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Hillsong Lyrics 6.0
Muhwezi Allan
Hillsong lyrics is the only app on Google Play that provides lyricsof Hillsong songs all accessible offline right on your app. Thereare 62 Hillsong albums with all their respective songs. The songsare organized both in albums and in alphabetical order for easyaccessibility. The songs can be easily filtered by searching themby their name and by their lyrics. The app also has a functionalitythat enables you to mark the songs that you like and wish toquickly access. These are added to the favorites list which isdisplayed separately. There is also a functionality of sharing thelyrics of a song using any app that supports text. With this appyou no longer have to browse the Internet looking for lyrics ofHillsong. All the lyrics are ready for you at all times even whenoffline! May you be blessed as you enjoy, learn and sing alongHillsong's marvelous music.
Lecrae Lyrics 2.0
Muhwezi Allan
Lecrae Lyrics app is a convenient wellorganized repository of the lyrics of all Lecrae's songs includingthe singles.This app is accessible fully offline once downloaded meaning thatyou no longer have to rush to your browser to look for the lyricsof your favorite Lecrae song as it is playing. You just open Lecraelyrics.The app gives you the ability to 'favorite' a song that you likeand it will be added to the FAVOURITES page for easyaccessibility.You can also search and filter a song out of the many by searchingfor it by any letter in the title of the song.The lyrics are organized under albums, singles and a list of allsongs.This app also enables you to share the lyrics of any song with yourfriends by using any text messaging app.Rapping while glorifying God has become easier as the leadinggospel rap artist's songs' lyrics are all a touch away.This is a must have for all Lecrae's fans as well as all gospelhip-hop lovers in general.May God bless you as you enjoy.
Career Master 1.3
Muhwezi Allan
Career Master is a powerful tool built mainly for career guidanceteachers in secondary and high schools of Uganda. These schoolsneed to have subscribed with and have this web systemalready used by their students. Career Master shows you the usagestatistics of all the students in the stream that the teacher whosigns up in the app indicates that they supervise. The app showsthe frequency of the logging into that your studentshave done, the distribution of career interests by the students inyour class and what each and every one of your students isinterested in career-wise. The app helps you track down yourstudents, streamline your career talk with them in such a way thatbenefits each of them because now you can tell what each of theirdreams is, and track down how it has been changing in case itchanges.Career Master also offers you articles relevant to yourstudents and to your teaching career. It ensures you don't open it,and then go away without getting a new knowledge.All in all, CareerMaster lets you be the best career master your students have everwanted, and you shape their future with knowledge of theirpassions.FOR DEMO PURPOSESSign in with these credentialsSchool -St. Mary's College KisubiUsername - kadduPassword - admin90
St. Francis 1.03
Muhwezi Allan
St. Francis is a cell app for St. Francis Chapel Makerere inUganda. It is aimed at providing a quick efficient technologicalsolution for bringing the cell community closer to each other andshare information faster.- With this app, a cell leader and a usualcell member can quickly and easily access cell materials that aregoing to be used in the cell right from the app. Previous cellmaterials are also retained. - Users are availed with a dailydevotional- Events regarding cell are easily accessible throughoutthe app- A list of all cells belonging to St. Francis chapel isavailable. Here users are able to find out where a cell is located,the starting time and on which day they meet. A map with the exactlocation of the cell is also provided. A new user can request tojoin a given cell and they are then contacted later and availed allthe information necessary.- Cell leaders are also able to reportonline. They can add members of their cell to their account andalso indicate the visitors who attended.- The app also providesinformation about St. Francis chapel, the current weekly theme,address and service times.- A user through the app is also able toprovide feedback, ask questions or share testimonies about cell andthe administrators will receive them instantly.