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Evaluation Test-Test Game 1.0.0
"Evaluation Test" - is't a game test application where students areobliged to answer to the questions provided by model "Truth" or"False". Each correctly question adds a point. To successfullyfinish the test it is required to accumulate at least 5 points.
Slimson-Run and Jump 1.2.8
Run and jump over the walls and bars bytapingthe screen. Game has 2 maps:- MAP1 -> Jump from one wall block to another.> If failed to jump, hero will fall down and game is over.-MAP2 -> Jump over the bars.> If you kick the bars game is over.You will be able to share your score with friends...Make your score and see how far you can go by runningandjumping!?
Izolda-Ninja Girl 1.1.0
Izolda Ninja Girl is the ultimate fighter in the corrupt city.Empowered with ultimate fighting skills and superpowers fight anddestroy all evil minions and bring your city back. Dozens ofmonsters and new missions are waiting you!