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Barfastic - BARF Diet for dogs, cats and ferrets 1.2
Barfastic is an Android application created for help people tofeedtheir pets following the BARF Diet (Biologically AppropriateRawFood). Fortunately, there are more and more owners of dogs,catsand ferrets who choose to feed their animals on naturaldiets,having complete control over what they eat. However, it isquitecommon to have doubts as to the proper amounts andproportions.This application allows you to manage all your pets,and advisesyou a detailed menu based on the species, age, weightand otherparameters. It is a BARF calculator to obtain theorientativeamount of food that your dogs, cats or ferrets shouldtake. Inaddition, it includes a complete directory of suitablefoods for araw diet, classified by family, with photos of each foodso thatyou can identify them when you go to buy from the market.Features:- Manage all the animals of the family, whether dogs, catsorferrets. The data remains stored on your device for you toconsultwhenever you want. - Obtain the recommended amount of foodbased onthe species, weight, condition and activity. - Consult atany timethe calculations made in an intuitive interactive table,filter bythe type of food. - Update or delete the data of youranimals whenyou consider it. - The application takes into accountspecialcases, such as sterilization, work or sport dogs,greyhounds,outside cats, etc. - Find out which foods are acceptedin a rawnatural diet, classified by family and with photos of eachone. -Intuitive navigation and use, following the designstandardsrecommended by Google. This application has been createdto helppeople interested in a truly natural and adequate food fortheiranimals. In this way, you can improve the health of your dog,cator ferret through healthy nutrition. The recommendedcalculationshave been prepared by experts in animal nutrition.Barfastic is inconstant development, and suggestions are welcome.You can leaveyour ideas and feature request at