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OneJitsu 1.0.22
Explore - Find - Go A must have for every BrazilianJiu-JitsuPractitioner. Locate any BJJ Gym and find practitionersaround theworld. We have listed over 2200 schools worldwide.BJJPractitioners: • Find any gym and training partners around you•Join all kinds of events related to BJJ • Get the latest newsfromyour gym • Create your profile and meet a communityofpractitioners around the world through our integratedmessagingsystem. Gym managers: • Use Onejitsu to communicate livewith thecommunity of practitioners • Edit your academy page •Contact yourmembers and the entire OneJitsu community • Createevents(competitions, open mats, seminars, parties, ceremonies) • Bemorevisible through the app. Need help ? contact Followus: