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Teen Go Titans Figure 1.0
Snail Ride Game
Get ready for Teen Titans Go! Figure - Follow the breakthroughforthe breakout game Teeny Titans. Someone is trying to bring TeenGoTitans out of battle! Battle your way to the bottom ofthismystery. - Assemble your squad teen titans and face off in3-on-3battles! Fire off super moves in real time with thebattlebar.Switch between your heroes to launch awesome attacks andtakedown your opponents. - Play the full story mode as any oftheTitans. Choose one or more different characters for eachbattle.Each teen titan has unique dialogue and Original voices fromeachcharacter, expressed from different real characters. -characterexploration to shop for your favorite super hero figures.Completespecial missions for heroes and enter tournaments aticoniclocations. - Collect more than 90 Teen Titans, includingTitans,Batgirl, Silkie, Wonder Woman, Flash, Radical Titans, andmore! Useitems to unlock stronger. - Titans Figure Each number canbe set indifferent ways! Swap character abilities, change characterto makeyour team really unique. And break the accessories, andmanydifferent skiil of each character, to give you the edge inbattle.***FEATURES Teen Go Titans Figure: - Each character eachfeatures -skill is unique - Collect gold of each battle - Purchaseitems andequipment for each character If you like team titans gogames ,just go and download your copy of " teen titans go figure"andscore better than your friends