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Indian Railway eRail System 0.1
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Indian Railway Train Enquiry, PNRStatus,Ticket BookingFind complete information on Indian Railway and BookTrainTicket_____________________________________Features:• Know PNR Status• Find Trains Between Important Stations• Know Seat Availability• Internet Ticket Booking / Reservation• Reserved Train Schedule / Time Table• Current Ticket Booking Availability• Train Berth Availability• Catering Charges• Tatkal Enquiry_____________________________________Train Enquiry – Indian Railways Train Enquiry System LiveIndian Railways Train Enquiry for travelers using railwaysfortaking holiday vacation trips, official trips, tours, anddailycommute. This Android App Train Enquiry site providestrain-runningrelated and real-time status queries for all trains ofIndia.Plan your trip on Indian Railways Trains, CheckAvailability,Seats Availability, Reservation Enquiry, PNR,Passenger Status, andTravel by Indian Railways in India.Indian Railways Train Reservation Enquiry, PNR StatusEnquiry,Running Status, Train Time Table, Train Route, RouteMap,Arrival/Departure, Fare Table, Indian Rail.Indian Railways Inquiry android app is the best app to knowPNRstatus details, real time trains & station information.Features:- Train Arrivals / Departures- PNR status Enquiry- Trains between stations (Find Trains)- Check Seat Availability- Get Fair Inquiry- Train Schedule- Train Running Status (Live)- Spot Your Train- Live Station- Cancelled Trains Enquiry- Rescheduled Trains Inquiry- Diverted Trains InformationDisclaimer: This app is not affiliated with IRCTC orIndianRailways._____________________________________Please Rate, Share and Comment if you like thisapp.Thanks!_____________________________________
Electronics Tutorial Basic 0.1
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Basic Electronics Tutorials - This AndroidAppcontains Analog and Digital Electronics tutorial on Basicsofelectronics, History of electronics, ElectronicsDictionary(Glossary or terms used in electronics and theirmeaning),Automatic and hand soldering, analog and digitalelectronicscircuit, Electronics PCB assembly machine and tools,Active andpassive electronic components (Thru-hole and smt),Consumerelectronics, Electronic companies, PCB (Printed CircuitBoard),Solar energy, Electronics news, images / photos, video etc.Acollection of tutorials on Electronics, from the basicstoUniversity level.Offering free comprehensive basic electronics tutorialsinamplifiers, antennas, filters, oscillators, powersupply,receivers, radio and electronics design.Electronics Tutorial and Circuits - Basic andAdvancedElectronics - Beginners and Intermediate Electronics -EngineeringHobby Science Projects - Terms Dictionary andConversions - GeneralTheory, Test and Measurement, DigitalCircuits, Battery Tutorials,Stepper Motor System Basics, How to usea Multimeter, ComponentsSymbols, DC Theory, Block Diagrams,Switches Tutorial, Music, Sound& Special Effects Circuits,Diodes, Transistor Fault Finding,Multivibrators, Phasors andResonance, Combination Logic,Oscilloscope Tutorial, RoboticTutorials, Operational Amplifier,Reactance and Impedance in ACCircuits, Microprocessor Systems,Flip Flop, ASCII Table, Timing /Timer Circuits, High DefinitionMultimedia Interface (HDMI), Formula/ Formulae used inElectronics, What is Blu-ray?, SemiconductorSymbols andAbbreviations, History of Computer ElectronicsTechnology,Preventing Electrical Hazards - Health & Safety,ElectricityPower Standards Around The World.
Earn Money from Home 0.1
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Earn Money Online from Home - Blogging TipsforNew Bloggers and Beginners to Create Free Blog and Earn MoneyLearn:• How to Create a Free Blog• How to Create a Blog on Blogger• How to Create a Blog on WordPress• How to Create your Own Website• All About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)• All About Google AdSense and How to Earn Money from AdSense• All About Affiliate Marketing Programs and How to Earn MoneyfromAffiliate Programs_____________________________________http://www.guidebaba.com_____________________________________Please Rate, Comment and Share if you Like thisApp.Thanks!_____________________________________
Beauty Tips in Hindi 1.1
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Beauty Tips in Hindi - सौंदर्य सलाह हिंदी मेंLearn Following - निम्नलिखित सौंदर्य सलाह सीखें:- Beauty tips for Face in Hindi - हिंदी में चेहरे के लिएसौंदर्यसलाह- Beauty tips for Skin in Hindi - हिंदी में त्वचा के लिएसौंदर्यसलाह- Beauty tips for Hair in Hindi - हिंदी में बालों के लिएसौंदर्यसलाह- Ayurvedic beauty tips in Hindi - सुंदरता के आयुर्वेदिकनुस्खेहिंदी में- Home remedies for Beauty - सुंदरता के लिए घरेलु नुस्खेहिंदीमें- Other beauty tips - सौंदर्य सलाहGora hone ke Tips in Hindi for Male and Female ( Man / Men,Girl/ Girls / Woman / Women ). This app includes homemade beautytipsfor dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, hair and other naturalandayurvedic tips and treatment.Gora hone ke upay with following tips:- Natural Beauty Tips for Fair Skin.- Makeup Tips.- Home Remedies And Ayurvedic Beauty Tips.- Glowing Skin Tips.100s of Beauty Tips in Hindi:You need Beauty Tip? This FREE Android App provides youvaluablebeauty tips for makeup, body care, Hair care, Nail care,Lips, Eyemakeup tips & Eyebrows tips!These are all Natural care tips and Valuable Home Remedies foraglowing skin, Daily beauty tips for skin glow andfairnesstreatment. This app also provides Home Made BeautyTips.This app helps you to take care of yourself like - Fairer Skin/Complexion, Pimples and Acne, Hair Split Ends, Tea water andhoneyface pack, Under Eye Dark Circles etc.This app is for those who are looking for expert advice onbeautyfor use in everyday life.All tips are available in Hindi language.This Hindi Beauty Tips app provides you well informed beautytipsacross various categories:- Face- Lips- Hair- Eyes- Hands- LegsWe hope that you enjoy the beauty tips in this FREE app.
Stock Market Basics 0.1
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Share Trading Guru - Tips and SuggestiononShare Trading Explained by Share Trading Expert. Tutorialandinformation on online stock trading, mutual funds, sharetrading,stock market, share market, Indian share market and more.Learn Following:New to Investing?• Share Trading Dictionary• What is Demat Account?• What is Investing?• Why Invest?• When to Invest?• How Much Money to Invest?• Where to Invest Money?Saving & Investment Options• How to Save Money?• Investment OptionsWhy Invest in Equities?• Equity InvestmentBasics of Stock Market• How Stock Market Works?• Indian Stock Market• What is Rolling Settlement?• What is Buying Limit?• What is Dematerialization?• What is Short in Share Trading?• What is Margin Trading?• Stock Order Types• Circuit Filters and Trading Bands• What is Badla Financing?• What is Securities Lending?• What is Insider Trading?• What is Intraday Share Trading or Margin Trading?Set Your Investment Goals• How to Set Investment Goals• For How Long Should I Invest?• How Much Money to Invest?Invest Like an Expert• How to Invest Like a Professional Expert?• When to Invest in Stock Market• Online Share Trading• What is Investment ClubDIY Investment Strategies• How to Select Best Stocks to Buy• Price-To-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)• Fundamental Analysis of a Company• Using Value, Growth, Income & GARP for Stock Analysis• Share Market Panic - What to Do? Buy, Sell or Hold?• Quality of Stocks Vs Quantity of Stocks• How Many Stocks to Buy - Portfolio ManagementUnderstanding Stock Market• How To Understand Direction of Stock Market• Should I Buy Volatile Stocks• Stock Market Trend & Signal - How to UnderstandWhen & What to Buy? When to Sell?• What is The Right Time and Price to Buy Stocks• How to Buy Stocks at Bargain Price• When to Buy or Sell Stocks• Stock Trading Mistakes - Share Trading Mistakes to Be AvoidedPortfolio Management• Have Diversified Portfolio - Why? - Portfolio Management• Portfolio Vs Age - Portfolio and Age Relationship• Investment Portfolio Management
Mobile Phone Repairing 0.1
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Learn Mobile Phone Repairing. This top andverypopular Android app will help you to learn how to DIY repairanybrand of mobile phone, cell phone and smartphone.Features:• Learn how to repair any mobile phone explained in simplestepby step guide with photos and videos.• Learn all about mobile phone hardware problem andtheirsolution.• Learn all about mobile phone software problem and solution.• Tools needed for mobile phone repairing and how to use thesetoolsto repair any brand of cell phone or smartphone.• Parts inside a mobile phone, their function and how toidentifythese parts.• Soft Reset and Hard / Factory Reset process and codes.• All secret codes of Samsung, Nokia, iPhone and allotherbrands.• Battery problem and solution.• How to repair Samsung Mobile Phone and Samsung Smartphone.• How to repair Nokia Mobile Phone and Nokia Smartphone.• How to Repair iPhone.• How to repair any Chinese Brand of Mobile phoneandSmartphone._____________________________________Millions of people have found this website very useful andhavelearnt mobile phone repairing online for free._____________________________________If you like this app on mobile phone repairing then pleaseRate,Comment and Share.