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An original magic cup game you used to love playing now comes rightto your phone. Crazy Cup is new way of playing magic cup. It’s fun,interactive, and suitable for everyone. You can customize your owncute little porcupine to the way you like or change object in thecup to several items. Throughout the game there are many obstaclesto make the game more fun. The game doesn’t have an ending. Itchallenges you to beat previous highest score so you can haveinfinite of fun. The game is simple just like the actual magic cupgame. 1.Spot the porcupine then the cup will hide it. 2.All thecups with switch their position. 3.Choose the cup that you thinkthe porcupine is hiding. Game Mode 1. Normal & Advance Mode Thegame play in these modes is similar to regular magic cup. Thenormal mode will have only one porcupine but advance mode will haveup four porcupines. The obstacles are also more in advance mode. 2.Memory Mode This mode is quite different from others. The gameplayis testing your memory. You have to remember which porcupine isNumber 1 or Number 2. The costumes of the two will come in randombut you can change the costume of Number 1 in Shop. *** You onlyhave option of call in bird for help in this mode ***