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Call Log - Analytics and Call Minutes 1.3.1
Call Log Analytics app is useful, because it helps keeping track ofyour call data. "Call Log Analytics is an amazing app designed withan intuitive and polished user interface that’s simple,clutter-free, and easy-to-use." – AndroidAppsReview.comAWESOMEFEATURES -- Stay tuned for more● ANALYZE & MONITOR CALLS - Letsyou analyze calls by Duration, Frequency & Recency, view callstatistics / stats / metrics, and monitor your call data● FILTER -Apply filters such as date range, outgoing & incoming.● SEARCH- Search any contact and know its analytics● CALL HISTORY - Helpsyou keep infinite record of call history. NOTE: Most Android phoneskeep recent 500 calls, and delete older calls● EXPORT - Export calldata to CSV, and email. CSV can be imported to any Excel reader.Perform your own analysis and match your carrier bills●NOTIFICATIONS - Notifies you the last call duration. ● CALL BILLING- Gives you summary of call minutes for the calls you made in agiven billing period● BACKUP & RESTORE - Backup unlimited CallLog data to your Google Drive account, restore call log to app whenyou reset or switch your phone.In an all, Installing this call loganalyzer, will give you good perspective on your call data.We ♥getting your feedback! Please email us: qohloinc@gmail.comSpecialthanks to everyone who rates us 5 stars, or provides a warmfeedback. It's so encouraging for the team!***FEATURED INTECHMESTO:https://www.techmesto.com/cla-unlimited-call-log-android/***FEATUREDIN ANDROIDAPPSREVIEW:http://www.androidappsreview.com/2016/07/14/call-log-analytics-android-app/PERMISSIONS-- We're sensitive, but the app needs at least these to functionproperly: ● CONTACTS: Some devices need contacts permission to readcall log● CALL LOG: For providing call log analytics● PHONE STATE:To show last call duration in notifications● CALL PHONE: To make aphone call from a contact● SDCARD R/W: Write CSV file to SDCardwhile exporting.● ACCOUNTS: Authenticate and Backup call data toyour account.A request to our users: The app is continuouslyevolving, and we're really working hard to make it very stable. Wetry to be perfect, but sometimes things slip from our view. If youfind any issue / bug / missing-feature, please write to us atqohloinc@gmail.com, and describe it in detail. We'll try to quicklyfix it for you. We love our users, but bad ratings will likelydemotivate us to keep app alive on Google Play. We're open to newfeature requests!NOTE: Phone stores only the last 500 calls in itscall data. This app can analyze the call data of those 500 only forthe first time. However, the app keeps accumulating more call logdata on daily basis and gives you analytics on larger call data.
Good Albums - Photo Organizer 1.1.17
Fast and lightweight, Good Albums is the best photo organizingapp.1. First of its kind gallery app to group photos by moments.2.Easy to organize your pics into awesome albums.3. SafeView,brilliantly hide your personal photos, and only show relevantphotos to your friendsPROMOTIONAL OFFER: Get promotional code forfree upgrade. All you need to do is just install the app, andinvite friends.Highlight features:1) Create Photo Albums: Easy topick photos & videos and organize them into albums.2) SafeView:This feature preserves your privacy. You can safely give your phoneto a friend to show off any album. In SafeView mode, the app justopens one album and closes remaining parts of the app. Now you areat peace from worrying about your friend accidentally flippingthrough your other personal albums/photos. 3) Listing photos byTimeline or Moments - Moments :- Grouping photos/videos byevent-wise/occasion, i..e, taken within a short span of time. -Timeline :- Grouping photos by month-wiseOther features:- Browselocal photo folders like a gallery app- Slide, view, zoom photos,and play videos.- Share your photos and videos with your friends.-Quickly load thousands of pics- Multi-select pics & videos.   Tip: Long press a thumbnail to enable multi-selectmode- Bulk select pics to add to an albumEnjoy Albuming :)IMPORTANTNOTE: On KitKat (Android 4.4+), apps are not permitted to deletephotos or videos from the device. Please use default gallery appfor that purpose.Permissions:Read Contacts: to provide a listing ofemails to send invitesRead Accounts: App to identify user accountswith promotion codes.
LoadApp - Transporters & Shippers 1.0
LoadApp helps connect shippers with transporters ortransportservices. Great for transport services to fill up theiravailablespace and move with full load. And great for shippers tofindsuitable transport services and send goods. TRANSPORTERS: ● Doyouown a transport service? ● Enter starting and destinationcity,town or village ● Enter available weight of goods you cancarry ●Price you want to charge SHIPPERS: ● Do you have goods orshipmentto send from one place to another? ● Search for transportservicesin that route ● Check available weight and price ● Chatwith thetransporter you liked