Luiz Deucher ئاپەکان

Real Hitori - All puzzles free 1.2
Luiz Deucher
If you enjoy Sudoku you will love Hitori. Unlike Sudoku, allnumbers are given in the grid. The objective is to eliminatenumbers by filling in the squares such that remaining cells do notcontain numbers that appear more than once in either a given row orcolumn. Filled-in cells cannot be horizontally or verticallyadjacent, although they can be diagonally adjacent. The remainingun-filled cells must form a single component connected horizontallyand vertically. Real Hitori is a very elegant game, providingfabulous gameplay experience. - Clean board, providing hours ofpleasure gameplay; - Handmade unique challenging games. All gamesand categories were designed to fit a 9x9 board withoutcompromising quality and the need of zooming; - No locked levels.Play whatever you want whenever you want; - Autosave game. Youdon't need to worry if you don't have much time to play. It willautomatically save all unfinished games; - Simple menu context.Your game is just a few clicks away; - No in app music. You canplay while listening your own music library; - High definitiongraphics;