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Pocket Traveler 1.06
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With Pocket Traveler, you're only one tapawayfrom touring the Eiffel Tower, floating down the Grand CanalofVenice, and hiking the Grand Canyon. This fully functional"lite"version allows you to explore 32 famous landmarks from aroundtheworld using Google's incredible Street View technology. Youwillalso be able to:-Read Wikipedia snippets about each landmark-View map and street view simultaneously in split view-Search for new places using the Explore function withplaceprediction-Save street views for later viewing and share withyourfriends-Navigate effortlessly with the slick Material Design interfaceIf you enjoyed this app and would like to see a full versionwithmore robust features, please rate highly and/or send
Petdoption - Adopt a rescue animal 2.0.0
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Petdoption allows you to search over 250,000 adoptable petsfromanimal shelters and adoption organizations across theUnitedStates. • Filter animals by location, breed, gender, size,and ageto find a pet that match your needs • View in-depthdescription andshelter contact info for each pet • Save yourfavorites for laterviewing • Contact local shelters and rescuegroups to adopt youranimal • Learn about hundreds of dog and catbreeds in thecomprehensive breeds guide • Powered by PetfinderAPI( Why adopt a pet? 1. You'll save alife.Every year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanizedinshelters due to overcrowding. By adopting an animal, you'regivinghim or her a new life in a loving home and freeing up shelterspacefor others. 2. You'll help fight the puppy and kitten millsthatsupply the pet stores. Animals from these factory-stylebreedingfacilities are housed in appallingly poor conditionswithout propermedical care. The females are often kept in cageswithoutcompanionship and forced to produce litter after litteruntildiscarded. Adopting a pet means not giving a dime to thesecrueloperations. 3. You'll pay less. When you adopt a pet, the costofspay/neuter, first vaccinations, and sometimes evenmicrochippingis included in the adoption price. Depending on theanimal, you mayalso save on housebreaking and training expenses.