Notes for IAS ئاپەکان

Notes for UPSC IAS
Notes for IAS is a Revision Platform employing Learning Aids likeflash cards, mind maps, interactive modules, etc for UPSC IASpreparation and other exams like SSC, NDA, CDS, etc. A goodpreparation for IAS ( or any other exam like CDS, NDA or SSC )requires clarity of concepts, practice and timely revision .Thisapp concerns itself with the latter. No matter which mode (online/offline coaching or self study ) of learning you use , thisapp enriches your preparation by ensuring a timely and moreimportantly, an effective revision . This helps you move hugeamounts of information from your passive to active memory byexploiting small chunks of time here and there daily and culminatesinto a final round of smoother revision before any exam. #Approach#“Notes for IAS” takes a Learning Aids based approach , presentinginformation in the form of infographics, flash cards , mind maps ,mnemonics , etc . This helps you revise faster and retain better .Moreover , the information is presented in small “bites” , so thatyou can utilise the app even if you have just under a minute ofyour spare time . #Presentation Types# * ICL : The Integrated CardLearner is an advanced version of the flashcards technique,employing images and mnemonics to help you memorise the facts basedinformation easily . For example , the articles of the Constitutionor facts from the NCERT. * QRT : The Quick Revision Tools are basedon the old adage ,“A picture is worth a thousand words” .We havepresented the info bites ( from subjects like geography , economy ,environment , science , etc ) in the form of infographics that giveyou a bird’s eye view of the key ideas of a topic in a pictorialform. You can grasp the entire topic in one quick glance . In undera minute ! It is supported by an explanation of the infographic toclarify the topic. There is also an online quiz at the end to aidbetter recall value. * Interactive Modules : Many other formats oflearning aids are employed in this app with the sole aim of makingyour learning simpler, yet effective. We keep adding many otheradvanced Learning Aids to the app with time .Wait for the surprises! We will also cover facts specific to state level exams ,especially , UPPSC , BPSC , HPPSC , RPSC , MPPSC , UKPSC , JPSC ,CGPSC and HPSC. No break , metro ride or any spare moment is tooshort for this app. Get it today and start getting an edge in yourpreparation by utilising all those little moments that escape away.