WUMAI GAME ئاپەکان

2019 Football Fun - Fantasy Sports Strike Games 1.1.2
Feel the most exciting game and enjoy the thrill of the whole game!Use multiple strategies to control the situation in your hands!Don't give your opponent a chance, score a goal! Game features: The gameplay is varied: There’re various modes in the gameincluding European Cup, season, leagues, skill training, penaltyshoot, melee, etc. Choose your favorite gameplay and experiencereal football matches. Dominate the football world!  Simple gameoperation Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can smoothlyand freely operate the effect you want here! Use your mind andskill to manipulate the most unexpected offensive line, so that theenemy goalkeeper can't guess your thoughts with a smashing shotangle! Go for a goal!  Stunning picture effects, shocking visualeffects, smooth pictures, fierce battles, the alternation betweenoffense and defense, the psychological game before the players,show your strong psychological quality and excellent footballskills!  The game is suitable for all models above Android 4.0 Suitable for all players who love football!
Skyward War - Mobile Thunder Aircraft Battle Games 1.1.4
Guard your military base and drive your air fighter Kill the enemyfighters with your companions! You are the ruler of the air in ourSkyward War! Here is the most realistic flight simulation systemAccelerate, take off, fly, fight, you can find everything you likein this game! There are dozens of advanced fighters waiting for youchoose. Each fighter has different functional, and each fightergives you different experience. Here, we have realistic world mapand pulse radar navigation Let the enemy have nowhere to hide.Let’s break them one by one, and crush their plots There is arealistic physics engine, the real sound of the fighter Let youexperience the fun of air combat in an immersive experience Promoteyour rank and gain more powerful fighters. Defeat your enemies andget rewards to upgrade your accessories. There are all kinds ofextreme challenges waiting for you to conquer. Gameplay: Controlthe flight direction of the fighter through gravity sensing ordirection keys, click the acceleration control speed with the righthand, fire missiles and bullets to the enemy, defeat them, win thewar, and defend the sky that belongs to you.
Elite Bridge Builder- Mobile Fun Construction Game 1.1.3
Unique architectures Different styles of bridge design! Use yourwisdom to build different bridges and make the best choice! Becomethe master of the bridge! Game features: - Game modes are diverse:The game has a variety of scenes to unlock- ground, space, etc. Theeasy mode makes it easy for you to build bridges - The gameplay isvaried: Each level has different restrictions. Under variousrestrictions, can you successfully build a bridge that allowsvehicles to pass? On this basis, use less money to complete yourmost satisfying artwork! - Realistic physics engine: Enjoy therealistic simulation of the scenes of various vehicles crossing thebridge, as well as the pressure, material bearing, etc. Moreunexpected and interesting things are waiting for you to discover!- A variety of building materials: Multi materials like wood, steelrope and steel are available for you to choose from. Complete yourartwork with different materials! - Download the bridge quickly andjoin us to be the most interesting designer!