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The Maze Escape 1.0
MKstar Studio
The Maze Escape is a simple game where player has a simple task totake the ball to exit.The Maze Escape is really addictive game andalso it needs skills to Pass the obstacles to complete thelevels.The Obstacles are placed in every levels try to avoid bytouching them if you touch any obstacles then the ball willredirected to its starting position.It has 25 levels and it is easyto play all you have to do is tilt your phone to control the ball.So test your puzzling skills in this The Maze Escape Game.How ToPlay:* Tilt your phone to control the Ball. * Take the Ball toexit. * look around! Be careful with the obstacles.
Line Draw-Roll The Ball Endless 1.0
MKstar Studio
In this exciting Endless arcade game, make a track by drawing linesto guide the ball. try to avoid contact with obstacles.Thisaddictive line draw style arcade game, makes you use your brain,and your line drawing skill to achieve maximum score. How to play-Simply draw lines with your finger to create a path for ball.
Planet Destruction 1.2
MKstar Studio
Welcome to Planet Destruction! Drive your vehicle on planet andavoid the Falling Meteors for as long as you can. Use Left andRight button to control the vehicle. collect Diamonds and use themto buy the vehicle you want. every vehicle has strength if you losestrength while playing you lose game. wanna play on moon? Neptune?Mars? Venus? Jupiter? yes you can play on this planets which arelisted above but you need unlock them first and its challengingthough but yeah i know you can do it. so just go for it and if youreally enjoy playing Planet Destruction make sure to rate it. havea Good day! Cool Features: + 15 Different vehicles. + 6 DifferentPlanets. + Awesome Game play. + cool back ground sky box. + Easy toPlay.
iLearnopedia - 3D AR Wall 0.1
MKstar Studio
iLearnopedia Imagine, Learn, Create. AR based Learning using theallnew AR technology for students to learn. AR based learningmakesstudents understand concepts in an immersive way. MakingSTEM(Science , Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)learninginteresting for children, to make them competent in thisera oftechnology. Develop innovative & logical skills instudentsuseful for Future Employment. iLearnopedia is an academyfocused onprogressive learning. We are committed for growthdevelopment andexcellence. Our courses are recognized as anorientation programsby many standard institutes. how to use - Thisapp will help you tolearn about Solar System through AugmentedReality. In order toplay you need Image Target, Remember withoutImage Target you can'tplay. You can download Image target from ourOfficial website orthrough the app link is given. Download ImageTarget and print itand then while playing point camera at imagetarget. it's that easygo ahead and explore solar system throughAugmented Reality. enjoythe new way of learning.
iLearnopedia - 3D Augmented based learning 1.0
MKstar Studio
iLearnopedia - 3D Augmented based learning Imagine. Learn.Create.AR Based Learning Using the all new AR technology forstudents tolearn. AR based learning makes students understandconcepts in animmersive way. Making STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering,Mathematics) learning interesting for children. To makethemcompetent in this era of technology. Develop innovative&logical skills in students useful for FutureEmployment.iLearnopedia is an academy focused on progressivelearning. We arecommitted for growth development and excellence.Our courses arerecognized as an orientation programs by manystandard to use - This app will help you to learnrobotics throughAugmented Reality. In order to play you need ImageTarget, Rememberwithout Image Target you can't play. You candownload Image targetfrom our Official website, link is givenbelow. Download ImageTarget and print it and then while playing anymodule point cameraat image target. Key Features - 20 different 3DAugmented basedmodules It's easy to use Learn completely fromscratch To DownloadImage Target please visit our website