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Do you love high speed bike riding? Are you looking for a game ofthrill and adventure? Then “Farm Bike” is the right game for you!Inthe “Farm Bike” you get the thrill and adventure of the high speedbike riding in the country side. This biker is crazy about ride. Heneed full adventure of the craziest speed as well. So help thisbiker to gain highest speed and maximum distance completed on therun. Roam around the country hills with fun. Tap and pull thecatapult when biker is loaded, then release to launch. When youpull and release catapult biker will start running with the initialpush in the farm with a great speed. Tilt your device left andright, to steer biker, and crush as much points coming in the wayas possible. These different points will give high speed and energyto the bike. Biker will convert the crushed points in gas, so theyit runs faster and faster. But beware!!! As the gas finishes thespeed of the bike will slow down, keep crushing the points or bikerwill halt and you lose the game. And there are many dangers alsocoming in the path of biker and point balls. There are differentdangers and obstacle with which, biker can collide and die. Sobeware, and keep an eye on these obstacles and avoid them bytilting your device left or right.GAME FEATURES Cool Graphics AlongWith An Awesome Cartoon Style Characters Cute & Nice farm houseEnvironment Sweet Background Music Nice Sound Effects Engaging AndChallenging Gameplay