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تێبینی: ئاپەکەت داونلۆد بکە و بیگوێزەوە بۆ سەر مۆبایلەکەت لە یەکەی خەزنکردن دەبێت خۆت ئینستاڵی بکەیت



*** Best game to really test out yourskillsas a marksman ***
*** Best new mobile sniper shooting game of 2015 ***
*** The physics of a modern sniper are just spot on ***


Different scenarios, demand different skills to shoot fromthedistance. Use your aim ,calculate the wind, the bullettrajectory,and kill the enemies before they flee from the scene.Test yourskills and enjoy an awesome view of your kill shot with areallybeautiful bullet time camera that will let you see how theirbrainspop out!

Control the fps movement of sniper rifle aim with screenswiping.Hold your breath before taking the shot, and use severaldifferentguns with different aims and distances to take the bestshotpossible. Take immensely precise shots within the second ofholdingbreath, taking down enemies on the on screen radars.


Meet Commander James aka “Kill Shot” Barack, a seriouslytalentedand trained marksman in the US soldier army. His years oftraininghave enabled him to gain expertise in the art of stealth,camouflageand long distance shots with modern sniper and expertaccuracy, ashis nickname suggests. After retiring from the army,somethinghappened that forced him to go back in the field, can youhelp himwith payback?


Wide range of marksman modern sniper in the game storeaccordingto the gameplay difficulty
Intense Combat Based Missions
Advanced and detailed FPS Gameplay
Realistic engine with wind, distances, weapon power, andwinddeflection.
Highly detailed environments and battlefields
Unlock various achievements and compete in leaderboards
Bullet time camera to really appreciate a long range kill shot