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Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong 1.2.3
Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great ping pong game that will makeyou feel beyond real! If you like to play pingpong or tabletennis,this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improve yourhandles, enjoy your freetime and have a sensational feeling ofplaying table tennis 3D. Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong is anaddictive Ping Pong game with superb graphics, effects and awesomesoundFX. The best part is that you can play it as in real life,against your friends or the AI. Smash, swing or spin the ball toclimb your way up in career mode if you take the table tennischallenge. If you're a fan of sport games Table Tennis 3D willcaptivate you with features such as: ● Three Awesome modes 1. QuickMatch with three levels of difficulty ✓ Beginner ✓ Intermediate ✓Expert 2. Career mode - sharpen your table tennis skills at 5levels ✓ Local Level ✓ State Level ✓ Country Level ✓ ContinentLevel ✓ International Level 3. Head To Head ✓ Play table tennis inhead-to-head mode with your friends (has Facebook/Twitterintegration) on the same device ● Smart AI competitor programmedbased on human behavior (reaction time, strength, skill, speedetc.) ● Play sidespin, corkspin, smash, lob, flick, loop shot etc.similar to real table tennis modes ● Powerful physics engine givesrealistic effects to the ball and bat for better ping pongexperience ● Three types of bats/ paddles with configurationavailable for ✓ Speed ✓ Spin ✓ Control ● Select a bat and ball youfeel comfortable playing with based on the different power and spin● Zoom In/Out the camera while playing the ping pong to change yourviewport ● Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends(has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the same device Table Tennis3D is the most realistic ping pong simulator for Android and you'lldefinitely enjoy not only the physics behind, but also its 3Dgraphics and effects. Stay updated with Table Tennis 3d Live PingPong game news at and If you want to help us translate thedescription in other languages, please put a mail to us Thank you. Keep playing Live Ping Pong withthis awesome Table Tennis 3D game. By installing this app you agreeto the following Privacy Policy:
Indian Cooking Star: Chef Restaurant Cooking Games 2.5.2
Do you love Fast-Paced Time-management Restaurant Cooking Games? Doyou want to become a Master Chef? 🧁 Has your Cooking Madness goneso high fever that you are looking for a NEW FREE Chef RESTAURANTCOOKING GAMES? 🍕 Indian Cooking Star is one of the best New FreeIndian Cooking Games, a highly addictive time-management Kitchencooking Game for girls to cook and serve food in the kitchen like aCrazy Cooking Chef. 🍳 Play as a Chef in this Fast & FunRestaurant Simulation Games! Just TAP to Cook & Serve Dishes inthis Top New Cooking Games! The Craze Cooking Game withTime-management Cooking Simulation game is suitable for Adults andKids Amazing Indian Restaurants and Yummy Food are being developedfor you to cook in this fast-paced Restaurant Cooking Game withlevels! You might have played a lot of Cooking games or Chef'sKitchen simulation games, but with its FAST TAP, COOK and SERVEmechanism, this is one of the best restaurant cookingtime-management simulation games. A fast-paced Chef's IndianCooking game with hundreds of levels. Serve local Indian food in avariety of Kitchen settings. Create recipes and serve yourcustomers was never this fun and exciting in these Kitchen Games!Become a Star Chef - Prepare, Cook and Serve delicious Indian foodin this fun new cooking Craze game for girls, adults, and kids.Serve delicious Indian food, explore and unlock new Kitchens invarious regions of India. Also, cook Burger, Pasta, Indo-Chinese,and Pizza in the Fast food region of the chef game. The top-ratedcooking game offers fun and challenging levels to keep youentertained. Relish your Cooking Fever and enjoy this cookingmadness with this Chef Game. Indian Cooking Star: RestaurantCooking Games Gameplay Features: ✔️ Free to play, no purchaserequired to complete levels! ✔️ Fun Kitchen Upgrades to cook fasterand earn more coins! ✔️ Cook & Serve a variety of Indianregional cuisine. Best Cooking Games for Girls. ✔️ Own and Open anew Restaurant in various parts of India. ✔️ No drag and drop, justTAP to cook and serve food. ✔️ Create Combos to earn a few morecoins. ✔️ Hundreds of fun and challenging levels. Burger Gameslevels. Pasta game levels. ✔️ Fun boosters to beat the challenginglevel. Cooking games with levels need boosters. ✔️ Master the artof digital cooking with your amazing time-management skill! ✔️ BestNew Time-management Games available in Restaurant Cooking GamesSimulation Category. This time management Chef Restaurant game hasan ever-growing list of Kitchens. We have divided the Restaurantsinto various Indian regions. Check out the kitchens of this CrazyCooking Game : West India: Pani Puri (Pani Puri) Mumbai SnacksGujju Pakwan (Enjoy Gujarati cuisines) Chowpati Ice Cream (IceCreams & Shakes) South India: Biriyani House (Egg & ChickenRice Dish) Madras Cafe (Dosa & Idli) Sea Food (Fish Curry &Masala Prawns) Fast Food: Burger House (Burger Shop & FriedChicken) Coffee n' Donuts (Donuts, Waffles & Coffee)Indo-Chinese (Spring Rolls & Noodles) Pizzeria (Pizza &Pasta Kitchen) North India: Patiala House (Butter Chicken, NaanRoti, and Samosa) Delicious Delhi (North Indian Cuisines) BreakfastClub Indian Sweets New Japanese Food (Ramen, Sushi, Bento, etc),Chinese, South Korean, Thai Food, BBQ and other Asian and IndianFood dishes are also available to cook and serve. We think you’re acrazy chef with high cooking fever and your cooking madness islegendary in Indian Culinary World. Indian Cooking Star is a FREEkitchen and New restaurant cooking games for girls and kids. So,Put your chef hat on and start playing this food Madness filled funChef Cooking Games for girls and adults. 🎂
Asian Cooking Star: Crazy Restaurant Cooking Games 0.0.14
Play this fun & addictive time-management cooking game, AsianCooking Star: New Restaurant Cooking Games filled with madness,travel the Continent and serve delicious and exotic Asian cuisines.One of the best New cooking simulation games available for girlsand adults. Also, it’s a crazy time-management kitchen chef gamefilled with cooking madness and craze. Tired of Playing otherGreedy and hard cooking games? Well, look no further! Play the topcooking game for FREE. Asian Cooking Star is a sequence of ourother most popular cooking game - Indian Cooking Star! Create yourCrazy Cooking diary with tons of recipes and Asian cooking recipes!Cook like you have cooking madness or fever for cooking or you're acrazy chef running your restaurant game. Top Rated Cooking game forgirls. Time-management features will keep you on your toes at everylevel in this wonderful chef’s restaurant & kitchen games.Variety of Mouth-watering food & kitchens: Best Time ManagementIndian Restaurant & Cooking Simulation game available on theApp Store. Explore varieties of Food: Start your culinary journeyfrom China and explore various - cuisines and food from Japanese,Indian, Chinese, Thai, South Korean, Saudi Arab, Russia, Singaporein this addictive and spin of one of the most popular and top-ratedrestaurants cooking games. Make hundreds of dishes from famousNoodles, Sushi, Indian curries, Exotic Desserts, Seafood, Roti Naanto Coffee, and much more. Travel & Cook in Exotic Regions:Travel north, south, west and eastern part of India. Cook and own avariety of restaurants in these amazing cooking games. Travel Asiaand the middle-east for more variety of Asian Food: Japanese,Chinese, South Korean, Thai and Arabian local food is available inthis chef kitchen game. Love Desserts? Well, we have plenty ofrestaurants available for a chef like you to bake and cook somedelicious sweets. Be the best chef in the region and become amaster chef. Region 1: China Cook Noodles, duck, rice and otherpopular Chinese food of the region. Region 2: Japan (Coming Soon)Cook Sushi, Bento box, Sashimi, Onigiri, Ramen and other popularJapanese Cuisine and food in the Japanese food region. Region 3:India (Coming Soon) Cook Naan Roti, Curries, Fish, Dosa and otherpopular Indian cuisines and dishes in this region. Region 4:Thailand (Coming Soon ) Cook Pad Thai, Seafood, Thai curries andother popular Thai Food in this region Enjoy Fast, Fun andChallenging Game-play: Just Tap to play the game. Tons ofaddictive, fun and challenging levels are available in this cookinggame with levels. Upgrade cooking equipment and food items to servefast and earn more coins. Boosters are available to make thiscooking simulation game more enjoyable: No food burn, Insta Cook,Double Coins, Insta Serve and more. Time Management CookingSimulation Game: Well, it's fast-paced, easy to play and hard tomaster the cooking game. One of the best cooking games for casualgamer. The Cooking Game has a variety of boosters which mightelevate your fun during the crazy kitchen serving in variousrestaurants. We have double coins, waiter, insta-cook, wonder dish,and many more. Be the chef with amazing madness for cooking andlegendary cooking craze. Asian Cooking Star has one of the easiestand most smooth gameplay ever in chef cooking games. Start yourculinary cooking adventure and have a cooking diary with you tomaintain all your crazy kitchen chef experiences and record all ofyour cooking in your kitchen diary. Asian Cooking Star is a FREEChef Restaurant Cooking Simulation game. Most of the cooking gamesare made for girls and kids. But this is not just a cooking gamefor girls but adults can play and have some great fun. Try thisamazing, fun, colorful and addictive chef kitchen cooking game.Download Madness filled new Cooking Game with crazy kitchens Today!