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Brainstorm 4.0
Known by various names such as Bulls & Cows, Mastermind andCode Breaker, Brainstorm is our attempt to rejuvenate the classicpuzzle. With 9 possible colors and 9 chances, can you guess the 4color combination?Your mission, should you choose to accept it, isto decipher the hidden 4 color combination.After every guess, youwill be provided with a hint to help you solve the puzzle.Thechallenge is to crack the code within 9 chances.So get ready torack your brains, test your logic and boost your IQ in ouriteration of Mastermind. Even though we have included aninteractive tutorial for your convenience, you can always refer tothe rules of the original board game Mastermind here:*NOTE* - Inthis game, Red means "right color, right position"Blue means "rightcolor, wrong position"White means "wrong color"P.S. There "might"be some hidden easter eggs that add to the fun!Hope you enjoyplaying Brainstorm!