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Syarah Limited
Best application for buying and selling cars in Saudi Arabia CarApplication Features: 1) Free App, where you can post your carwithout any commission 2) Search for cars by car brand, model car,the price of the car, the car lane, and the condition of the car(new / used). 3) The application of the car provides the user withthe address of the car showrooms and exhibitions. 4) The CarApplication provides the user with contact information for fullauto showrooms and lounges. 5) The application of the car isupdated with the latest offers, prices of cars directly from theexhibitions, and instantaneously. 6) You can buy a car ininstalments through the application and shipped to your placeeasily. 7) Car application allows a user to browse car ads withease. A Syarah application is a market and garage for the sale ofnew cars used in Saudi Arabia in cash and instalment. Syarah Apppresents over 100 thousand new cars used car has been offered forsale at prices are the lowest in the market and forest Saudi carsIt is estimated through the application of a car choose the carcompany, for example, Toyota or Hyundai and then choose the type ofLand-cruiser, nitro, Sonata or Nissan. You can choose the modelyear or even several years. You can also look at the walkway, forexample, cars that are less than 50 000 km in diameter. The scopeof the search is limited to the type of lime and cylinders and allthis in a car application according to your needs. Do not forget toshare the application with your friends to shorten the time andeffort. You can now browse the latest offers of new cars and usedcars from Saudi auto showrooms and galleries directly on yourmobile phone through the Syarah application. Syarah Application Thecar advertisements for sale in the Kingdom's car showrooms, as wellas car specifications and prices, with full contact information areavailable. Browse cars for sale in Haraj Al Nasim and Haraj AlShifa and various car showrooms in Riyadh, in addition to carshowrooms in Dammam and car showrooms in Jeddah. The CarApplication Team welcomes your suggestions and feedback via"Contact Us" in the application, or via: - Standard number:920033106 - Contact Us via WhatsApp - SnapeChat: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Google Plus: - Twitter: This app presents you with greetingsfrom the car website
Syarah for Dealers 1.0.10
Syarah Limited
This app is only for Dealers Syarah for Dealers offers you uniquesolutions and features to manage your business and increase thesells of your inventory increase your sales significantly byoffering a car platform to sell and buy cars How I can sign up?Call customer service in a car at 920033106 or WhatsApp:+966532304548