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تێبینی: ئاپەکەت داونلۆد بکە و بیگوێزەوە بۆ سەر مۆبایلەکەت لە یەکەی خەزنکردن دەبێت خۆت ئینستاڵی بکەیت



Reduce your carbon footprint and RIDE!Electric. Our fleet of 100% electric vehicles (EVs) is the drivingforce behind our mission to lead the DRIVE! for sustainable urbantransportation. Whether you are traveling to/from work, home, theairport, or anywhere in between, Just Electric RIDES! can get youfrom points A to Z…and back again!

Zero Emissions is our Mission. 100% Electric, 100% of theTime.

Join the RIDE! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Book your RIDE! hassle free.
• “On-demand” for immediate service or “in –advance” for the timesyou want to plan ahead.
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2) Track your RIDE! stress-free.
• Follow your RIDE! live and in-real time with GPS-tracking.
• Click to chat by phone or text for instant RIDE! updates.

3) Charge your RIDE! worry-free.
• Securely charge for your RIDE! with a credit or debit card.
• Receive detailed receipts with complete RIDE! history viaemail.

Emissions Free Travel Made Easy.
Join the EVolution to change the way the world travels…one RIDE! ata time.

For more information about Just Electric RIDES!, visithttp://www.justelectricrides.com.

For questions about the RIDE! Electric app or to providefeedback, email support@justelectricrides.com.