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2048 - About Number Merge 1.0
LaNaLa Studios
The new play, friendly UI, smooth experience,it's so addictive,make you can't stop, this is the 2048Come and play with me!
Joy Dots Free 1.0
LaNaLa Studios
Joy Dots is easy but amazing game. In 60seconds do you best connect dot,you will get more and more score.If you get time bonus by connect dot to square,round will get moretime to play.keep going,and challenge you best points.At the same time,there are serveral props provide for you:All Matching: a white dot can match all dots;Bomb:dot and bomb together,will crush around connect dots;Extra Time: add extral 5 seconds in a round.Brush: refresh board only have two color dot.How to play:1. Connect the same color dots to eliminate, the more time youconnect, the higher the score.2. When connected to a square, will eliminate all with the sametime and get time bonus;come and play,you will find lot of fun.