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داونلۆد Holdem TexasFer_Latest Version.apk لە Apk-Dl Server

سوپاس بۆ بەکارهێنانی Apk-Dl.com بۆ داونلۆد کردنی (Holdem TexasFer_Latest Version.apk),

ئەگەر داونلۆدەکە خۆکارانە دەستی پێنەکرد ئەوا کلیک لێرە بکە بۆ گەیشتن بە لینکی داونلۆد بە راستەوخۆی

تێبینی: ئاپەکەت داونلۆد بکە و بیگوێزەوە بۆ سەر مۆبایلەکەت لە یەکەی خەزنکردن دەبێت خۆت ئینستاڵی بکەیت



Players control and registry,Analysis,statistics, agenda...
The application is divided into four main areas. Collect themainneeds of a player in live games, such as a statistical sectionforsessions, analysis of Heads Up or players styles and moves,likecbet, 3-bet or how play in blinds. It is fullyparameterized.

Easy data input and display...
The application has been designed with special care in quickandeasy data entry. It would be useless to the user, no matterhowpowerful it was, if the inputs were cumbersome or viewingtheinformation make difficult the play at the same time, which isthemain objective.