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Number Knot 0.1.45
Nullify Games
The most popular official Hidato game with over 9 milliondownloads! Play hundreds of puzzles for free, with more on the way!Puzzles range from easy 3x3 grids to tough 12x12s - best played ontablets.Each puzzle starts with just a few numbers filled in. Youmust fill in the rest to build an ascending sequence of connectednumbers moving sideways or diagonally.Many puzzles have severalsolutions, but 300 are official Hidato puzzles that have only onesolution to find.Use hints to help you when you get stuck. Gainmore hints by watching an advert, or buy some from the in-gamestore. Find the free hidden hint each day!Thank you for supportingindependent developers!
Criss Crossed 0.1.7
Nullify Games
Tap a number from the list and then swipe on the grid to add it.Get all the numbers in place to solve the level. It's a numberjigsaw.The first 3 packs of levels of varying sizes are free withno adverts – several packs containing hundreds more levels areavailable with a single in-app purchase.Purchase keys to unlockmore than 600 levels ranging from easy 5x5 grids for kids, or tough12x12s - best played on tablets.No timers, music or annoying soundeffects - take your time and take on the challenge!
Fit The Blocks 1.2.8
Nullify Games
Drop blocks onto the base in 3D. Start with the easy puzzles,simple sets of blocks to cover up the base. Work up to the harderlevels where the blocks may need to be rotated and finally theultimate challenge - solve the multi-level puzzles.There are 80levels to play for free. Really free - no adverts. If you completethose and want more, then there is a single in-app payment tounlock another 320.If you need hints you can buy packs of 50, but Ibet you're smart enough not to need those...