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※※※mailpaca is on welcome campaignnow!※※※※※We are giving away 200 present point to you just by downloadingthe app!※※■Send random message to peoples around the world!■You will receive random message from other mailpaca user in no timejust by installing the app!! Of course, you are also able to sendmessages to others.■Hangout with other mailpaca users and have fun chating in thechatroom■Go to the chat room and have fun chating with others while waitingfor your new mail to arrive!In the chatroom, you can choose to chat with people sharing thesame interest with you, chat about love, enjoying girl's talk, orjust hanging around.Not only chating, you can also share pictures and voice messages tomake the chatroom even more happening!■■Who is mailpaca perfect for?■■1 ) You who are looking for a new friend2 ) You who are feeling lonely3 ) You who want to share your problems to others4 ) You who want someone to listen to your whine5 ) You who have a lot of free time and have nothing to doDon't waste time and download the app if you are one of theabove!※The app may encounter some error or not running correctly on adevice that is not listed above.