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Cloud Critters 2.0.2
Shedworks Interactive
How do you ask a dinosaur out to lunch?"Tea, Rex?"What do you call fifty penguins at the North Pole?Really lost, because penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere!What is a frog's favorite year?Leap year!Why did the hipster burn his tongue?Because he drank his coffee before it was cool.CLOUD CRITTERS FEATURES• An endless arcade game with simple one touch controls• Compare your hopping skills against others and share yourhighscore with friends• Google Play game leaderboards. Can you beat your friends’highscore?• Google Play achievements and objectives. Unlock characters usingyour skillful bouncing• Collect over 60 delightful beasts, critters and wonderfulcharacters• Free to play• Easy to get into, hard to master• Get free vouchers for real stores with giftgaming supportCLOUD CRITTERS GAME GUIDE• Tap the screen to jump. Tap longer to jump higher• Collect as many coins as possible• Don’t touch the clouds!• Watch out below for rockets!• Those pesky planes will send you flying!• Take your coins to the Critter Claw and unlock new characters
Shedworks Interactive
Guide a futuristic space ship through aseriesof interstellar landscapes to reach light speed and unlocktheancient Alien secrets of the Orb. Can you hold it together astimeand space unfurl around you?- A multitude of beautiful, handcrafted levels to tax yourhumanbrain.- Climb the cosmic leaderboards and transcend with yourfriendsthanks to our Galactic Google Play Services.- Featuring an all original score beamed into the brain ofJamesValencia by a being of unspecified origin.- Landscape or Portrait gameplay for both tablets and phones.