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T3 Bubble Shooter 1.0
T3 Mobile Apps
T3 Classic Bubble Shooter is an Addictive Game. And our T3 BubbleShooter is not just that. It is more Simple and Amazing! It is aSingle-player Game. Once you start, you will not stop playing. Justhave a try, you will find Endless Fun!The goal of the game is toclear the playing field by forming groups of three or morelike-colored marbles. The game ends when the balls reach the bottomline of the screen. The more balls destroyed in one shot, the morepoints scored. A player wins when there are no balls remaining onthe playing field.There are 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Novice,Expert.
Christmas Breaker Puzzle Game 1.1
T3 Mobile Apps
You will know when you start to play T3 Christmas Breaker!T3Christmas Breaker game is an addictive puzzle game, join the massesnow in the best free tap and break game ever! T3 Christmas Breakerbrings snow and Christmas happiness to puzzle breakergames.Strategies for playing--- 1. Tap on same Christmas stockingsand bells to select them. Tap again to break them. 2. RemainingChristmas stockings and bells will fall down in the correct way.3.You can move them around by tapping the jump button or rotatingyour phone or tablet.4. A Much Bigger collection of stockings andbells give bigger scores.Enjoy T3 Christmas Breaker and have aMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Indigitalworks: PLR Membership 1.0
T3 Mobile Apps
What is "InDigitalWorks"?InDigitalWorks is a membership websiteoffering you PLR Private Label Rights and Resale Rights products.What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights, a special licensewhere the author or product creator sells most or all of theintellectual property rights to their work. So, if you buy aproduct with PLR Private Label Rights license, you can beconsidered as the creator of that product! That means you canchange the product, the name, the content, and basically, use ithowever you want to. PLR or Private Label Rights license completelyeliminates the stress of having to continuously come up with newcontent and products. This way you can build new TRAFFIC andINCOMESTREAMS for your online business effortlessly! How To BenefitFrom PLR or Private Label Rights Products?There are thousands ofways to benefit from PLR Private Label Rights products! Forexample… You can sell PLR products as is and keep 100% of theprofit to yourself You can create a new ebook using multiplePrivate Label Rights products You can use PLR content as a freegift to build your email list You can use Private Label Rightscontent to create autoresponder messages or newsletter You can usePLR content to create articles for your website You can use PrivateLabel Rights software to generate high-quality traffic You canconvert PLR ebooks into viral products You can use Private LabelRights content in social media You can use PLR content to createpodcasts You can use Private Label Rights content for coachingcalls or webinars You can use PLR content to create AdSense sitesYou can sell websites with Private Label Rights content to otherentrepreneurs You can rewrite PLR articles and submit it to articledirectories You can rewrite Private Label Rights articles andsubmit it to other blogs as a guest post You can package the PLRcontent as a complete home study course You can publish the PrivateLabel Rights content in another language(s) You can convert yourdigital content into physical products to sell You can use PLRcontent to form partnerships with other Internet marketers You canuse Private Label Rights content as a promotional tool for youraffiliates You can add affiliate links to your PLR ebooks andsoftware to earn affiliate commissions And much, much more!