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Zennioptical 1.0.0
Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing anaffordablepair of glasses? Thus Zenni was born in the San FranciscoBay Area- a natural fit in the home of forward-thinking,tech-savvycompanies. The mission was clear: Give people glassesthey canactually afford but still make them look like a millionbucks. Itstarted small, a little company with big ideas, but itquickly grewinto a phenomenon. Fashionistas, moms on-the-go,discerningcustomers; everyone found that they could get theselection theydeserved at prices they could afford with ZenniOptical. Zenni hassince grown into an online optical industryleader. That’sprescription eyeglasses online. Prescriptionsunglasses online.Non-prescription sunglasses online. Sportsglasses online. Gogglesonline. Maybe you get the picture. Zenni’sonline. Zenni Opticalwas built upon the following principles, andis dedicated tofulfilling them: • To provide the most affordableeyeglasses topeople all over the world. • To provide thehighest-quality opticallenses to our customers. • To make it easyto order eyeglassesonline. • To provide exceptional customersupport.