Shankar D ئاپەکان

Easy Signature - Digital Signature - eSignature 1.2.0
Shankar D
Easy signature provides you Ad free service to create your owndigital signatures. Draw with your finger to generate your personalsignatures and it allows you to sign in multiple steps to providemore accuracy. Also, it can be used for various purposes likesketch-board, slate etc.Key Features:1). This small app allows youto create digital signatures without Ads.2). You are able to Erasepart of the signature while drawing and you are also able to CLEARwhole signature with single tap. 3). It allows you to save yoursignatures with name for later use4). You can trim transparentpixels while saving the signature5). It allows you to see allprevious saved signatures as list with date and name and able toslide all signatures from the list6). You can share your signaturevia Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.7). It allows you to delete yoursaved signatures8). Setting screen will provide you to changebackground color or transparent, change signature color, size,format (png/jpeg) as your requirement.Your Feedback is veryvaluable to us, Please let us know so we can try to work moreperfectly.