tablets” Gizmodo: "Essential app for your newAndroid phone or tablet” ”There may well be better Office apps outthere, but this is one of the best free ones.” EconomicTimes: “one of the best free document viewer and editing appsavailable” Some permissions may be required: - BillingAuthorization: We provide a variety of added-value services for ourpremium members. - Position Permission: We are preparing additionalservices (such as weather information) and features. They will beavailable to designated users based on location. 【SupportPage】
金山WPS Office Yota专版 7.0
专为Yota用户量身定制,不仅可以永久免费使用与普通版本一致的所有功能,同时针对Yota机型增加了背屏阅读功能,双面显示,带给你更加便捷精彩的阅读体验!此外,WPSOffice永久免费,体积小、速度快;独有手机阅读模式,字体清晰翻页流畅;完美支持微软Office、PDF等23种文档格式;文档漫游功能,让你离开电脑一样办公。★用户多:全球用户 300,000,000!★口碑好:Google Play 超过350,000五星评价。★排名高:全球APP总榜同类产品排名No1。★WPS文字:公文级的文档处理能力支持查看和编辑doc/docx文档,无论图文、表格混排还是批注、修订模式,均游刃有余,并支持Word文档的加密和解密。查找替换、书签笔记功能则针对移动设备做了特别优化,还针对三星Note系列提供了Spen手写定制版本。★WPS表格:强大的表格计算能力支持xls/xlsx文档的查看和编辑,以及多种Excel加解密算法。已支持305种函数和34种图表模式,为解决手机输入法输入函数困难的问题,提供专用公式输入编辑器,方便用户快速录入公式。★WPS 演示:会议演讲的明星支持ppt/pptx文档的查看、编辑和加解密,支持复杂的SmartArt对象和多种对象动画/翻页动画模式。会议室开会不再需要电脑,使用支持Miracast、DLNA和米联的手机或平板电脑即可使用无线投影功能将文档投影在电视和投影仪上。特有互联网共享播放功能,一支手机轻松实现电话会议与ppt播放同步进行。★PDF:全新手机阅读模式PDF组件在查看PDF文档时提供了双重引擎,独有的手机阅读引擎智能优化在手机上字体过小阅读不便的PDF文档,手机阅读模式更加符合用户的阅读习惯,让工作、学习不再受书桌的禁锢,随时随地自在由心。Yota tailoredspecificallyfor users, not only permanent free use all thefeatures consistentwith the regular version, but models for Yotaadds back screenreading capabilities, double-sided display, givesyou wonderfulreading experience more convenient!In addition, WPS Office permanently free, small, fast;uniquephone reading mode, legible flip and smooth; the perfectsupportfor Microsoft Office, PDF and other 23 kinds of documentformats;document roaming feature that lets you leave the computerthe sameoffice.★ Multi-user: 300,000,000 users worldwide!★ good reputation: Google Play over 350,000 star reviews.★ rank high: APP total global ranking list of similarproductsNo1.★ WPS text: document-level document processing capabilitiesSupports viewing and editing doc / docx documents, regardlessofgraphics, tables, shuffle or comments, revised model,bothcapability and supports Word document encryption anddecryption.Search and replace, bookmark notes function is made formobiledevices specifically optimized for the Samsung Note seriesalsoprovides customized version Spen handwriting.★ WPS table: a powerful form of computing powerSupport xls / xlsx document viewing and editing, as well asavariety of Excel encryption and decryption algorithms. Ithassupported 305 kinds of functions, and 34 kinds of charts mode,inorder to solve the mobile phone input method functiondifficultissues, provide special formula input editor,user-friendly rapidentry formula.★ WPS Demo: Meeting speech starSupport ppt / pptx document viewing, editing andprocessingdecryption support for complex objects and a variety ofobjectsSmartArt Animation / flip animation mode. Conference room nolongerneed a computer, using the support Miracast, DLNA and yourphone ortablet rice linked to the use of wireless projectionfunction willdocument projected on the television and projector.Internetsharing unique player, a phone conference call with ppteasy toplay simultaneously.★ PDF: New phone reading modePDF component when you view a PDF document provides dual engine,aunique smart phone reading engine optimization on your phonefontis too small inconvenience in reading PDF documents, mobilereadingmodel more in line with the user's reading habits, so thatwork,learning is no longer subject to desk imprisonment, anywhereatease from the heart.
WPS Premium Subscription 1.2
This plugin app is used to unlock the WPS Office Premium features.It is not a stand-alone app, and won’t create a shortcut on yourscreen. Notice: This app can't work independently, to enjoy thePremium benefits, you need to make sure that WPS Office+PDF app hasbeen installed on your Android devices. You can download WPSOffice+PDF here:
WPS PDF- lite PDF Reader, Viewer & Editor Free 1.8.1
Features of WPS PDF Reader: If you love reading PDF and editing PDFon mobile, please try powerful WPS PDF Reader & editor. Thefree pdf app for reading pdf, taking annotation, compressing PDFfiles, converting PDF to jpg, highlighting certain passages,searching, processing & editing pdf documents. WPS Office PDFReader is the best choice to view, edit, markup & annotatepdfs. PDF Annotator • Highlight,underline and strikethrough text •Four colors available for annotate PDF • Type on the PDF files, addtext on the PDF files • Take the note on the PDF files • Draw onthe PDF files PDF Viewer • User friendly interface easy to use •Bookmark PDF pages for future reference  • Adjust thebrightness of your phone • Night mode helps you night reading •Print and share PDF Documents easily through other app likeWhatsApp, Gmail etc. • Reflow PDF files for amazing readingexperience • Read PDF as book PDF Editor • PDF editor free helpsyou edit PDF files conveniently • PDF markup tools such asunderline, highlight, take notes • Free pdf editor PDF Finder • WPS PDF will scan all the PDF files in your device, and you cansearch and get all PDF documents in your phone • Manage all the PDFfiles in your device • Inspect directories that often receive PDFdocuments • Easily find the PDF documents by keywords • Support fordocument operations under the SD card path  PDF Tools ·Providelots of tools for PDF Reader & PDF Editor ·Merge or Combine twoor more PDF files into a single PDF file ·PDF convert to images,pdfto jpg converter ·PDF to word, PDF to excel, PDF to PPT converter·QuickShare help you easily share PDF files to friendss withoutdata flow ·PDF extract, split pdf, separate one page or a whole setfor easy conversion into independent PDF files ·PDFadjustment,easily change the order of PDF document pages ·CompressPDF files to get a PDF reader for android • Eye protection mode anddark mode for PDF reading • A PDF table of contents allows you tojump chapters and sections • Single page reading mode andcontinuous reading mode • Variety of pdf viewer with Auto-rotationmode or horizontal mode • View PDF documents in thumbnail mode •Encrypt your PDF files by password protection • Reduce size of thedocument by using the feature of PDF compress • Keep reading pagesstay light on and turn pages by volume button • Search for contentsin PDF documents • Reduce file size while optimizing for maximalPDF quality • Share PDF files quickly without any mobile traffic •Tagging your PDF files and easily manage PDF files with tags • Long press image to view, save and share. • Export PDF as longimage, the totally free and new sharing mode  •Copy,annotate,add bookmark and share files easily • PDF appdownload for free • PDF printer help you print PDF filesconveniently • Free pdf reader for android • Lightweight wps app •Perfect wps office app - wps pdf reader HIGHLIGHTS: ✔Lightweight:Doesn’t exhaust your device resources. ✔Convenient: Night readingMode & optional display horizontally ✔Easy: Easily find yourpdfs by name & keywords ✔Fast: A very fast pdf reading tool,you can quickly open & read pdf in your phone ✔Multi-Language:Hindi, English, Malay, Indonesian, Telugu, Bengali, Chinese Ourkingsoft office PDF Reader & PDF Viewer is great for readinglong PDF & outstanding in searchable documents. This wps readersupports you all that you need for a pdf file reader. And thisPDF reader & PDF editor without any ads and it is completelyfree. Contact US Need help? Leave your reviews or contact us at thefollowing email address: Follow us onFacebook:
WPS Fill & Sign 1.5.1
WPS Fill & Sign is a mobile app to fill out andsign pdf forms. You can scan a paper form or open a pdf formfile, autofill your pre-saved profiles, sign it byfinger, and send it from your phone easily.  ✔Open/Create Open a pdf form file from the filefolder, email, or other apps; take a picture of apaper form with your device camera. ✔PDF Fill & PDF Sign Tap toenter text, rectangular and other marks in the form fields orautofill your profiles. You can also create signature and sign pdfform. ✔Send PDF Form You can print, email, or send pdf toother apps.   WPS Fill & Sign always gives you the bestexperience with form files. ✔Free to use ✔No ads ✔Run fluently✔Small size   Contact us Thanks for using WPS Fill & Sign.We always respect your experience. If you have any suggestions orconfusions, please do not hesitate to leave your review oremail us. We are here to help and bring the best version of WPSFill & Sign for you!