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If you have a craze to visit the jungle animals, No need to go tozoo for it. Because there are restrictions to go near to wildanimals, but in virtual reality based tour you can fulfill yourdream like a real. We Know, you love Animals….Have you everimagined to visit of Forest ….A Zoological Park…. and to visit yourfavorite animals, beasts, birds etc. If you want to Visit a zoo inreal Jungle environment then download this free simulation.Thissimulation is of a great educational value for all persons andespecially for the children. In this simulation, you will visitLion, Wolf, Bear, Boar, Rabbit, Fox, Stag, Elephant, Rhinoceros,Zebra, Crow, Duck, Eagle, Pigeon, Sparrow. Visit these animals,birds in real time using VR Glasses.How to Play:- You should havegyroscopic smart phone for it.- Slide your device into VR glasses-Use revolving chair or stand in open place. - You are free to moveforward/backward and left/right just rotating on your axis- Alsovisualize up/down view- Look between your feet towalk/stopFeatures:- Virtual reality based 3d environment-Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation - High Resolution realisticgraphics- Lot of Animals- Beautiful dynamic jungleenvironmentPrivacy Policy:-----------------------We don't collectany personal information , any non-personal information collectedby our partners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements. For details please read our Privacy Policyhttp://www.appteeka.com/privacy.htm